The Strongest Gene - Chapter 610: Awakening the Storm

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Chapter 610: Awakening the Storm

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"Holy shit!" The young prince screamed mournfully and slumped down onto the ground weakly. The others that were paying attention to this place all had odd expressions on their faces. None of them had expected that the ferocious young prince would fail just like that.

Everyone looked at the young prince with sympathy. How pitiful…

However, when they saw the tiny snake, they were filled with awe. That tiny snake seemed to be Chen Feng\'s pet? So nowadays, even a pet could be so scheming?

"Very good." The devil expert had an ashen complexion. He had never expected that the young prince would fail just like that. He was confident that he could slowly kill off all these humans and ancients, but…

He gave Chen Feng a look. Despite the fact that this devil had always been looking down on humans, his acute senses told him that this human was doing something unordinary. He took a deep breath. "Seems like I have to end this quickly."


A powerful devilish aura swept out. With his present sealed strength, it was somewhat difficult for him to use this move. The moment he used this move, the entirety of his S-class power might very well disappear. His cultivation worth several millennia would be gone just like that. He would return to the state of a fresh S class. However, at least he would still be an S class. If these damnable humans and ancients were allowed to continue on and that Chen Feng was allowed to complete whatever he was doing, he might instead downgrade from S class.

Therefore, he had decisively selected the most advantageous option. He was the strongest expert of the devils. Only he was qualified to decide how this battle would end. This was the honor of the strong. He would not allow himself to passively wait for the humans to make their move.


A formidable power swept out. The power belonging to an S class bloomed. At this instant, all other powers seemed to freeze as a huge figure of light started condensing around them. Storm, descend! Next, everything around was terminated by a storm-like power.

Their expressions sank. "Not good." Even now, this fellow was still able to unleash such a powerful ability?

Bang! Bang!

The storm closed down on them. Along the way, even the ground was blown up by the force.

Everywhere the storm passed, the power would freeze. Abilities, light, everything would freeze right there, creating a rather astonishing sight. The huge storm enclosed them, trapping them within. The president frowned.

He tried attacking the storm.



Alas, the moment his powerful attack touched the storm, it froze. That\'s right, even the powerful attack of the president was instantly frozen by the storm.


Everyone was alarmed. This storm…

Bang! Bang!

They all acted at the same time, but the result was the same. The sweeping storm was like a power from a different world, so powerful it was boundless. All their attacks were reduced to nothing but a joke.

"Looks like none of us are returning from this," Ba Gu muttered.

Li Lei sighed. "Yeah. It\'s really unfortunate that we weren\'t even able to drag him down from S class."

The president laughed sinisterly. "That\'s not for sure. Is he the only one with trump cards here?"


He waved both his hands. A faint radiance flashed past. Since he was going to die in any case, there was no point in holding back his trump card. It was about time he employed that ability. Even if he had to die, he would drag this fellow down from S class.

The president\'s gaze became firm. Although this storm was extremely powerful, if they could erupt with an even stronger power, they ought to be able to force that fellow to exhaust more of his strength, right? If he fell from S class…

"Indeed." Tianyu Liming stood before the president silently.

The president looked at her. "???"

"Sorry." Suddenly, Tianyu Liming turned around and smiled sweetly, "In fact, I quite like you and am not willing to see you die. Therefore, forgive my selfishness. Let me die before you."

The president sighed. "…" Although he had been focusing on bitter cultivation his entire life and had never been in love before, how could he not sense the feelings of this young lady?

He merely had some misgivings due to her identity as a member of the ancient race. However, after giving it some thought, they were already on the verge of death. Why should he still be bothered with her identity? At this thought, the president grabbed Tianyu Liming and gave her a kiss.

"Let us share life and death, then," the president stated tyrannically.

"…" Tianyu Liming was so agitated that her face flushed red. She nodded her head resolutely. This time… she would have no regrets even in death. "Come!"


The storm swept in. The devil\'s powerful S-class attack arrived. All the humans and ancients stood in the middle of the storm, awaiting the arrival of the attack. They knew that this time, their deaths were certain. All of them prepared their trump cards so they could exhaust even more of that devil\'s strength. Everyone had a resolute expression on their face.

Bang! Bang!

The storm neared them slowly. The devil expert gazed at them coldly. Trump cards? Defenses? Counters? Hehe, how idiotic. These people were probably all unaware of what the true power of an S class was. All their power was nothing but a joke.

After all, he was using the power of an awakened one. Back during the ancient era, such power had once been called the power of gods, a power only deities could possess, a power known as divine force.

A person. A god. From the name alone, one could see the difference.

He waved his hand lightly. "Let\'s end this." That huge storm started closing in. Instantly, that storm that seemed to be everywhere started closing in and concentrated together. This terrifying attack launched using divine force rotated, akin to a dreadful grinder.


A terrifying power erupted. The earth shook and the mountains rocked.

All the powers that had been frozen by the storm earlier were destroyed at the same time, transforming into nothingness. This was divine force!

"This…" The young prince watched on, horrified. During this period of time, he had gained some understanding of the different levels of power in this world As such, he was even more alarmed at what he was seeing. His ancestor was actually this powerful? Furthermore, this was the strength of his ancestor in a sealed state. If the seal was lifted… his ancestor would probably be undefeated!

Suddenly, the young prince\'s heart started burning. He could see a beautiful future beckoning toward him. Ah, what a beautiful world… Ah, the young ladies of the laboratory…

"Let\'s go," the devil expert stated indifferently.

"Yes, all right." The young prince wiped the "liquid" off of him and scrambled up.

Just as the devil expert was about to leave with the prince, amid the dust kicked off by the destruction of the storm, a familiar voice resounded. "Leaving just like that?"

The devil expert turned around abruptly. Instantly, his eyes widened. "Mh?" There, right in the middle of the storm, that spot where everything should have been destroyed, amid the endless dust, a frail figure appeared. His hand rose slightly, blocking the entirety of the attack for everyone there.

That familiar figure…

Chen Feng! That damnable human!