The Strongest Gene - Chapter 614: Impossible World

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Chapter 614: Impossible World

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

This is…

Fear appeared in all their eyes. Each of them was thinking rapidly, each of them was still conscious, yet they had lost the control over their bodies. To be precise, everything around them—including their bodies—had been frozen. Spatial lock? No, this power had exceeded the power of space itself.


The power of an awakened erupted out of Chen Feng\'s body. Under this formidable space-locking power, he was the only person still capable of moving. Relying on the power of an awakened, he was able to slowly move. Alas, Chen Feng could clearly sense that his movement was slowing down as well.

Chen Feng sighed. "I will soon be unable to move?" They were both using awakened power, yet he couldn\'t even break free of this.

The devil expert watched on coldly. "How idiotic."

Despite this seemingly hopeless situation, Chen Feng did not give up. Despite the slow speed, he moved forward slowly. With great difficulty, he forged forward.

One step.

Two steps.

Chen Feng maintained a resolute expression.

The devil expert sneered. "Hmph." He lifted his hammer and swung it down once again.


That terrifying power bubbled up. This section of space became even steadier. Chen Feng\'s body, which had still been capable of moving at a crawling speed, stopped instantly as his entire body became stiff. He was nearly completely frozen.

Chen Feng!

Everyone fixed their gaze on Chen Feng. Their bodies were already frozen, and Chen Feng was their only hope. The moment Chen Feng was frozen as well, all hope would be extinguished. And now... they could see Chen Feng\'s body becoming stiff.

It\'s over.

Their hearts chilled. So even Chen Feng couldn\'t escape the fate of being frozen? What power had this devil expert used? For it to be so powerful?

The devil expert watched on as Chen Feng\'s body stiffened. "It\'s over."

He knew that the moment everyone here was completely frozen, this incident would reach its end. Within this frozen world of his, the moment everyone was frozen, he would be able to easily destroy them. What he would destroy wasn\'t them, exactly. Rather, it was this space, this frozen world, that would be destroyed.

First, this part of the world would be frozen. Next, the enemies frozen within this part of the world would become a part of this frozen world. Finally, he could destroy this frozen world, destroying all the enemies within as well. Simple and direct.

Naturally, the premise of all this was to first freeze everyone within this world in order to fuse them all with this chunk.

He waved his hand coldly. "Erase!" Since everyone was already frozen, it was time to harvest the rewards. And yet, just as he was about to launch his attack, he noted with astonishment that Chen Feng was still moving.

No, Chen Feng wasn\'t the one that was moving. To be accurate, one of his arms was still slowly moving, slowly being lifted.

The devil expert frowned. "This guy…" Was he not willing to give up even now?

Once again, the devil swung his hammer.


The formidable power caused space to shake. That arm of Chen Feng\'s was not able to be lowered after being lifted and was frozen right there. This was a power one couldn\'t hope to contend against.

Even so, while trembling, one of his fingers was outstretched, slowly, pointed downward. It moved slowly, stubbornly.

The devil expert sneered. "Idiotic." Alas, he did not notice that on Chen Feng\'s stiff body, that body incapable of moving, rested a pair of unprecedentedly bright eyes.

"Soon! Soon!" Chen Feng roared inwardly. He had been taking in each and every move of that devil expert\'s. He had been studying each and every instance of that devil expert using his power. From the moment this devil had started moving, he and Spirit had been constructing numerous all-rounded matrices to analyze everything about the devil—the devil\'s power, body, and every motion and ability.

He had been deducing without stop, with extra focus placed on the method for controlling awakened power. Chen Feng did not know if this would work. However, this was the only thing he could do. And just now, Spirit had finally finished their analysis of the control method this devil had used for awakened power.

This was the true method to control the power of the awakened. The method they had obtained was still rather unclear, and there might still be some flaws in it, but this was the only thing the present Chen Feng could attempt.

Shua! Shua!

His brain was stuffed full with numerous formulas pertaining to the method for controlling awakened power. Chen Feng familiarized himself with it at a rapid speed but was still somewhat at a loss regarding how exactly this power was supposed to be controlled.

This was akin to a situation when one tried to cheat during an exam when answering a problem-solving question by flipping the textbook open. Although the individual words in the textbook could be understood, when they joined to form a sentence, one would have no idea what the textbook was talking about. Moreover, even if the problem-solving question and the chapter of the textbook that was being read covered the same topic, the contents might be different and one might need to alter the answer slightly rather than copy down whatever was in the textbook.


What was this?

And what in the world was that?

How was he supposed to use that?

No idea.

Chen Feng had no idea. Spirit had no idea. They had only managed to obtain a rather vague copy of the devil\'s control method. Whether or not they could use it remained to be seen. But right now, Chen Feng had no other option.

He clenched his teeth. "Well, I will just have to try it out." Next, he paused as he noted that his gums were bleeding. There was no helping it, since he clenched his teeth whenever he was fighting.


A faint energy converged. The devil expert continued swinging the hammer, yet no further difficulties were imposed upon Chen Feng. When the entirety of his body could not move, Chen Feng was able to resolutely move his single finger, the only finger he could move. Slowly, his finger pointed downward.

This was the very first time he had unleashed awakened power using the proper control method. This was a rather clumsy template created by both him and Spirit to control his power.

The instant the power bloomed from his finger, heaven and earth trembled.


Instantly, a terrifying power erupted. A terrifying power surged out of his finger and forcefully shattered the metaphorical chains binding his body. Like an ocean current, his power swept out, crashing through space around him.

Bang! Bang!

They could hear the indistinct sound of space being shattered. That boundless power engulfed everything. That storm-like translucent power smashed into every unknown power in the area but did not cause any harm to anyone there.


Chen Feng was overjoyed. He had succeeded in controlling his awakened power!

Although he had merely broken free of this frozen world and hadn\'t done much damage, this was the very first time he had controlled his awakened power in a flawless manner. The significance of this was much larger than it seemed. At this time, when that power vanished, everyone noted with astonishment that they could once again move.

"I can move again?"

"Same here."

They were all madly surprised. The only exception was the devil expert opposite them. He stood there, dumbstruck, staring at Chen Feng with an unbelieving expression, not daring to believe that Chen Feng had actually been able to break free of his frozen world! That was not supposed to be possible!

"Unless…" Finally, the devil expert realized something. His pupils shrunk, and his gaze locked onto Chen Feng. At this realization, he said, "You are actually an S class as well? You have also grasped the power of the awakened as well?"

It was no wonder that… Chen Feng could so easily break free of this frozen world! Yes, if Chen Feng was indeed an awakened, what he had done was explainable. Chen Feng didn\'t have some ancient items. Rather, he had real awakened power, hence the unrestrained manner in which he had used the power. However, even now, the devil was not willing to believe that even now, in this so-called "Genetic Era," someone had been able to break through! That was impossible! Because the prospect of that happening was nonexistent! In this unique world…