The Strongest Gene - Chapter 603: What Nice Timing

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Chapter 603: What Nice Timing

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng\'s expression changed greatly. "Xiao Ying!"


The red radiance pierced through Xiao Ying. Chen Feng\'s expression was unsightly. This was the very first time Xiao Ying\'s illusory form had been seen through ever since he had started following Chen Feng. S class was indeed much more terrifying than Chen Feng had guessed.


An intense thought was transmitted to Chen Feng.

Xiao Ying had attempted to devour this power as well. However, due to this power being too strong, Xiao Ying was completely incapable of devouring it. Instead, it was now on the verge of imploding.

Chen Feng tried to recall Xiao Ying. "Return!"

Suddenly, Spirit stated, "Chen Feng, he is now tangled with that S-class power. If you recall him, he might be affected. You might be injured as well."

"I know," replied Chen Feng with a calm expression. Despite the danger, he had to recall Xiao Ying.

Once again, he tried to recall Xiao Ying. "Return!" Yet surprisingly, even under the intense pain, Xiao Ying tried to resist Chen Feng\'s summon. He was rejecting the summon!

"Xiao Ying!" Chen Feng shouted. Although Xiao Ying had a unique identity, he was ultimately one who had fused with Chen Feng\'s spiritual energy. As such, when Chen Feng was recalling him, he had to return. And now, he was actually thinking of resisting Chen Feng\'s summon. Evidently, as Spirit said, Xiao Ying was worried that he might implicate Chen Feng if he returned.

"Damn it." Chen Feng took a deep breath. That S-class power was too strong. If he did not recall Xiao Ying as soon as possible, something bad might happen to Xiao Ying. Even if Xiao Ying didn\'t die, his consciousness would be cleanly erased from this. For a life-form such as Xiao Ying, erasing his consciousness was no different than death.

Chen Feng shouted, "Return!"


The will of an S class descended as he summoned Xiao Ying. In a hegemonic manner, Chen Feng recalled Xiao Ying with brute force. And thus, Xiao Ying returned.

Accompanying Xiao Ying in his return was that unique power of an S class. Entwined around Xiao Ying\'s body, the power entered Chen Feng\'s consciousness, bringing with it a terrifying attack.

A firm expression appeared on Chen Feng\'s face. "Come."

We are both S classes. I can\'t beat you, but can I not even beat your energy?


The red surged. Chen Feng tried to destroy this energy with force, but this energy was much more frightening than he had imagined. With his power, he was incapable of even shaking it even though he was an S class as well.

Bang! Bang!

The red radiance entered Chen Feng. With all his power, Chen Feng resisted it. From the instant he had recalled Xiao Ying, he had been prepared for this. With his present strength, if he decided to resist it with brute force, he might be able to succeed. Even though his power was not as strong as the red radiance, he had more of it, since his body was the battleground.

"Come!" Chen Feng howled.

Bang! Bang!

The two powers collided. Chen Feng could feel his body tearing apart. This power wasn\'t the terrifying part. However, when two S-class powers clashed within his body, his body was incapable of enduring the impact and was breaking apart without stop.

Bang! Bang!

Blood splashed around. Chen Feng\'s body went through a constant cycle of destruction and reconstruction.

Chen Feng clenched his teeth. I can hang on! Right at this instant, he seemed to hear a sigh. A familiar yet unfamiliar voice resounded, and abruptly, a gush of formidable power surged out.


With a bright radiance, a formidable existence descended upon Chen Feng\'s consciousness. That person was familiar, and they were wearing a familiar… robe.

"Chen Feng!" Ming Yue wrapped a bathrobe around her and pointed at Chen Feng in anger. "Must you guys meet danger every time I take a shower?"

Chen Feng: "…"


The red surged. As this power saw Ming Yue\'s appearance, its first reaction was to charge over.

"Courting death."

Ming Yue had lacked an outlet to vent her anger, but now this red power had "offered" itself to Ming Yue. She clutched at this power and started beating it up so badly until ultimately, the red power become docile. Next, she tossed it over to Xiao Ying.

Ming Yue frowned. "A power like this…"

She remembered how previously, Chen Feng\'s opponents had normally been B classes, A classes, and so on. Why had they encountered an enemy of this level now? What in the world had these two fellows been up to?

