The Strongest Gene - Chapter 615: That Era

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Chapter 615: That Era

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"Absolutely impossible," howled the devil expert. He was not scared of Chen Feng\'s strength. Rather, he was shocked by the fact that Chen Feng could display such power. He blanked. "Awakened… the divine force disappeared ten thousand years ago… Ever since the decline of the Primordial Era... It has been a long time since anyone entered this realm…"


He waved his hand and grabbed at the empty air with a blank expression, muttering to himself, "Has the divine force finally recovered?"

Yet he was soon disappointed, as he couldn\'t sense that familiar power in the air at all.

Chen Feng: "…" This guy here seemed like something of a swindler. Divine force? Wasn\'t this awakened power?

The devil expert was surprised when he noticed Chen Feng\'s expression. "You are actually unaware of it? You do not even know about divine force, yet you were able to comprehend the power of an awakened? How is that possible?"

Chen Feng frowned. He felt that he had seemingly missed something.

The devil expert laughed like someone going crazy. "Hahahaha! You don\'t even know what an awakened is! Hahahaha! Even so, you are still able to destroy my attack."

Chen Feng frowned. He had a vague feeling that things were not as simple as he thought. What exactly was this power called "awakened"? Why was this guy behaving so weirdly? Divine force…what was that?

"You are indeed clueless." The devil expert shook his head, somewhat regretful and shocked at the same time. "A human who knows nothing has actually broken the shackles?"

Chen Feng looked at him. "What do you mean?"

"You don\'t need to know." The devil expert shook his head. "If the divine force had recovered, we will no longer have any need to fight. Unfortunately, it has not recovered. All this is merely an accident. Perhaps, with the decline of the Primordial Era, there is no longer any possibility of it recovering. Your breakthrough is but an accident.

"I heard that your luck is exceptionally good. Perhaps you might have truly entered the awakened realm by fluke with the help of some items of the Primordial Era. Alas, it is pointless. The era of the awakened is long gone." He shook his head. What was in the past was ultimately in the past. It would not be changed due to some accident. The prosperity of that era would never return.


A formidable power erupted. He grasped his hand tightly around his hammer.

"Come." The devil expert pointed at Chen Feng. "Show me how powerful an accidental awakened like you can be."


His figure shot forth abruptly.


Chen Feng had no hesitation. Since this old swindler had rambled on for such a long time, Chen Feng could understand what he had been saying. However, it did not matter. Even if this devil was unwilling to tell what he knew now, after Chen Feng defeated him, Chen Feng could force him to open his mouth.


Chen Feng had a cold gaze.


Midair, that radiant hammer descended, so powerful that it was petrifying. Yet Chen Feng merely raised his hand calmly, pointing upward with a single finger. This action appeared so very feeble, causing the onlookers to worry that he would be pulverized by the hammer. Yet it was this very feeble-looking finger that once again bloomed with a petrifying power as that tiny dot of cold light collided with the hammer.


A bright explosion erupted. Once again, a terrifying shockwave was sent everywhere.


Both Chen Feng and the devil expert took two steps back, spurting blood out of their mouths.

"Chen Feng!"

Everyone was anxious as they saw this, yet none dared to venture forth for fear of causing Chen Feng trouble.

"No worries." Chen Feng wiped the blood dripping out of his mouth and regarded the devil in front of him.

"Hehe." The devil expert was blankly gazing at the blood he had spurted out. Next, he smiled. "I have actually been injured?"

Chen Feng merely looked at him coldly.

The devil expert smiled. "Interesting." He gazed at Chen Feng and closed his eyes before opening them again. "You are actually this young… This race known as \'humans\'… is indeed filled with limitless possibilities." Suddenly, he looked at the young prince. "Come."

"Ah?" The young prince went over cautiously.

"Remember." The devil expert patted the prince\'s shoulder. "There is a saying that exists among all races, regardless of whether it is the ancient race, devil race, barbarians, or even humans. This saying, you must etch into your brain." One word at a time, the devil expert said, "Those not of my race must never be trusted!"

"!!!" The young prince blanked and looked at the enemy. Was that truly the case? But the humans and ancients seemed much more harmonious than he had guessed?

"Hehe. Never trust in so-called allies. The barbarians once trusted their allies, yet they ended up vanishing from the annals of history," the devil expert solemnly said. "Therefore, remember. If our devil race wants to continue surviving, we must keep this saying in our hearts and slowly grow our race…"

He sighed.


A formidable power bloomed.


The devil prince was alarmed. What was the ancestor trying to do?


The devil expert waved his hand. Instantly, the devil prince was teleported away.

"Not a single person will leave this place alive. As for what actually happened here, feel free to make up a story. I hope that… amid the battle between the humans and ancients, the devils can make use of this to survive on. Remember… the future of the devils is now in your hands."


Light swirled around.

"Ancestor!" the young prince shouted mournfully before vanishing. He had been teleported away. Chen Feng merely watched on coldly. He did not try to stop this, nor could he stop it even if he wanted to.

He gazed at the devil expert calmly. "It seems like you are going to put everything on the line to fight now."

"Yes." The devil expert spoke in a self-mocking manner. "I have to do something for the devil race, right? I originally believed that I could lead the devil race and rise once again, but now, it seems like I have to think of an alternative."

In this era, only three races existed. Since the humans and ancients had allied, the devils would most certainly face destruction.


He lifted his hand. A ray of light shot out, locking down their surroundings.

This time, he hadn\'t bothered with freezing time. Rather, he had merely locked this entire area with light, stopping anyone from escaping.

Chen Feng looked at him. "So you are truly thinking of putting your life on the line?"

"I have no choice. You are the first awakened to appear after the Primordial Era. Even if you are weak, even if you don\'t even know what awakened power is, you are still powerful. I have no confidence in defeating you, not in my present form," the devil expert stated calmly. Presently, too much of his strength was sealed. If he was to fight normally, he would not be able to defeat Chen Feng. "More importantly, you are too young. I am always fearful of the young." The devil expert spoke slowly. "Regardless of whether it was due to luck or some other factor, for you to have reached this level at this age, you might be even stronger in the future. As such, to give the devil race a chance at surviving, I will keep you here forever!"

"You seem to have forgotten about one person," Chen Feng reminded him. "The strongest of the ancients, that old man."

The strongest of the Land of Legacy, the master of the QQ diamond members! That old man was an apex expert in the truest sense!