The Strongest Gene - Chapter 616: Duma!

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Chapter 616: Duma!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"You are talking about that guy?" The devil expert chuckled. "He is different."

Chen Feng raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

"Even though he also acted during the Holy War back then…" The devil expert shook his head. "That is also the last time he acted. He is not a person of this era and will not get involved in things pertaining to this era. After all, he is the Duma…" The devil expert sighed, lamenting.


Chen Feng\'s heart jolted viciously. So it turned out that the old man was Duma? This was not the first time Chen Feng had heard this name. That tortoise they had encountered several times had had a badge with "Duma" on it. He had always thought that Duma was the name of that tortoise. It turned out that it was the name of the tortoise\'s master instead?

He was the master of Qin Hai and his fellow apprentice brothers. He had once been the only main character of the Holy War. He was a superexpert who had destroyed the barbarian\'s civilization. So he was actually Duma?

But then, from what this devil expert had said, the significance of this Duma was completely different than what Chen Feng had believed, since the mere word alone had filled this devil with melancholy. What exactly was Duma? Chen Feng had no idea. However, he was sure that even if he asked, this devil would not tell him.

Chen Feng raised an eyebrow. "Why are you telling me all this?"

The devil expert smiled. "Because you have no idea how precious you are. In this wondrous land, in this wondrous world, someone has actually become an awakened. You are not aware of the significance of this feat…"

Chen Feng sank into silence. Could it be that this was a world where it was impossible for a new awakened to appear? Why? In fact, Chen Feng had only broken through to the awakened realm because he and Kong Bai had arrived on an alien world, that Twin Horns World. In short, there\'s some sort of limitation on this world? guessed Chen Feng.

The devil expert spoke calmly. "To be honest, if the divine force had been able to recover… If that era had appeared once again, not only would I have told you everything, I would even have imparted upon you everything I know and treated you as my junior, turning you into a true legend, leading this world out of its predicament. Unfortunately, that era has not returned. This is still a desolate land, a place where three races wage war. For the future of the devil race, you must die here."


In a serene manner, he took a step forward.


A boundless power was ignited. This time, he wasn\'t igniting a specific part of his body. Rather, his entire body was ignited. Abruptly, a petrifying power surged.

"This power…" The president and the rest were horrified. The seal… had been removed! The true power of an awakened had been returned! The devil expert bathed in the flame, while his entire body transformed into the energy form. His true power returned, the seal on him reduced into nothingness.

Their hearts chilled. It\'s over. They couldn\'t even defeat a sealed devil expert, let alone this devil expert at full power. The moment all of them—the nominal strongest experts of the humans and ancients—died here, what would happen to the humans and ancients? None of them had an answer to this question. What story would the young devil prince, who had been teleported away, fabricate regarding what happened here? They had no answer to that as well.

Chen Feng sighed. "Is there a need to go this far?" The devil expert had indeed recovered his peak power. Yet similarly, having ignited his entire body, he would not be able to live long. The moment his energy was exhausted would also be the moment he died for real.

The devil expert had a serene expression. "For the devil race." He would not allow his descendants to continue on this decline.


His formidable power locked on to all of them. Not a single person would be able to leave this place alive, especially this youngster with seemingly unlimited potential.

"I have also learned how to control the power of the awakened." Chen Feng looked at the devil. "You might not be able to defeat me."

"Are you sure?" The devil expert lifted his hand slightly, and a boundless power ignited.

Chen Feng\'s expression changed as he saw that. He had just learned of the basic control methods for awakened power. If magic was used as the analogy, it was equivalent to going from shrouding his physical body with magic power and brawling to using the magic power to form a fireball. As for this opponent, he was already capable of using forbidden spells. They were in two completely different leagues.

The devil expert moved. "Unfortunately, you were born in the wrong time."


Instantly, the terrifying power bloomed. This time, the attack covered everything within eyesight of the devil expert. Nobody could hope to escape, nobody could hope to hide. This was an attack from this devil expert at his full power; this was the true power of an awakened one.

"Let\'s end this."


The devil expert waved his hand. Time seemed to stop flowing.


Chen Feng pointed midair. The surging awakened power within him erupted. Numerous destructive forces erupted, yet they all seemed ineffective. They were too weak!

"This won\'t do."

Chen Feng was anxious. He watched on, helpless to do anything, as that terrifying power descended upon him. His awakened power, which he had thought would be sufficient to block this devil expert, seemed so helpless before this attack.


The ancients were frozen.


The president was frozen.

In an instant, everyone was frozen. And next… was Chen Feng. Only a split second had passed, yet Chen Feng noticed that his entire body had been frozen. No matter how he exerted his strength, he couldn\'t even budge. This attack was impossible to block! Was this the true power of this devil expert after the seal had been removed? This was too powerful!

The devil expert sighed. "Let\'s end this." Chen Feng\'s strength was at a similar level to his when he had been sealed. Now that his seal had been lifted, there was no longer any suspense regarding the result of this battle.


His hand descended.

"Here it comes!" Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. He knew that the moment the hand finished descending, everyone here would be erased. What to do? His mind started operating speedily.

"Spirit, are you done with the analysis?" Chen Feng asked inwardly.

In his illusory world, countless lights were flickering about as countless data rapidly flashed past. He and Spirit were still putting great effort into analyzing every one of that devil expert\'s actions and motions. They had long finished recording the data of the devil expert. The most important task now was to reverse engineer it, transforming it into something Chen Feng could use. Alas, it did not seem to be working.

Regardless of how many times he tried, it failed. Their body structures were different, as were their energy systems. In other words, the attack this devil expert had unleashed was too complicated, causing them to fail to get a clear result in their research even now when they were on the verge of death.

His illusory world moved much faster than the outside world, as it moved in accordance with his speed of thought, allowing him to change his line of thought numerous times in the illusory world. In fact, in the real world, he was facing death.

Analyze! Analyze! Deduce! Deduce! Yet everything he tried failed.

Chen Feng forced himself to calm down. "Where did I go wrong?" He knew that such an analysis would normally require a huge amount of time to succeed, especially for the more powerful abilities. Alas, what he lacked the most now was time.