The Strongest Gene - Chapter 639: Destroying the World

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Chapter 639: Destroying the World

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"Qin Hai," Chen Feng shouted.

"Understood." Qin Hai nodded before retreating with Duma.

"Thinking of leaving?" The senior apprentice sister blasted forth with a pink radiance from her hand.


The pink radiance abruptly exploded in midair. The senior apprentice sister stopped her attack and regarded this young man that was blocking her. This was the very person that had foiled all of her plans today as well.

"Chen Feng…" the senior apprentice sister muttered. Awakened… human! Very well. Perhaps this might be the most optimal puppet for her.


The pink energy spread out.

"Your strength…"

A trace of fear flashed through Qin Hai\'s eyes. He was very clear on the strength of this senior apprentice sister. Although she was very powerful, she was still a beyond A class and was not as wise as Duma. No, this strength she was showing did not seem right!


The pink energy emanated out. Qin Hai\'s pupils shrunk as he felt a terrifying undulation.

"Chen Feng, careful! There are some issues with her strength!" said Qin Hai.


Light swirled around. The pink swept forth, targeting Chen Feng.

Her dream-like voice resounded as the faint pink energy surrounded Chen Feng. "Hehe. Human… fall obediently! Since those pieces of trash have failed to contain you, let me control you instead."


Chen Feng had an ominous feeling and retreated quickly. Alas, the pink energy surged out in great amount abruptly and erupted all over Chen Feng before vanishing once again.


Chen Feng knitted his brows tightly. Something was wrong with this senior apprentice sister here. Even Duma had fallen under her control after a moment of carelessness. He had to guard against her.


Chen Feng activated his defense.

"Spirit, pay more attention for me."


"Xiao Ying, search for the energy that went missing."


Chen Feng\'s gaze was sharp as he looked around cautiously. However, before both Spirit and Xiao Ying returned with his asked-for results, he was assaulted by intense drowsiness.

"Not good," he muttered.

Disintegrate! Disintegrate! Disintegrate!

He attacked three times in a row. The powerful awakened power was pointed at the empty air around him, yet the intense drowsiness wasn\'t affected at all. Chen Feng was getting more and more drowsy.

His expression sank. It\'s over.

The pink energy had dissipated amid the air and seemed to be everywhere. The lack of trajectory and form made it impossible for Chen Feng to attack. This time, he was truly in danger.


His eyes darkened. Chen Feng was completely falling.

Qin Hai was anxious. "Chen Feng!" He tried rushing over to rescue Chen Feng but was immediately blasted away by his senior apprentice sister.

"My adorable junior brother. Hehe. Just you wait. I will watch on with my own eyes as he kills you." The senior apprentice sister\'s voice was filled with malice. Her eyes were filled with hatred, and there was a twisted expression on her face.


A crisp sound echoed. Qin Hai looked over immediately and found that Chen Feng\'s fingernails had turned pink. He was on the verge of falling under the enemy\'s control.

Qin Hai\'s heart sank. "Chen Feng…" He had never expected that even with Chen Feng\'s present strength, Chen Feng would still not be a match for his senior apprentice sister, to the point that Chen Feng couldn\'t even survive a single attack. His senior apprentice sister was presently so powerful that one couldn\'t even begin to imagine the extent of her prowess.

"What happened to you exactly?" Qin Hai did not dare to believe this. A single death and resurrection and she was already this strong? It was impossible!

Senior apprentice sister merely laughed but did not reply. Her indifferent gaze landed on Chen Feng. She wanted to see all of Chen Feng turn pink, falling completely under her control, before killing each other with Qin Hai. Mhm… She had been looking forward to this for a long time.

"Damn it!" Qin Hai was aware that he had no other options left.


He would return after his master had recovered. This was what Qin Hai thought. Alas, just as he started retreating, a flash of light streaked past his back and a pink barrier appeared to obstruct his escape route.

"It\'s useless, my adorable junior brother. From the moment you both entered, I had already prepared everything… Hehe. This is the graveyard I prepared for you two," the senior apprentice sister said with a sinister expression.


