The Strongest Gene - Chapter 618: What Does Lord Father-In-Law Fancy?

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Chapter 618: What Does Lord Father-In-Law Fancy?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"You guys can give it a try," Chen Feng proposed in a friendly manner.


The rest exchanged glances and gave up the thought of breaking into S class.

"This guy\'s luck is heaven-defying."

Everyone thought so. They would never know that the only reason Chen Feng had been able to complete this feat smoothly was thanks to both his Luck Aura and Kong Bai.

"It\'s also good that nobody can break through. At least there won\'t be any wars as a result."

Everyone nodded. "True." The potential upheaval brought about by the appearance of an S class was too scary, especially the appearance of an unknown S class. Now that the devils no longer had an S class, the devil race was done for.

"I will get them to investigate the devil race. Now that the devils have no leader, it\'s best if we don\'t allow them any chances to rise up again. That devil prince, we must capture him."


"What\'s left shall be handled by the explorers. The devil race is over."


Everyone nodded. It seemed like the devil race was truly done for this time. However, even though the devil race was finished, everyone still had numerous questions.

Primordial Era…

Awakened power…

Unique world…

What were these exactly? What had the devil expert meant when he\'d said those things? What was wrong with this world? Why was it no longer possible for new S classes to appear in this world? None of them had any idea. The devil expert had died just like that after leaving a bunch of questions behind for them.

Oh, right. There was also that guy called Duma, the expert of the ancient race. Why was the devil expert so sure that Duma wouldn\'t make a move? Why was he not a person of this era? No one had an answer. Even the ancients didn\'t have an answer. Chen Feng tried asking Qin Hai, yet even Qin Hai couldn\'t answer that.


That old fellow…

Chen Feng rubbed his head. There were way too many puzzles.

Li Lei walked over and patted Chen Feng\'s shoulder."Let\'s go. We will think about it after we return."

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm…"

"I will look into the senior of the Land of Legacy," Tianyu Liming said meekly.

"…" The president gave her a complicated gaze. He still remembered what had happened between them during the moment of crisis. Even though he had been somewhat alarmed after finding out the truth…

"I…" Tianyu Liming gave the president a look, a somewhat dispirited expression on her face. The president\'s heart ached as he saw this.

He let out a long sigh. "I know what to do now."

What should he be afraid of? Nowadays, even transvestites could get married, let alone Tianyu Liming, who had been truly transformed into a female without any trace of an operation. After all, he had promised… Since he had been the one who to initiate the courtship, he would have to finish what he had started…

"When you have time, you can come take a stroll at the Genetic Union," the president said while feigning a calm expression.

Tianyu Liming blanked slightly before erupted in joy. "Really?" She was so agitated that her plump bosom trembled. Finally, she had received his confirmation. At this time, Chen Feng was watching on from far away with a smile on his face. This was how human life should be… When free, just make some love. Why make war?

Spirit rolled her eyes. She felt like this master of hers was getting more and more indecent.

"When we return, we should start investigating the so-called Primordial Era."


"After all, that was an era from before humans existed. Perhaps the barbarians know something about it?"


"There\'s also Duma…"

Chen Feng paused. With this big shot as their backer, the ancient race was truly rather scary. As such, they had to gain a clear understanding of the actual power of the Land of Legacy. Similarly, the ancient race had to figure it out as well. They had to know exactly how strong that senior of theirs was, as that was their greatest trump card, despite the fact that the Land of Legacy was their holy land.

And thus, under the president\'s "pillow talk," Tianyu Liming decided to go there personally with the president to find out the truth of things.

What an upright fellow!

At present, a lot of people had their thoughts concentrated on that Land of Legacy. Naturally, regardless of whether the Land of Legacy existed or not, the possibility of the humans and ancients going to war was extremely low. Now that the ancients had had a taste of peace, a taste of actual culture, they were no longer capable of returning to their old ways, their primitive society.

As for the humans, there were too many bachelors among them. When it came to finding their dream girl, who was gentle, beautiful, and had a seductive figure and formidable combat power, the ancients were the perfect choice. The humans and ancients were blending together in a flawless fashion. Their only worry was the Land of Legacy.

What did the people there think about this? What exactly did that senior think? If on the eve of the complete fusion of humans and ancients, that old fellow came out and said no to this and told them to eliminate the humans instead, that would be quite the joke.

As such, their next target would be the Land of Legacy.

If the two races intended to blend perfectly, this was something they had to do.

Chen Feng sighed endlessly. "Therefore… our next step is to meet the \'parents\'?"

The president: "…"

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. "Be sure to be courteous when you meet your father-in-law. After all, you represent us humans."


The president glared at Chen Feng coldly. He felt like slapping this fellow to death, but subsequently, he recalled that it seemed like he could no longer defeat this fellow here…

"Hehe." Chen Feng watched on with a big smile on his face as the president left, and he waved his hand. "Do you want to bring some gifts with you? Maybe you can ask if your lord father-in-law fancies some cigarettes or alcohol."

The president staggered and turned around to gave Chen Feng a ferocious glare before leaving with Tianyu Liming.

"Hopefully, everything will go smoothly," muttered Li Lei. At a crucial time like this, no one would want something to happen to the relationship between the humans and ancients. Now that the devils were finished, so long as the humans and ancients could blend perfectly, this world would return to peace! Everything was progressing in a desirable fashion.

"Yeah." Ba Gu took in a deep breath. "Hopefully… everything will be fine."

"It should be fine." Chen Feng gave it some thought and said, "That devil expert said it: Duma will never act and is not a person of this era. Perhaps there are some hidden meanings there. Coupled with Tianyu Liming and the absolute majority of the ancients wishing for the same thing as us, there shouldn\'t be any problems with this."

Moreover… there was also Qin Hai helping there , Chen Feng thought. The nominal leader of the ancients is still Qin Hai.

"True." Li Lei stretched lazily. "Seems like I can take a proper rest after returning."

"That\'s natural." Ba Gu smiled. "But Chen Feng, you will be busy next."

"I know." Chen Feng felt helpless. Why would he be busy? Due to him being an S class. Nowadays, Chen Feng\'s identity was too unique and his strength too great. He was the first to become S class among the humans. As such, he would have to conduct some experience-sharing sessions and all that…

After all, there were way too many humans stuck at peak beyond A class nowadays. As such, without a doubt, after returning, Chen Feng would have to conduct a lecture for all those fellows. What should he lecture about? How should he conduct the lecture? He would need to consider this properly.

Li Lei sighed. "We are aware that there\'s a problem with this world that is restricting the progression into S class. The same can\'t be said for them."

Ba Gu approved of this. "It\'s better if we don\'t let them know about this, giving them some sort of hope." If the others knew that their route of cultivation after beyond A class was severed, they would probably collapse emotionally. As such, they would have to be given some sort of hope so they would have something to chase after.

Chen Feng nodded his head. "I understand." It seemed like he would have to prepare properly for this lecture.