The Strongest Gene - Chapter 620: Void Destroyer

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Chapter 620: Void Destroyer

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Those things were too enticing. Everyone knew that those things possessed mysterious powers. Everyone knew that those things possessed formidable futures. As such, how could the people refrain themselves? And thus, several years ago, the Research Agency, which had been itching to give it a shot, once again tried to study the things in that small city and had even borrowed a peak beyond A class from the Genetic Union.

That peak beyond A class had been stuck in that realm for a very long time. As such, he had been rather curious about the mysterious power contained in this city. And next… There was no next. The death of that peak beyond A class alarmed everyone. This was especially true since that peak beyond A class had been an existence similar to the president, a pillar of the Genetic Union. His death had generated a huge wave. And once again, that small city had been sealed up due to the extreme danger there.

In this world, there were a lot of unknown regions, but for them, this city was a truly dangerous place compared to those unknown regions. This was also the reason that they would never permit Chen Feng to enter that city.

Chen Feng was now an S-class expert. He was the apex existence among humanity, the hope of the human race. If something were to happen to Chen Feng there… they did not dare to imagine the consequences. Now that this world had obtained peace with great difficulty, nobody wished to see some mishap happen.

Chen Feng sighed endlessly after he heard the full story. "So that\'s the case."

Indeed. The three strongest organizations of this world had always been working hard silently behind the scene. The Research Agency had no idea what these things were. They did not even know that these things were from the Ancient Era, yet they had still been able to select the optimal choice for dealing with these things.

Their choice was correct. It was for the best to not touch those things for now. But how long could this last? The S class of the devils was dead. However, the words he had said were truly alarming. This wide world seemed to contain an unknown secret. Moreover…

Chen Feng stretched his hand out. The awakened power gathered in his hand. That fellow from the devil race had called this "divine force"!

"Divine force, huh?" Chen Feng muttered.

He was recalling the words of that devil. Back then, that devil had assumed that Chen Feng was a person who had obtained some remaining items from the Primordial Era by fluke and had obtained temporary divine force as a result.

In short, those things in that small city were exactly remnants of the Primordial Era! Within those things was indeed a power capable of temporarily granting someone awakened power!

"For the devil to know of this, he must have seen them before. During the era of the devils, he must have encountered such a power. In short, the devils once obtained a remnant of the Primordial Era and even used it!"

Chen Feng analyzed without stop.

Awakened power…

Divine force…

He knew that the answer to this secret would be hidden within that small city.


He was helpless as he read the report in his hand. The Research Agency would not give him a chance to enter. Naturally, with Chen Feng\'s present strength, they had no way of forcing him if he decided to employ brute force. But then…

"Are you confident you can return alive?" Li Lei asked solemnly. "If you are, I will accompany you as you fight your way in."

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Evidently, that city was also a city laden with danger for him.

"If so, stop thinking about it." Li Lei patted his shoulder. "We are stuck at peak beyond A class, but not you. You might as well practice your awakened power properly. Perhaps you can even help us break through."

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm." At present, this was their only choice.

He looked inwardly and noted that his Luck Aura was still updating.

When Luck Aura is done updating and sufficient luck value has been accumulated, I can try entering this city, Chen Feng thought.

Only then could he ensure he would be safe. For now, he let go of this and started rearranging all his gains during this period. His gains were especially bountiful after the victory against that devil expert. He had gained a basic control method for awakened power. Chen Feng had already attempted it. His was the power of disintegration. It was a very wondrous power. He did not possess the formidable power to freeze space as the old devil had. However, his power was able to disintegrate the abilities of others. With a single jab of his finger creating a cold flash, bang! Destruction ensued.

This was the only usage of his power that Chen Feng had found thus far.

Without a doubt, within this entire world, nobody was capable of blocking this power of Chen Feng\'s. Apart from this, his other strongest ability was the one Xiao Ying and Spirit had combined to unleash. This was something he had learned from the devil expert. After reversing that devil expert\'s power, with a single slash, all of that devil expert\'s power had collapsed and they had easily killed him off.

Genetic Union, testing room.

He tried to get Spirit and Xiao Ying to once again combine and unleash that ability. "Try it out again?"


The red flashed, yet no damage was dealt. Even the weakest basic robot was unharmed by this attack.

"Weird." Chen Feng blanked. This was obviously the ability that had destroyed the final attack of that devil expert. Why was it not working now? Not doing any sort of damage? "Chop down directly," Chen Feng said after pondering the matter. He told Spirit and Xiao Ying to not think of anything else and to only slash down using awakened power.


The robot died.

An off-the-charts number was recorded on the machine.


Slashing at it directly worked.

What of the ability released through the combination of Xiao Ying and Spirit, then?

"Is it possible that this ability is only capable of destroying other abilities?" Spirit blinked and said, "If direct slash is a regular attack, then is this ability in fact an ability that does not deal any actual damage and would only destroy abilities?"

Chen Feng\'s eyes flashed. "That\'s possible. Come." Chen Feng tested without stop, and finally, he was able to gain a clear understanding of the function of this ability. However, this ability created through studying the ability of that devil expert truly caused his head to ache.

Ineffective against 6-star secret arts!

Ineffective against 5-star secret arts!

Ineffective against 4-star secret arts!

When Chen Feng was about to give up on it, with astonishment, he discovered that it worked on 3-star secret arts. After thorough testing, he found that this was unrelated to the rating of the secret arts. Rather, this ability would only work against spatial abilities.

This ability was capable of destroying all spatial abilities regardless of rating.

Chen Feng pondered. "Perhaps it is related to that devil expert." That devil expert had been good at spatial manipulation, something Chen Feng labeled as an advanced version of spatial abilities, a version only awakened ones could use. As such, the ability Chen Feng had learned from studying him was only capable of destroying spatial powers. With genetic spatial abilities being a lower form of the spatial power of that devil expert, it was natural for these abilities to be incapable of escaping destruction from Chen Feng\'s ability.

Chen Feng sighed deeply. "What\'s the point of this ability?" Destroy all spatial abilities? It seemed powerful. Yet Chen Feng was already an S class. All those regular spatial genetic abilities were nothing before him. As for an S-class enemy…


Even if he ignored the question of whether such an enemy existed, the power unleashed by such an enemy would be an advanced version like what the devil expert had. Facing such an opponent, this ability of Chen Feng\'s would only work if that enemy had the same ability as that devil expert. Was that possible?"

Chen Feng was distressed. "What a trash ability."

As such, the only useful awakened ability he had was that ability-disintegrating jab. After giving it some thought, Chen Feng gave this ability a rather grand name: Star-Disintegration Finger.

As for that ultimate ability learned from studying the devil expert… Mhm… Chen Feng named it "Useless Void Destroyer."

Spirit: "…"

Can you not be so casual with it?

"That battle between you and the devil expert is very valuable. I will continue analyzing the battle. Perhaps, we can enhance the Usel... Useless Void Destroyer," Spirit said.

Chen Feng nodded. "All right."

Next, he and Spirit concentrated on their studies. Although no enemies were in sight at present, due to his fear of the unknown, Chen Feng did not dare to slack. He had seen enemies even more powerful. Regardless of whether it was the Twin Horns World or Duma, or perhaps the unique life-forms capable of utilizing the remaining items of the Ancient Era that the devil expert had spoken of, he had to be on guard against them all.

Alas, beyond his expectations, before his research even bore fruit, he received some alarming news: the president and Tianyu Liming had gone missing!