The Strongest Gene - Chapter 624: The Awkward Major Ability

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Chapter 624: The Awkward Major Ability

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At present, Qin Hai and Chen Feng, who were berating each other as they walked, exchanged glances as regret flashed in their eyes. So the enemy hadn\'t taken the bait? They had already sensed that someone was hidden somewhere. As such, they were pretending to have slacked their vigilance in order to lure that person out. Unexpectedly, the opponent hadn\'t fallen for it.

Chen Feng appeared regretful. "Seems like the same method can\'t be used twice."

Qin Hai nodded. "Yeah." The both continued forth. They were still in the outer layer of the Land of Legacy. Apart from the two gatekeepers and the alarming president, they hadn\'t encountered anyone else.

Qin Hai pointed into the distance. "The center will be further inside. All the resources here are extremely valuable. Each time Master accepts an apprentice, a residence is built nearby."

Chen Feng contemplated. "So that\'s the case." The both of them walked along the avenue. What they saw first was a tall house. It was a pink house, yet the design was rather modern.

The corner of Chen Feng\'s mouth crept up. "This…"

"Mine," Qin Hai answered with a darkened expression. He had never expected that the house he had designed so nicely would look like this after turning pink. This truly caused him to be speechless. He glanced inside and noticed that everything in the house was also pink now. The tables, the chairs… even the robot cleaner he had brought here not long ago had turned pink.

Qin Hai shook his head. "Seems like there\'s no need to enter."

"It\'s not as simple as a change of color," Chen Feng stated calmly. He could sense that this pink power hadn\'t only dyed the items pink. Rather, it had also completely altered the items themselves. Not only the color, the texture…


Qin Hai grabbed at a pink stool to break it down. That feeling in his hand…

"Let me try sensing it." Qin Hai shut his eyes. "After this thing became pink, it indeed became more powerful."

Just as he finished his sentence...


Chen Feng kicked at the pink door of Qin Hai\'s house.


The door was instantly smashed apart.

"???" Qin Hai was dumbstruck. "What are you doing?"

Chen Feng stated his agreement with Qin Hai\'s statement. "It indeed became firmer." From the impact of his kick, he had been able to feel that this pink door had become much stronger than the original materials used to make it.


Qin Hai was speechless. At present, he felt like chopping this fellow down.

"Let\'s go."

Qin Hai brought Chen Feng away with an unsightly expression.

Qin Hai was familiar with the road within the Land of Legacy. As such, they headed straight toward the center. Naturally, they would pass by the domains of his various fellow apprentice brothers along the way. These buildings had been built much earlier, and as such, they all had a totally different style of architecture.

Of course, none of the so-called "style" could be seen now, as nothing but pink remained. Soon after, they passed through a manor. This was the residence of Qin Hai\'s Senior Zhang, owner of the blue diamond. According to Qin Hai, his senior did not enjoy living in high places. As such, this was a single-floor manor. It was rather low, but its dimensions were very huge.

Qin Hai searched around as he explained, "I remember that within is a route that leads directly to the center."

This was what the senior with the blue diamond was good at. Back then, the Mysterious Organization\'s underground transportation tunnels had also been set up by this senior. As such, it was natural for him to have something similar built here.

Qin Hai found the familiar door amid the pink. "Here. This route heads straight to the center," Qin Hai said with excitement.

"All right." Chen Feng walked over and was about to push the door open. Suddenly, a bone-piercing cold aura spread from below his crotch.



Chen Feng leaped abruptly.


The ground, which had been perfectly fine previously, collapsed as a shiny silhouette of light shot up from the ground before entering the clouds directly. With a single look, Chen Feng\'s body chilled. If he hadn\'t dodged that thing…

"Who is it?" Qin Hai shouted.


He attacked directly, yet his attack was dodged by that silhouette of light, which shot back into the ground and vanished directly. In this world of pink… no other person was capable of moving in such a manner.

Qin Hai frowned. "This movement…"

Chen Feng looked at him. "You know him?"

"I did not get a good look at his face, but I can guess who he is." Qin Hai sighed. "Such a method of attack at this place, only a single person can do it. My mysterious Senior Zhang."


The ground trembled. Dragging Chen Feng with him, Qin Hai leaped and avoided the attack. From the ground, a pink flash streaked past.

"Stop!" Qin Hai tried to suppress the pink flash but failed.

Qin Hai frowned. "He has become stronger."

This senior apprentice brother, who had previously possessed strength similar to Qin Hai\'s, had become much stronger under the effect of the pink aura. Now, Qin Hai was not his match.

Chen Feng smiled. "Your blue-diamond senior?"

"…I guess so." Qin Hai did not correct him. "This senior of mine isn\'t too strong combat-wise. However, his concealment abilities are unequaled. He is able to appear and vanish at will and is incredibly hard to guard against. If we can\'t locate him, we will probably be exhausted to death here," Qin Hai said with an ugly expression. This was the most troublesome thing about this senior.

"Blue diamond…" Chen Feng shut his eyes and recalled what he had seen when he\'d gone undercover at the Mysterious Organization back then. "In short, this senior of yours is using spatial-related abilities?"

Qin Hai spoke after giving it some thought. "I suppose. It should be some advanced method of spatial manipulation. Why?"

He appeared doubtful. After all, the type of abilities this senior used did not seem related to their current predicament.

Chen Feng smiled. "Hehe, if it\'s spatial, this is much easier to deal with." Despite his shallow understanding of his awakened power, if this adorable blue diamond specialized in spatial abilities…


A pink radiance shot up from below, aiming straight at his crotch. Evidently, the blue diamond fellow was extremely skilled at attacking that part of the human body.


Qin Hai prepared to dodge the attack as he pulled at Chen Feng. Yet this time, Chen Feng did not even bother avoiding the attack. With a sneer, he glanced at the surging pink before pointing forth with his finger lightly.



Instantly, the surging pink energy disintegrated. That seemingly boundless radiance transformed into countless light particles before the dot of light released by Chen Feng\'s finger. In a span of several seconds, it vanished entirely. Only a pink head was left swaying about on the ground.

Qin Hai was astonished. "Senior Zhang!"


Senior Zhang\'s head stopped swaying and he looked at Chen Feng in horror. He had evidently not expected that his ability would be forcibly stopped. How was this possible?

"Witness me…"

Once again, a pink radiance converged in his hands.

Chen Feng pointed. "Disintegrate!"


Instantly, the energy vanished completely.

"???" Senior Zhang was dumbstruck. His eyes gleamed coldly as he attempted to activate his ability again and again, yet every time, it was spoiled by Chen Feng. And thus, what one could see was merely Senior Zhang shouting ferociously—no pink energy could be seen.

"Coiling Ground Dragon! Venomous Dragon Drill! Bubbling Earth! Spatial Transportation!"

Senior Zhang assumed numerous poses, yet not a single one of his abilities could be activated.


Qin Hai\'s expression darkened, as at this moment, witnessing this sight of his Senior Zhang, he suddenly recalled the wondrous series Chen Feng had once told him of, Dancing Baby.[1] 1