The Strongest Gene - Chapter 622: Pr-President?

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Chapter 622: Pr-President?

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Ancient race.

Chen Feng arrived with Ba Gu and the rest.

"You have finally arrived." Qin Hai was full of melancholy. It had been a long time since the both of them had been able to meet out in the open like this.

"I have arrived." Chen Feng sighed endlessly as well. The both of them were similarly fighting for humanity. Each action of his was shrouded by boundless radiance and was seen by all, whereas Qin Hai had remained unknown, destined to walk this dangerous path all by his lonesome self. For the sake of humanity, it had truly been hard on Qin Hai.

Ba Gu and the ancients looked at them with astonishment. "You two know each other?"

"We once got in touch with each other." Chen Feng did not elaborate. "Now, let\'s focus on what we are here for."

An ancient female walked forth after gently answering, "All right."


The screen was turned on. This was a special edition designed specifically for the ancient race by Stormtech Co. Ltd. As both races blended together, these products had penetrated the daily lives of the ancient race as well. On the screen, the Land of Legacy, which had previously been full of majesty, was presently shrouded by a mysterious energy. Within a circumference of 50 kilometers, nothing could be seen, nothing could be sensed.

"Have anyone been sent to enter?" Chen Feng asked.

"Yes. None returned." Qin Hai sighed. "We even got someone to enter with a unique rope tied to them, yet the same thing happened. As long as one enters, one will vanish completely. As for the rope…"

Qin Hai got someone to bring the rope over. The rope appeared exceptionally firm, evidently built using extremely sturdy materials. Yet it was this very thing that had been cut off. Moreover, it appeared to be an extremely clean cut.

"This was built using the tendons of some peak beyond A class beasts. Even I can\'t cut it cleanly like this," Qin Hai explained solemnly. This was also why they did not dare to enter the Land of Legacy rashly.

They weren\'t able to sense anything from that place, but everything that had happened was sufficient to plant fear in them.

Clean cut…

Cut off from the outside world…

Chen Feng gazed at the Land of Legacy and sank into contemplation. If Duma and the rest had truly died or gone missing, that would definitely be a good thing for humans. After all, the biggest threat to the fusion of both races was Duma and his apprentices. But now, Duma and his apprentices had vanished before they had even been able to voice their rejection, and this disappearance coincided with the visit of their president and Tianyu Liming.

Why? Nobody knew the answer to that. What happened there, exactly? Nobody knew. This mystery was akin to a tornado—a major crisis, yet so very attractive at the same time, causing one to be unable to resist approaching it.

"Looks like I have to enter," Chen Feng said with a sharp gaze.

Ba Gu stood up. "Chen Feng!" What joke was this? It was too dangerous. The present Chen Feng was the strongest human and the hope of humanity. If something happened to him in there…

"I will go as well," Qin Hai said calmly. As Duma and the rest had vanished, the present strongest person among the ancient race was Qin Hai alone.


The harem—no, the fellow ministers were all anxious.

"Don\'t worry." Qin Hai shook his head. "The ancients and humans have already completed the initial form of fusion. Even if the both of us vanished, a war would still not erupt."


Everyone wanted to say something, but they couldn\'t say anything. There were things that had to be done. As the nominal strongest among the ancients and humans, Chen Feng and Qin Hai had the responsibility to do this.

"Clear the surrounding area of all people." Qin Hai took a deep breath. "If Chen Feng and I do not return, label this place a forbidden area and place it on complete lockdown."

"The same goes for you all."

Chen Feng glanced at Ba Gu and the rest of the Genetic Union. It wasn\'t easy for the relationship of humans and ancients to have reached this level. Nobody wished for a mishap to happen now.

"Wait at the outer region. Regardless of whether we can return or not, we hope that humans and ancients can remain safe," Chen Feng said calmly.

Ba Gu nodded. "Yes."

"Let\'s go."

After saying what they needed to say, the both of them stepped into the Land of Legacy. Slowly, their figures vanished. Ba Gu and the rest watched on with their fists clenched tight. As for the ministers of the ancients, they were on the verge of crying. Nobody knew what would happen on this trip of theirs. They could only pray silently, hoping that all would be fine with Chen Feng and Qin Hai.

At present, Chen Feng and Qin Hai were looking at the swirling light before them with astonishment. The moment they had stepped in, they had been shocked. The scenery here seemed to be completely different from what they saw from the outside world. Here was a world filled with color.

The sky was pink.

The ground was pink.

The trees were pink.

The grass was pink.

Even the energy pervading the air was pink.

All this coupled with the pink horizon and clouds gave this Land of Legacy a rather fantastical feeling.

Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai in amazement. "So it turns out that this is the style you guys prefer?"

Qin Hai\'s expression darkened. "Scram!" You are the one who preferred this style. Your entire family preferred this style. Nobody knows how the Land of Legacy transformed into this .

Chen Feng smiled. "Hehe."

"Spirit, analyze the energy here for me," Chen Feng urged inwardly.

"All right."

Spirit started working. Although Luck Aura was in a dormant state, as an independent consciousness arisen from Luck Aura, Spirit was much more important to Chen Feng.

"Analyze complete. Mhm… no abnormalities found for now."

Spirit found it weird. It was obvious that there were some problems here, what with the pink everywhere, yet the analysis showed that there were no problems. Regardless of whether it was the energy or the aura, all appeared normal.

Chen Feng\'s eyes narrowed. "Interesting." It seemed like something unfathomable had indeed happened here.

The two walked forth cautiously. Along the way, everything remained calm. No exceptions were found. Not even a single person was found.

Chen Feng frowned. "Has everyone vanished?"

"There weren\'t many people here in the first place," Qin Hai explained in a low voice. "Only some apprentices were here. Subsequently, after their strength increased, they were all sent out to help the ancient race. Ultimately, the only ones left in here were us fellow apprentices and Master."

Chen Feng contemplated. "Is that so?" Right at this instant, a faint pink figure seemed to appear distantly. Chen Feng and Qin Hai gazed over, and instantly, their eyes shone as they shot in that direction.


Light swirled around. The two of them arrived instantly. However, when they arrived, they were instantly alarmed as they finally got a clear look at that pink figure.

That was…

"President?" Chen Feng cried out in surprise. Qin Hai\'s eyes were wide open as well.

President? Indeed. The president of Genetic Union was the one who had appeared. They had only entered several minutes ago and had already been able to find who they were looking for. However, the president\'s current condition was truly rather astonishing.

Chen Feng had always maintained a respectful attitude toward the president, as the president had been able to maintain his peak strength despite his advanced age. Despite his white hair, he had been able to maintain a majestic appearance. Yet now…

"President!" Chen Feng shouted at him in joy. But the instant the president turned around, Chen Feng\'s eyes were almost blinded.

Pink hair…

Pink eyebrow…

Pink skirt…


When all these appeared on the president\'s tall and sturdy figure, it truly was quite a sight.