The Strongest Gene - Chapter 637: Origin Power

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Chapter 637: Origin Power

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At center of the Land of Legacy, the chronal undulation swirled around. Chen Feng tried approaching the edge of the cage. He even tried attacking the cage, but it felt like all the power he put in his attack vanished amid the river of time. This was the scarab race\'s trump card, a trump card where everything about the enemy, including the enemy\'s strength, would be meaningless. So long as one was not immune to time effects, one would be trapped forever. In the history of the scarab race, during the olden days, it had been said that they had once outlived a powerful god with this move. This was also the reason the scarab race had been feared by all.

"It\'s over." The head of the little turtle popped out of his shell, despair evident in his widened eyes. He was extremely clear on the history of the scarab race. There was only one result that awaited all trapped by this cage.

"Numerous years will also pass in the outside world as well?" Chen Feng asked with a frown.

"Nope." The little turtle was so horrified that his head became green. "When the trapped person dies, his life will be taken as the sacrifice to revert time. When the trapper returns to the outside world, only several hours or several days will have passed…"

Chen Feng was shocked. "This works?" Worthy of being the scarab race feared by all.

"Bro, can you stop being shocked?" The little turtle cried a tearless cry and continued, "You are not from the Shock Department, right? Why in the world are you being shocked all the time? Why not think of a solution? I don\'t want to be trapped here…"

Chen Feng gave the little turtle a glance. "Aren\'t you the spirit turtle? I doubt you will die…"

"I won\'t die, but I will be bored." The little turtle was going crazy. "For people in the outside world, only several hours will have passed, yet for the trapped, several tens of thousands of years will have passed. No female turtles, no anime, nothing! I can only count the patterns on my turtle shell to pass time every single day. This is not the life I want!"

The little turtle was going crazy.

"Ah." Chen Feng was speechless. Indeed, such a life wasn\'t something anyone could endure. This was no longer a problem of one\'s life span. Before one\'s life ended, one would probably first be tormented to insanity by boredom itself.

"Theory…" Chen Feng started thinking. He now knew about the scarab race\'s trump card. How about the theory behind it?

Duma did not seem worried that Chen Feng would break out of this cage. After all, if that was possible, it would have already been done back during the era long gone. It had been proven that this cage could not be broken.

"There\'s no theory." The little turtle appeared dispirited. "This is purely the exhaustion of one\'s time. In fact, the time in here flows much faster than in the outside world even though you can\'t feel it. Moreover, even your appearance won\'t change—you won\'t get older. Only when enough time has passed for one\'s life span to end will this ability end, taking the life span of that person as the sacrifice. The person whose life span has ended will vanish into nothing," the little turtle said with a painful expression.

"What if I kill Duma, then?" Chen Feng asked suddenly.

The little turtle shook his head. "It\'s pointless. The moment this cage is activated, only the exhaustion of one\'s life span is real. Everything else is illusory."

Chen Feng finally understood. "So that\'s the case."

Exhaustion of time…

Chen Feng was maintaining a calm expression, but he had the urge to laugh out loud. The accumulation of luck value required time, as did Luck Aura\'s upgrade. Wasn\'t this act of Duma\'s an act of giving him the ultimate chance?


Chen Feng laughed toyingly. In that case, he would wait. As he thought of this, he ignored them all and selected a corner to quietly sit down in. He sat cross-legged, waiting for his Luck Aura to finish its upgrade.

"This guy…" A question mark appeared in Duma\'s brain, yet he continued waiting patiently. He was sure that Chen Feng would not give up just like that. As such, he wanted to see clearly what this guy was planning.

Time passed quietly.

Due to the unique power of time, they had no idea how much time had passed. However, Chen Feng could sense that at the very least, one month had passed. Or perhaps even more. Therefore…

He cast his senses inward and was alarmed to see that Luck Aura was still upgrading.

Chen Feng frowned. Odd. It had been an entire month. He could feel the accumulation of luck value. However, shouldn\'t the upgrade have been completed by now? Perhaps it would be completed soon?

He shut his eyes and rested once again.

Next… several months passed. After checking again, he noted that Luck Aura was still upgrading.

"!!!" His eyes gleamed. There had to be a problem somewhere! The upgrade was taking way too long! From the moment when Chen Feng had first returned to this planet until now, including the time passed in the cage, several months had passed. The upgrade should have already been completed. Alas, it had yet to complete.