The body hairs on Chen Feng\'s arm had turned pink.

In these short few seconds, both his hands had completely fallen. Both his hands were shrouded in pink now. Chen Feng was starting to fall, and nobody seemed capable of stopping this. Charming was a unique ability capable of ignoring one\'s strength and penetrating the depths of one\'s heart to fully control a person. Currently, the fallen Chen Feng\'s consciousness and thinking were blurry, and his memories were becoming unclear. In the world of the charm his consciousness was in, he led his own life independently.

"Soon…" The senior apprentice sister fixed her gaze on Chen Feng. This was merely the start. As the charm deepened, Chen Feng\'s inner thoughts would be exposed without stop. His past memories would also appear without stop. She would make use of all those before improving her control over Chen Feng. This was the reason why those who had fallen under her control had never been able to throw her control off.

She monitored Chen Feng\'s consciousness, trying to lure him over. Her world of charm was akin to a cage. The moment Chen Feng\'s consciousness fell entirely and was entirely imprisoned in the cage would also be the moment he fell under her complete control. In the world of her charm, even Duma couldn\'t escape. This world belonged to her.



Her consciousness transmitted this message to Chen Feng\'s mind without stop. Chen Feng\'s mind wavered on the verge of being completely under her control.

Soon. The senior apprentice sister was overjoyed. However, she failed to notice that within Chen Feng\'s consciousness, a petite and beautiful figure was watching everything and sighing, seemingly waiting for something.

Her soft voice drifted through the air. "This fellow… is acting more and more wantonly…"

At present, the senior apprentice sister, who was immersed in her plans to devour Chen Feng\'s memories to obtain full control over him, suddenly discovered that among Chen Feng\'s memories, an extremely clear figure had appeared. That petite figure… that red clothing… those huge lively eyes… and that boundless killing intent!

Senior apprentice sister shivered and was instantly scared awake. "It\'s you!"

Wang Yao!

She had actually seen that damnable young girl in Chen Feng\'s memories.

However, senior apprentice sister wasn\'t an ordinary person. She only required a short instant to realize that this must be Chen Feng\'s final counter. This guy had ultimately built a mental defense against her. However…

Her expression became sinister. "Is such a defense sufficient?" With force, she tried snatching Chen Feng\'s consciousness into her own consciousness.


She waved her hand. The formidable power of charm bloomed. A certain figure was tossed into the cage.

Senior apprentice sister sneered. "Success!" However, when she looked over, she was dumbstruck as she found that the thing that had been charmed over wasn\'t Chen Feng\'s consciousness. Rather, it was an odd thing. It seemed like a tiny red snake with a peculiar appearance. At present, this snake\'s eyes appeared to be lifeless, and the snake\'s body was waving around without stop. Occasionally, the snake would grow limp, and occasionally, it would harden. At times, it would thrust back and forth. Mhm…

Senior apprentice sister was dumbstruck.

No, this isn\'t right…

She had obviously charmed Chen Feng. How could she have gotten the wrong consciousness? Just as she was in doubt...


The world of charm collapsed, and Chen Feng, who she had believed was already under her control, opened his eyes, killing intent flashing through them. With a single step, he stepped into the world of charm. He wasn\'t pulled into the cage by her. Rather, he made his way in by himself.

The senior apprentice sister was alarmed and angered at the same time. "You dare?" She had never imagined that Chen Feng was actually so clear headed and was still capable of making a move against her. How was this possible?

Chen Feng sneered. "Ah."


With a punch, he broke the world of charm.


It collapsed.

Chen Feng\'s sharp gaze swept past the fragments of this collapsed world. This was the world created by the pink energy, the world of charm created with utmost care by this senior apprentice sister, which could be used to control others. In addition to Chen Feng, her own consciousness and numerous memory fragments were contained in this world as well.


Chen Feng punched out without stop and watched on as this world withered. From the countless memory fragments, he found the fragment unique to this senior apprentice sister. Next, from that fragment, he searched for the secret behind her increase in strength.