The Strongest Gene - Chapter 613: Not All Hammers Are Called…

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Chapter 613: Not All Hammers Are Called…

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Holy shit!

The president was alarmed.

The ancients were alarmed.

Even the prince was so shocked that he peed himself. (Not literally.) [1] 1

Holy shit, to beat Chen Feng, this ancestor was truly putting it all on the line.


The flame raged, and once again, the devil expert recovered some power.


A power more formidable than his earlier power returned, shocking everyone present. The devil expert had been able to unseal more of his power, dramatically increasing his combat power yet again.

Li Lei was shocked. "How powerful."

The president was speechless. "This, this, this…"

This devil\'s decision was truly astonishing, especially because the devil had selected that part of his body to ignite.

Ba Gu gulped. "Holy shit, igniting that part actually returned more power than his arm did earlier?"

He was truly shocked. It was fine to ignite an arm for power, but now, after igniting that part at his crotch, he had actually gained so much power? This was too excessive! It was evident how a certain "combat power" of this devil\'s was astonishingly powerful.

In fact, not only them, even the ancient females were shocked.

"So strong."

"How imposing."

Several ancient females expressed their regret.

"What a pity."

"I have heard that the humans have a saying: big tools shall not flourish," Tianyu Liming commented with a solemn expression. "Perhaps this is what that saying refers to? When the tool is too big, it will not flourish…"

"No, no, no." By the side, the president started sweating as he heard them, and he hastily corrected them, "The saying you are thinking of is \'a vast territory with abundant resources\'!"[2] 2

"Big brother shall not flourish?" Tianyu Liming\'s expression was somewhat vacant. Wasn\'t this supposed to be a thing, based on what she understood of human culture?

President: "…"

At present, he felt like killing someone. If Tianyu Liming accepted this as the truth, what would come of him in the future? If they reached that step in their relationship in the future, wouldn\'t he be feeling inferior if this was the belief she held? This concerned his dignity as a male! At present, he felt like slashing at Chen Feng. What in the world had Chen Feng taught these ancients back then?

Suddenly, Tianyu Liming understood something. "Don\'t worry." She seemed to have thought of something as she glanced at the president with a blush. Bashfully, she said, "Don\'t worry. I will not look down on you. I am aware that someone at the level of this devil expert is in fact an abnormality."

The president heaved a sigh of relief. That\'s good, then.

And yet, before this thought had even faded, he heard Tianyu Liming gently say, "In any case, even mine wasn\'t this big back in the days."



The president was dumbstruck.

Back in the days?

Suddenly, he understood. What he feared most had still happened. Alas, he was already holding her hand and had even kissed her. It seemed like he could no longer crawl out of this pit? Chen Feng, screw you!!!

At present, Chen Feng had a solemn expression. He had never expected that this big-shot devil would be even more ruthless than he had imagined. With a single thought, this devil had ignited that part, causing Chen Feng to be at a loss. Worthy of being a devil expert indeed.

Chen Feng took a deep breath. Such a ruthless attitude was not something an ordinary person could compare to.


He sensed the surging awakened power the devil expert was exuding. Chen Feng knew that this time, he had to start being serious. Otherwise, he might truly die here.

The devil expert started talking. "You are the strongest human I have ever met." A remarkable aura lingered about him, and each word he uttered was filled with majesty and incredibly petrifying. Naturally, this majesty of his was predicated on the viewer ignoring the devil expert\'s burning crotch.

Chen Feng: "…" Bro, this look of yours doesn\'t seem too convincing…

"Hehe." The devil expert noticed Chen Feng\'s gaze at his crotch and merely shook his head calmly. "Indeed, you humans are ignorant life-forms… Well, it\'s almost time," he muttered to himself. With this ignite, he had obtained a new lease on life and more power, and he had removed yet another 10% of the seal on him.

Only 70% of the initially 90% seal remained. For this devil expert, this was equivalent to a huge boost in strength.


A terrifying power converged. Before him, a hammer exuding a terrifying power hovered. This was the first time this devil expert had released a weapon, and this weapon was indeed so powerful as to be petrifying.

Chen Feng\'s expression became solemn. "A weapon…"

The devil expert caressed his hammer gently and slowly picked it up. "It has been a while, my old friend."


A petrifying power started spreading as the devil expert held the hammer in his hand.

"This thing…"

Chen Feng gave it a glance and shifted his body slightly, not daring to stand directly in front of the devil expert. He feared that this devil would directly start smashing forward the moment he held the hammer. Things would be bad if that happened. Fortunately, the devil expert merely picked the hammer up and waved it around.



Each wave caused space itself to shake.

One time…

Two times…

Subconsciously, Chen Feng braced himself to defend against the coming attack, but he noticed that this time, the devil wasn\'t attacking. Rather, he was doing something rather peculiar. What was this devil doing? Chen Feng could not understand.



Surprisingly, the space that had seemed to be on the verge of collapse as he waved the hammer started stabilizing. With each wave, space would become steadier. This did not seem like an attack. Rather, it looked more like repairing? Using the hammer, repairing the piece of space here? Indeed…

Chen Feng rubbed his head. Not all hammer users would be Reinhardt. He could be Torbjörn instead.[3] 3 Naturally, what this bro here was repairing wasn\'t some fort but, rather, space itself.

Duang! Duang!

Space stabilized. Chen Feng concentrated with a solemn expression, trying to see what exactly this person here was trying to do.

And next, with astonishment, he noticed that as the devil swung his hammer around, the scene around him froze. Froze? Suddenly, Chen Feng noticed something. Freezing! It was actually this! The memory of all the attacks being frozen in the storm was still fresh in his mind. This time, this devil was freezing space.

Duang! Duang!

Chen Feng looked behind them. The president and the rest did not appear uncomfortable, and hadn\'t even sensed any danger, yet their bodies were already slightly frozen. This was the most dreadful aspect of this move. Evidently, after being blocked several times by Chen Feng using brutish methods, in his fury, the devil expert had decided to use an ability Chen Feng had no way of blocking. This was an ability that couldn\'t be blocked, an ability that ignored everything! Since it could directly freeze space itself, how were they supposed to block it?

"Hehe. Pitiful child. You have no notion of what awakened power truly is… hehe," muttered the devil expert. He muttered in an overcast tone, seemingly talking to himself, yet his words were accompanied by an intense killing intent as well.

Chen Feng\'s heart chilled. Not good.

"I shall allow you all to witness true awakened power…"


The hammer was swung for the final time. At this instant, the entire world seemed to freeze.