The Strongest Gene - Chapter 607: Sorry, the Valve Is Out of Control

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Chapter 607: Sorry, the Valve Is Out of Control

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the Genetic Union.

The young devil prince was smiling happily as he watched the humans before him. After a period of time here, he had already grown used to this life. Even though he would be suspended there frequently and his "liquid" would be extracted…

The young prince waved his hand. "Hey, Li Shang."

The face of the researcher in front darkened. The vitality of the devil race was indeed so tenacious that it was unimaginable. The researcher in front remembered that on the first day, the young prince had appeared very weak after the experiment, like someone hollowed out. As time had passed, his condition had improved day by day, and now… mhm. The prince could urinate while chatting casually with everyone.

"You sure are generous," Li Shang praised.

The young prince curled his lip. "This is optimistic, not generous. By the way, where\'s the young lady in your research team?"


Li Shang\'s expression changed. The moment they touched this topic, he became furious. As this prince was being fed water at all times, he could urinate as wished. However, the moment a female researcher was the one in charge, this prince would spray something else.

As he thought of this, he frowned. Wiping his face, he could smell the same foul odor.

The young prince smiled awkwardly. "That was an accident. It\'s just that I haven\'t seen any females for a very long time. With the young lady personally helping me with the \'experiment\' that time, that\'s why… Mhm, you know what I mean," said the young prince in a subdued voice.

Li Shang merely gave him a cold glance without replying.

"Hey, so is she here or not?" the prince asked.

"She\'s an intern. On her first day, you scared her away. What do you think?" grumbled Li Shang.

The young prince became dispirited. "Fine." The occasional appearance of female researchers was his only motivation.

"…" Li Shang looked at the dispirited expression of the prince and paused before saying, "If you can control yourself, I can get some researchers from over there to come here to watch and learn."

"Is that for real?" The young prince was overjoyed. "Haha, I knew you were kind to me."

Li Shang: "…" One would have some feelings after keeping a rat for half a year, let alone this young prince who was also a chatterer. Li Shang frowned. "Settle yourself first, I\'m extracting the liquid now."

"All right." The young prince was happy. As he thought of how he would be able to see the females soon, he became somewhat excited. And thus, Li Shang\'s expression darkened as he gazed furiously at the "hose" he was holding in his hand.

"If you continue losing control, I will castrate you and use a syringe to extract your liquid instead," Li Shang said.


Instantly, the young prince calmed down.

Li Shang snorted coldly. "Hmph." After extracting the sample smoothly, he prepared to leave. Suddenly, a bizarre radiance flickered, and on the young prince\'s body, a radiance flashed.

Bang! Bang!

A terrifying light wave bubbled out. Instantly, the numerous panes of high-durability glass shattered. These panes of glass were things even a beyond A class wouldn\'t be able to break, yet all of them had shattered at this instant, turning into countless fragments. As for the young prince, his body started hovering in midair.

Everyone was shocked. "What\'s going on?"

Li Shang\'s expression darkened. "You dare mess around?"

"This has nothing to do with me." The young prince was dumbstruck as well. He felt like his body was currently out of his control and was under the control of some power. It was hovering without his control. "Holy shit, Old Li, save me."

"Help." Li Shang got everyone to help get the young prince down. Alas, right at this instant...


A ripple flashed past. Instantly, the prince\'s body vanished, resulting in Li Shang and the rest grabbing empty air. Next, the radiance faded, and the laboratory returned to its previous calm. The prince had disappeared.

"What\'s going on?"

Everyone was shocked. The security team had already rushed over immediately, but they were unable to locate any foreign enemies. No enemies could be found! Their defensive system at the outer layer had not been triggered either.

"It\'s not your fault." Li Shang shook his head. "The power originated from within the body of the young prince. Perhaps someone brought him away by force. Report this to the Genetic Union immediately."

"All right."

Everyone did as they had been told.

"That person…" Li Shang recalled the prince\'s cry for help prior to his disappearance. Wasn\'t it a good thing for the prince to gain freedom in such a manner? "Hopefully you are fine," Li Shang muttered.

At this time, in the distant unknown region, Chen Feng and the rest were staring cautiously at the newly awakened devil expert. A faint power was being emitted without stop, a power so terrifying it caused one to feel petrified. This devil was very weak. It was obvious that the gene reagent produced with the young prince\'s urine was working, as everyone could feel that the strength of this devil had been weakened by 90%.

But even with that, he was still so powerful, so powerful that their hair stood on end. This was completely different than the previous devil that had been under the control of the old devil. Moreover, this half-sealed S-class devil was even stronger than the whole old devil.

"How is that possible?"

Everyone was horrified. They could not comprehend this. The old devil had clearly died. A huge portion of this devil\'s power had obviously been sealed. Why was this devil still so terrifying?

Chen Feng\'s gaze was sharp. "Is this the power of an awakened one?"


Light swirled. He focused his gaze on every single one of this devil\'s actions. At the instant the devil moved, an irregular power had obviously been sensed, the unique power of an S class that was truly formidable.

"Spirit, analyze it for me," Chen Feng urged inwardly.


Spirit cast all her senses toward the devil. Borrowing her senses, Chen Feng started studying every single one of this devil\'s actions whenever he unleashed his power. Every second, every undulation—even without luck value, Chen Feng had to obtain a result.

"Let me take a look… at what, exactly, is the power of an awakened one…" Chen Feng muttered inwardly. He knew that this was the only chance he had to comprehend the power of S class.