The Strongest Gene - Chapter 605: You Are Being Excessive

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Chapter 605: You Are Being Excessive

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

They pointed at the old devil. "Come!"

The old devil laughed sinisterly. "Hehehe… A little couple, huh? I shall fulfill your wish and allow the both of you to perish together, hehehehe…"


The dreadful devilish wind swept forth. Everyone braced themselves for the battle, their gazes firm. This time, they were all prepared to die. Twenty peak beyond A classes were required to deal with this? Well then, they would put their lives on the line to fight it out! With their strength, if they tried their best, they might be able to kill this fellow for real. That alone would be sufficient. Let their lives be the price to pay for peace.


The golden radiance ignited. Amid the darkness, the golden radiance intensified. An incomparably huge battle was about to break out. Right at this instant… Chen Feng dragged Ba Gu away silently.

Ba Gu was somewhat stupefied. "What are you doing?"

"Do this…" Chen Feng whispered something to Ba Gu.

Ba Gu looked at Chen Feng with a gaze like he was looking at a retard. "Are you sure?"

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. "What a stupid question. Do it quick. Moreover, they are all elites at peak beyond A class. What is a beyond A8 like you even going to do there?"

Ba Gu: "…"

To actually look down on an A8...

"Go, fast." Chen Feng pushed him, "Victory or defeat will depend on this."

Ba Gu was still filled with doubt. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Chen Feng was filled with confidence. "When have I ever lied to you all?"


Ba Gu glanced at the bitter battle that was about to start. Ultimately, they had low odds of success when facing this S class and could only put their lives on the line in this fight. If so, they were better off…

Ba Gu clenched his teeth. "Let\'s do it!" He grabbed the gene reagent and charged toward a nearby stele.


Immediately, the old devil noticed him. This fellow…


Ba Gu crushed the gene reagent produced by the prince\'s urine and tossed it onto the stele. Layers of light-blue light appeared and swirled around the stele as the gene reagent started working to corrode them. Alas, the blue radiance merely flickered before they continued swirling past.

"Ridiculous," the old devil said with a malevolent expression. "You think this is some incomplete S-class power? No, this is something formed with S-class power I personally improved. Your sealing reagent is useless."

The president frowned. "Ba Gu, get back." He had no idea what this Ba Gu was doing over there. At a time like this, only combining all their power together to fight it out with the old devil would work. Trying something that would obviously not work like this was a waste of time.

Ba Gu took a deep breath. "Got it." This gene reagent had merely been his last attempt. The actual method Chen Feng had taught him was in fact…


He took another deep breath. He recalled what Chen Feng had said, clenched his teeth, and faced the stele. Next, in a practiced manner, he untied his waistband.

The president: "???"

The members of the ancient race: "???"

The old devil: "???"

With stupefaction, everyone stared at Ba Gu. Holy shit, what\'s this guy doing?

Ba Gu firmed his heart. I shall go all out this time!


A sturdy liquid sprayed out and was launched upon the stele.



Clumps of white smoke started rising from the stele. The old devil watched on with an ashen complexion and remained in a long daze. The entire world seemed to have lapsed into silence at this moment. Everyone watched on silently as Ba Gu finished peeing before pulling his waistband up without saying anything. Next, they dazedly looked at the stele that had been peed. Even the old devil did not try to stop Ba Gu.

Previously, there had been a complete devil seal imprinted on the stele, but right now, after Ba Gu had peed on it, there was a big patch in the shape of an X. And next… nothing happened. The devilish aura still pervaded the air, the S-class power as dreadful as ever.


Ba Gu was somewhat dumbstruck.

The plotline seemed to be going in the wrong direction. Based on what Chen Feng had said, after peeing on it, this stele was supposed to collapse. At this moment, he had a vague feeling that he had been tricked by Chen Feng!

"What are you doing?" the president asked with an ashen complexion.

Ba Gu: "…"

"Someone actually thought of something like this." Opposite them, the old devil gave him a deep gaze. He had never expected that among the humans, there would also be such people who upon failing to defeat the enemy would vow to disgust the enemy instead. Alas, this was ineffective against him. Way earlier, when he had first started controlling the S-class devil, the entirety of the S-class devil had reeked of urine. He had long grown used to this smell. A smell at the level of Ba Gu\'s urine would not affect him at all.

The old devil sneered. "How funny."


The devilish wind swept forth again. Once again, all the steles started to shine. The "liquid" left behind by Ba Gu evaporated instantly.

Ba Gu despaired. Indeed… it\'s ineffective? What had been the point of tricking him at a time like this?


The dreadful power of the old devil descended. Right at this moment, his release seemed to be cut short. In an unfathomable manner, the old devil felt like his entire body had been hollowed out.


His body froze.


Instantly, the shining steles dimmed.

What was going on? Could it be…

His first reaction was to look at where Ba Gu stood, but there, Ba Gu was also watching on with a dumbstruck expression. Had his "attack" earlier worked? This was what everyone thought, and this thought persisted until they saw, in the distance, at the furthest stele, a vague figure appear, lift the stele, and start running. That familiar figure… looked like… Chen Feng?

Clang! Clang!

Chen Feng tossed the stele far away before returning at top speed. Lifting another stele, he ran away again and repeated the same process. The old devil had only noticed him when he was lifting the third stele.

The old devil\'s eyes widened. "How is that possible?" He watched on with an expression of disbelief.

The super-formidable power that he had improved, the steles produced by a top-notch S-class power, were being removed by someone just like that? How was that possible? One ought to know that without the power of an S class, nobody could even hope to touch the steles.

The old devil was furious. "Damn it!" He had no idea what trick the humans were using; however, he had to stop what Chen Feng was doing. Alas, right as he was about to move, the president and the ancients moved as well.


Terrifying attacks halted the advance of the old devil.

The president sensed the present strength of the old devil and sneered. "Your strength… does not seem that strong?"

"Damn it!" The old devil was furious. As Chen Feng had lifted three of the steles, the old devil\'s strength had reduced dramatically. He wanted to recover the stolen steles but was stopped by the president. He could only watch on with eyes wide as Chen Feng removed one stele after another…until all the steles were gone.


A faint radiance flashed past. The power he had fused with vanished, and his connection with the S-class power was completely severed.

"No!" The old devil was alarmed. Without the S-class power, he was nothing. He ordered the S-class devil, "Damn it, why are you still not saving me?"

The S-class devil moved rapidly, but surprisingly, at this instant, his eyes flashed with gold. His moving body stopped for around half a second before resuming moving. Alas, due to this half-second pause, he was too late to rescue the old devil. This half-second pause was sufficient for that old devil to lose his life.