The Strongest Gene - Chapter 609: Kill Him!

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Chapter 609: Kill Him!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


A bright radiance erupted, and next, blood spurted out of an ancient\'s body. A heavy injury! As everyone saw this, their expressions became unsightly. The enemy was able to do this even with 90% of his strength sealed. If his strength were not sealed, a single flash would be sufficient to insta-kill one of them. What kind of power was this? None of them knew the answer to that.

They all clenched their teeth and continued fighting on. They were clear that with every attack they survived, this fellow would forever lose the power used. For the humans and ancients, this was beneficial.

They all clenched their teeth tightly. "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Pu! Pu!

Blood splattered everywhere. They were already drenched with blood. S class was still S class, after all—he was so powerful even after a huge portion of his strength had been sealed.

Li Lei smiled bitterly. "Is this the power of an S class?" He could feel the power within him dropping. It wouldn\'t be long before he could no longer hang on.

Bang! Bang!

After every collision, he could feel his power dropping. His willpower blurred, yet he persevered just so they could exhaust enough of this fellow\'s power that he downgraded from S class.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Everyone was doing their utmost. The eyes of the president and Tianyu Liming were bloodshot as they glared attentively at that shadow that was flashing about without stop. As for the devil expert, his eyes were bloodshot as well. He truly wanted to see how much longer these damnable humans and ancients could last.

At this moment, the only ones who had yet to do anything here were Chen Feng and the young prince. Chen Feng\'s gaze had been focused on the battle. Currently, he was focusing on Tianyu Liming. He observed every single action and energy undulation of hers, taking in everything clearly. He was analyzing the power of an awakened. He was studying the power of an S class.

Faster! Faster! Faster! Chen Feng roared inwardly. He knew how serious the battle was. Every second he wasted, one person would be dealt a serious injury that might even lead to death. As such, he had to observe clearly! He had to attain comprehension as quickly as possible! Awakened! Awakened…Chen Feng\'s gaze was fixed unwaveringly on the battle.

At this time, the young prince to the side glanced first at the distant battle and then at Chen Feng, who was beside him. The young prince felt like the chance for his revenge had arrived. Back then, it had been this Chen Feng fellow who had caused him to suffer such a fate. No, hold on, it seemed like this Chen Feng was the one who had rescued him instead?

The hell, in any case, is there a difference in which side it was that held me as a prisoner? the young prince thought inwardly. Of course, he knew that this wasn\'t the main reason he was thinking of making a move. The reason he was even thinking of acting was because the aura Chen Feng exuded presently gave him a feeling of utmost danger.

This guy…

On Chen Feng\'s body, he sensed a different power, a power that was incomparably similar to his ancestor! He had to stop this guy! This was the only thought in the young prince\'s head.

"Kill him!" ordered the distant devil expert without hesitation. In fact, he could go kill Chen Feng as well. However, he was rather far away from Chen Feng. If he went over forcefully, the president would aim for the young prince, as evidenced by the president eyeing the young prince earlier when the devil expert had been about to head over to Chen Feng.

The devil expert snorted. "Hmph!" Was this a warning? If he killed Chen Feng, they would kill the young prince? For people at their level, killing someone would require only an instant. Indeed, with his present strength, he couldn\'t both kill Chen Feng and protect the young prince at the same time. Even so, would everything be fine just because of this?

"Kill him!" the devil expert ordered with a cold gaze. He couldn\'t go kill Chen Feng personally, but the young prince could. Like the young prince, he had an intense intuition that this person called Chen Feng had to die! Earlier, wasn\'t this Chen Feng the one who caused that treacherous old devil to die?


Very good. He did well. However, this also signified that this Chen Feng guy was problematic. The devil expert was unsure of how powerful the formation the old devil had made using his power was. However, this human had been able to easily spoil the formation. Moreover, looking at the present state of this human… He seemed to be preparing for something once again?

"Understood." The young prince stepped forth. Even if he was an absolute idiot, he still knew that following the ancestor was his best prospect.


Light swirled around.

The young prince stepped forth and charged at Chen Feng abruptly. As for Chen Feng, he merely stood there like an idiot and stared at the battlefield with a blank expression, seemingly not noticing what was happening.

Ba Gu\'s expression changed greatly. "Chen Feng!" He wanted to go save Chen Feng, but it was impossible.


The devil expert\'s eyes gleamed coldly, and next, a new wound was left on Ba Gu\'s body. Saving Chen Feng before this unfathomable devil expert was simply an impossible feat.

"Chen Feng, wake up!" Ba Gu howled.

Alas, Chen Feng had seemingly gone deaf. At present, the entirety of Chen Feng\'s attention was focused on the devil expert. His mind spun rapidly, and in his eyes, numerous deductions and numerals flashed past. He was incapable of moving away at all. For the present him, continuing his analysis was of the utmost priority.

Shua! Shua!

Countless scenes were simulated in his mind. Under Spirit\'s assistance, several tens of thousands of simulated scenes appeared in his illusory world. If he moved, all these would be gone!

Chen Feng\'s gaze was sharp. "Appear, fast…" Faster! Faster! Faster! he howled inwardly.

The devil prince neared him.

"Xiao Ying!" suddenly, Spirit said.


Xiao Ying, who had been dormant for a long time, appeared suddenly.

Spirit pointed at the young prince. "Deal with him."


With a flash, Xiao Ying appeared outside. After giving this command to Xiao Ying, Spirit ignored everything outside and once again focused on helping Chen Feng with his deductions. Young prince? In the end, he was not important. At present, in the real world, the young prince had already covered half the distance to Chen Feng. Even this distance had been done under a state of constant vigilance against Chen Feng\'s tricks and schemes.

And yet… nothing seemed to be happening! Chen Feng was focusing all his attention on the battlefield, seemingly in some sort of trance.

The young prince was overjoyed. "Haha. I shall kill you first, then."

He took large strides forward. Just as he was about to rush over and kill Chen Feng, he saw a flash in front of him, a red flash.


The prince increased his vigilance. "What\'s that?"


Xiao Ying felt melancholic as he looked at the young prince before him. What should he do? Under normal circumstances, he could erupt with full power and this prince would most definitely not be his opponent. But now, Chen Feng had extracted nearly all his power. At present, Xiao Ying had no means of using any spiritual energy at all. The moment he tried extracting spiritual energy with force, Chen Feng\'s deductions would be affected.

The simple-minded Xiao Ying rejected this notion. That won\'t do! At present, he could only rely on himself. And thus, his simple brain finally started being used…



Subconsciously, he started thinking like Chen Feng.

The young prince saw this tiny snake stopped before him and sneered. "A tiny snake?" He could feel that this tiny snake wasn\'t particularly powerful.


The young prince slashed forth casually. But right at this instant, the red snake started twisting around randomly. The snake\'s body became illusory and faintly discernible, appearing and vanishing.


The young prince increased his vigilance. Surprisingly, that tiny snake did not attack him. Rather, the snake was twisting and flashing around without stop, forming a performance of red light in the air.

"What is this fellow doing? Forget it, I will ignore him. He is probably trying to drag things out." The young prince took wide steps forward and prepared to kill Chen Feng. Right at this moment, from the performance of light, suddenly, a seemingly real yet illusory scene appeared. It seemed to be a beautiful young lady wearing a bathrobe that showcased her curvy figure… akin to a fairy.

Her body swayed along with the flickering light. The bathrobe rose and dropped, showing parts of her body filled with allure. The young prince felt a short burst of joy but then had an ominous feeling.

Not good!


His feet weakened, and next, a bunch of liquid flowed out of his lower body. The valve… had opened automatically yet again!