Chen Feng was aware that Luck Aura was a unique existence. Chen Feng could even accept it if this Luck Aura was immune to time. However, previously, it had been clearly proven that the power of time could restore Luck Aura to its earlier state…

If so… what was the problem now? This was the very first time he had started viewing this issue gravely. He could feel that something extraordinary must have happened to Luck Aura, causing it to fail to upgrade.

Chen Feng scratched his head. "Has the connection been severed?" He recalled how in his previous life, when software had failed to update, it could be due to a severed connection. Back then, during that single instant when Luck Aura had been reactivated, he had clearly sensed something. That powerful thing had been trembling. Perhaps there had been a system error of some sort due to Luck Aura being forcefully activated earlier?

Chen Feng tried searching for the reason, yet this mysterious thing was, after all, different from a computer. With Chen Feng\'s strength, it was impossible for him to troubleshoot it. What is happening to Luck Aura? Chen Feng questioned inwardly.

Suddenly, Duma spoke. "Seems like you have failed." He had been paying attention to Chen Feng\'s expression. From the initial indifference to joy to downcast and doubtful, which had just appeared a short while ago, it seemed like Chen Feng had failed at whatever he had been attempting. Chen Feng merely raised his head calmly and gave Duma a single glance.

Duma sneered. "Still not giving up?" Nobody could hope to survive this cage. As such, his opponents mostly tried to stop him when he tried activating this ability, as they understood this ability way too much, knowing the precise weakness of this ability.

As for Chen Feng, he knew nothing. Moreover, due to the short life span of humans, he would even die before long.

Chen Feng wasn\'t surprised. "Mhm." Half a year had passed since they\'d been trapped in here. After a short while, yet another year would pass. Time truly worked in a bizarre fashion here in this cage. If this continued, he would truly die.

But then… it shouldn\'t be long before it\'s done, right? Chen Feng muttered to himself, seemingly waiting for something.

Duma sneered inwardly. "Still not giving up?"

Fine, let\'s see how long you can last before you succumb to insanity.

But then, due to the short life span of humans, he probably wouldn\'t even last long enough to be driven insane. Perhaps Chen Feng will exhaust his life span before that, Duma speculated inwardly.

Right at this instant, a formidable power erupted suddenly.


Duma\'s expression changed abruptly. What is it?

Finally, Chen Feng\'s gaze intensified. "Here it comes…"

Bang! Bang!

The ground started collapsing. From a certain corner of this unique cage, a formidable pink power started surging out wantonly, directly collapsing this world.

"How is that possible?" Duma cried out in alarm.

Bang! Bang!

The pink destroyed the world, and Duma and Chen Feng were forcefully returned to the real world. There, in a certain corner of the Land of Legacy, the pink energy was surging out like a fountain. This was the very thing that had destroyed Duma\'s cage.

"That is…" Duma\'s body trembled. He couldn\'t believe what he had seen.

Chen Feng\'s mouth curled up, forming a smile. "Looks like… the source of your power has been found…"


The entire world seemed to tremble. The pink power erupted and Duma\'s expression sank.

Swish! Swish!

Xiao Ying appeared and attacked the pink origin without stop.

Duma\'s expression changed. "Damn it!" The pink origin was the core of all the pink energy. The moment it suffered damage, the integration with Duma\'s original consciousness would suffer as well. Cracks appeared among the consciousness and pink that had been fully integrated earlier.


Duma coughed out a mouthful of blood and nearly collapsed to the ground.

"You dare?" he howled, and he stood up, clenching his teeth.

Alas, after taking only a few steps forward, he collapsed powerlessly. All the pink around his body faded slowly, becoming white. Ultimately, he transformed back into that plain old man.

"Master." Qin Hai rushed over."Unconscious due to energy exhaustion…" Qin Hai said after taking a look at his master. Only energy exhaustion would free one from the pink\'s control. This did not surprise them, as it should be the same even for Duma.

Bang! Bang!

The pink fountain was still surging out. Xiao Ying had already returned to Chen Feng noiselessly. The origin had been found. If so… it was time to find out the truth behind all this! The true identity of the pink origin, the one who had controlled Duma, should appear soon, right?


From the pink fog, a light wave spread out. The pink origin had appeared.