The Strongest Gene - Chapter 619: Mysterious Small Town

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Chapter 619: Mysterious Small Town

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Soon, the news of their return spread, shocking everyone. The devil race\'s S class had been successfully killed. This wasn\'t something the people found surprising. However, the one who had killed the devil was actually Chen Feng, who had also entered S class. This was an astonishing piece of news. Only now did they realize that Chen Feng was now the apex expert of the human race.

"Apex expert?"

"He has actually reached this step?"

"He has only been in this field for several years… Oh, heavens…"

"Chen Feng has actually entered S class?"

"S class?"

"How is that possible?"

"Just like that, he has become the apex expert of humanity?"

Everyone was shocked endlessly. Those people had been stuck at peak beyond A class for so many years, and at this moment when they thought that there was no hope of breaking through, Chen Feng had broken through. He was so very young.

At this moment, even the most patient of all could not suppress their curiosity. Even those expert hermits who had always been hiding in caves or forests appeared and headed toward the Genetic Union. Countless people applied to have Chen Feng impart upon them his experiences.

Naturally, Chen Feng wasn\'t stingy with his knowledge. After deciding on a time, at the Genetic Union, facing all the peak beyond A classes, he held a class, a class where he bragged without end.

During the entirety of the class, Chen Feng bragged about how awesome he was, how amazing he was, how he had defeated the devils, how he had broken through during a moment of crisis, how he had saved everyone! Those old fellows with white beards who were listening in were all incredibly irritated by all the bragging, yet they had no choice but to continue listening in for fear of missing out on important information.


Toward the end, they found that there was only one main point: Chen Feng had broken through while fighting the devil expert. Perhaps, it was related to the excessive danger of this mission, or perhaps this was related to the devils.

In short, under that circumstance of extreme danger, he had broken through. That was all there was to it. So very simple.

Based on what Chen Feng had said, the feeling was similar to a person who had suffered constipation for half a month and was able to suddenly shit smoothly in a carefree manner. After describing it, he asked if the crowd understood what he meant. The bunch of old fellows who had been "constipated" for several decades all had dark expressions when they heard his analogy.

Toward this explanation of Chen Feng\'s, each of them had different thoughts.

However, the one sure thing was that after that class ended, countless peak beyond A classes started hunting the devil race. The devil race was truly finished.

"Is it good to lie to them like this?" Li Lei asked with a faint smile.

"What\'s not good about it?" Chen Feng stated faintly. "It is fine to forget about those who have been fighting for humanity all this while. What\'s the deal with those old fellows who were secluding themselves in cultivation all the time, never helping? They enjoyed the benefits brought by human civilization, yet when humanity encountered danger, they still hid in their respective forests and mountains? Even so, when they heard that I had broken through into S class, they actually dared to come out from hiding to seek guidance? These people deserve to be lied to."

Chen Feng was calm. He never had a good opinion of these people.

Li Lei chuckled. "True." Only people like them who had fought alongside Chen Feng knew how Chen Feng had broken through. That was a set of circumstances none could replicate. Going to an alien world? Li Lei shook his head at the thought.

"Here, this is what you wanted." Li Lei transmitted some data to Chen Feng.


The screen flickered. Numerous pictures appeared on the screen.


Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. In the pictures were numerous ancient-looking bones and scales, as well as some sort of unique power. Some seals and patterns had been seemingly carved onto these bones and scales.

"These are the remnants of the Primordial Era," Li Lei explained from the side. "I got them from the Research Agency. A long time ago, an archeology group had discovered all these. However, there was not much progress in their studies and they were only able to record them down. After so many years, a huge amount of these things have been accumulated."

Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng flipped through the pictures without stop. Numerous ancient seals and patterns could be seen. Archaeology? A thought surfaced in Chen Feng\'s mind.

This term had jolted a rather old set of memories in his brain. In his previous life, his father had also been an archeologist. Toward the end, he had died before managing to even find anything. No, he had indeed found something. Chen Feng paused and placed his palm on his chest, feeling the warmth there.

At least… his father had discovered the Fate Stone.

"What\'s up?" Li Lei asked as he saw Chen Feng\'s weird movement.

"Nothing." Chen Feng shook his head and looked at the pictures. "Do we have any samples of these things depicted in the pictures?"

"Yes, however…" Li Lei appeared awkward. "The Research Agency will not allow anyone to touch them."

"Not even me?" Chen Feng asked in astonishment. With his present status and strength, he could nearly do whatever he wanted in the human world. This was especially true after he had become an awakened. Would the Research Agency dare to stop him?

"This is unrelated to your status." Li Lei smiled bitterly. "How should I say this... From the pictures, you can\'t see it, but in fact, those things are exceptionally dangerous."

Chen Feng\'s curiosity was piqued. "How so?"

Li Lei shook his head and transmitted another set of data to Chen Feng. "You can look at it yourself." With curiosity, Chen Feng looked at them. Next, his eyes flashed. These things…

When, exactly, had the Primordial Era occurred? They had no idea. However, that era definitely predated humans. No, perhaps, that era was even older than the ancients and devils. As such, that was a time so long gone that nobody could hope to know exactly how long ago it was.

As for the items left behind from that era, they would certainly have rather astonishing archeological value. During their early days, the Research Agency had had a bunch of people interested in such things, and therefore they had established a department to research this. And next… There was no next. Those who had come into contact with those items had all died in a short period of time.

Everything pertaining to the Primordial Era had thus been kept away. As time had passed, some people had stumbled upon these things accidentally. All of them had been put away at first notice. At the Research Agency, these things were all forbidden items.

This situation continued on for a long time, until human technology developed and humans entered the Genetic Era. Under the unique conditions of the humans, using numerous methods such as virtual worlds, or perhaps anti-radiation methods or various simulations, humans started studying these things. And yet people still continued to die without stop, even the all-powerful genetic warriors.

Ultimately, these items were sealed away. However, not all of them were sealed away. There was a certain small town near the unknown regions whose inhabitants had been dying in a similar manner as those who had studied the things of the Primordial Era. Through investigation, they had discovered that there were a huge amount of these things from the Primordial Era there. The quantity of these things found there was even greater than the total amount of what they had found all these years.

Even without digging them out, the people there were still dying without stop. As such, for the safety of the people there, the Research Agency had erected a bunch of defensive equipment near that town and had even moved away all the inhabitants of that town. Ultimately, the entire town had been locked down.

Taking the cost and the safety issues into consideration, the Research Agency had ultimately decided to gather all the things of Primordial Era they\'d found in that town. However, how could the Research Agency bear to give up on those items?