"What exactly are the two of you doing?" Ming Yue was about to say something more when her body started flickering. "Indeed… descending upon this place with force has exhausted too much energy? Chen Feng! Protect Xiao Ying properly! This damnable place… restrictions… Something is off… No wonder even I can feel a sense of crisis…"


Her figure vanished cleanly. As for Xiao Ying, he had just finished devouring a huge amount of S-class power and his body was now round and plump, greatly resembling a rubber ball. Having had his fill, he started sleeping with a resounding snore. It was still unknown if devouring such a large quantity of unique power would be a good thing or a bad thing for him.

She left?

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. He had a feeling that something wasn\'t right. The appearance of Ming Yue had been too coincidental. In the past, she had only appeared so coincidentally after serious planning by Chen Feng coupled with the help of a huge amount of luck value. Yet earlier… Ming Yue had appeared without any warning.

Based on what she had said, she had sensed some sort of crisis? But then, Chen Feng remembered that she had once said that being so far apart, being in different worlds, she was incapable of sensing a crisis in this world. Why had she discovered that they were in danger, then?

This was truly odd. Moreover, earlier, Chen Feng had sensed a familiar power. Luck! He looked inwardly. His Luck Aura was still updating—there was no sign of activity there. Misconception? Impossible! Why, then? Or perhaps, this time, it had truly been pure luck? Ming Yue had, for some reason, sensed what was happening here and arrived? But she had obviously been in the middle of a shower…

"Spirit, did you sense anything?" Chen Feng asked suddenly.

"No." Spirit shook her head and asked curiously, "What\'s up?"

"I seem to have felt the power of luck." Chen Feng pondered before continuing, "Otherwise, Ming Yue could not have appeared so coincidentally."

Spirit appeared quite doubtful as well. "That should not be the case. If the power of luck were around, I would most certainly be able to sense it. Of course, if it was merely a coincidence, I wouldn\'t have been able to sense it."

"Is that so?" Chen Feng contemplated. In other words, this time, it had been pure coincidence? After being unlucky for so long, fortune had finally smiled upon him this one time? During such a crucial moment as well? Chen Feng frowned.

Xiao Ying…

Ming Yue…


Numerous thoughts flashed through his mind.

"Chen Feng!"

"Chen Feng!"

Numerous alarmed cries called him back to the real world. He opened his eyes and noticed that the president and several others were looking at him anxiously. Xiao Ying had always remained in an illusory form and they were unable to see him. But blood had suddenly begun spurting out of Chen Feng\'s body earlier, giving them a fright.

Chen Feng shook his head. "I\'m fine. I might have been too nervous and had a minor breakthrough."

Li Lei looked at Chen Feng like he was looking at a retard. "Minor breakthrough?" Breakthrough? So when you break through, your body cracks and your blood splatters everywhere? The amount of blood you spurted out earlier was crazy! Who would buy this?

"I\'m really fine." Chen Feng smiled. "But I have discovered the location of that fellow."


All their eyes shone. With his screen, he transmitted the coordinates to all of them. They all sank into thought. It seemed like Chen Feng had suffered some backlash from scouting this place earlier…

Ba Gu felt somewhat ashamed. Everyone advanced slowly, waiting for their chance. Right at this instant, Tianyu Liming\'s eyes, which had remained shut, suddenly opened. "It\'s coming."

Her eyes gleamed coldly as radiance swirled around her hand. The defensive formation was activated, forming a huge shield. Distantly, the barrier of the forest opened abruptly and a blood-red radiance flashed toward them.


A bright explosion erupted.

The defensive formation was tottering from being blasted, but ultimately, it successfully blocked the S-class attack.

The president\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "Now!" He had been waiting a long time for this moment.


Light swirled around. The president moved. A terrifying energy blasted toward where the red light had come from. Before the forest barrier could completely close up, the attack forcefully blasted in.


A translucent shockwave erupted resoundingly. All the trees and fog vanished. The maze put in place by the devils had obviously failed. In the distance, the seals and the devils were now faintly discernible. As everyone saw this, they heaved a sigh of relief. They had finally gotten rid of the maze. Next would be the true battle.