The Strongest Gene - Chapter 602: The Terror of S Class

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Chapter 602: The Terror of S Class

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In the devil race\'s territory, the group of 12 advanced cautiously through the forest. The devils seemed to have some sort of feeling toward forests, as no matter where the devils went, they would create a forest there that could help them conceal themselves. It seemed stupid, yet it was also effective. Everyone raised their head, and the only thing that entered their sight was endless trees.

San Jian glanced around. "The visibility here is very low."

"No life-forms detected in our vicinity…"

Before Tian Dao could even finish his sentence...



A shiny flash streaked past. Tian Dao dodged hastily, but the pitch-black flash still brushed his cheek, leaving behind a bright-red bloody scar.


His eyes flashed red as his scouting ability was activated, yet nothing was discovered.

"Not a life-form?" Tian Dao frowned. "San Jian, have you found anything?"

San Jian shook his head. "Nope." Tian Dao specialized in scouting and locking onto things with signs of life within, whereas Tian Dao was good at observing the environment. Both of them had their specific skill sets, yet this attack had been able to avoid any sort of detection from either of them. Even with their strength at peak beyond A class, they had still failed to detect it.

"Not a life-form and not environmental… Is that some sort of puppet?" they guessed.

"Let\'s go get a look from above."

They left and tried searching from the sky. Yet the moment they were rising up in the sky, a blood-red flash pierced through their chests.


The two corpses fell loudly to the ground.

The rest chilled as they saw this. "Dead?"

The relaxed mood vanished. Someone was dead. They had just entered the forest and two were already dead. Moreover, the two killed were the ones with the strongest detection abilities, the peak beyond A classes Tian Dao and San Jian.

"Damn it." Ba Gu felt his scalp go numb. That attack… Only an S class could kill those two instantly. They had ultimately underestimated the devil race, resulting in this happening.

The devil race\'s intelligence was not any lower than that of the humans or ancients. Although that S class had failed to fully reawaken, the old devil controlling him was a treacherous one. Hunting the devils was completely different than hunting wild animals. In this forest, the humans and the ancients were the prey instead.


The president made his move and blasted away the numerous trees around them. But, to their horror, the trees that had just been destroyed grew back instantaneously.

With a solemn expression, the president said, "This place… is a maze."

A maze even San Jian had failed to detect? The creator of the maze…

Tianyu Liming sneered. "S class!" Only that person, the S class of the devils, could set up a maze that even a peak beyond A class would fail to detect. Perhaps this mission would be much harder than they had imagined. Losing two peak beyond A class scouts, their subsequent progress would not be easy.

"This so-called maze should be the devils\' protective barrier. First, they created this maze where one can\'t get a sense of direction and can\'t detect anything within. Next, they have that S class ambush us while hiding…"

Ba Gu inhaled deeply. Normally, as an apex existence, especially an S class, such a person would have the arrogance of a top expert and be extremely concerned with their face. This applied to even people like Ba Gu. If they as beyond A classes had to ambush some B classes, that would be truly too embarrassing.

Yet here, this S class was obviously not bothered by this. This was akin to the story of the brave warrior and the evil dragon. In this story, the brave warrior and his companions worked hard to level up before ultimately slaying the evil dragon. When had one ever heard of a version where the evil dragon headed to the novice village in a shameless manner to ambush the brave warrior? Moreover…

Li Lei, who had been keeping silent all this while, said, "He is much stronger now."

The president took a deep breath. "I have miscalculated."

After being in such a high position for so long, his thought process had evidently become much too rigid.

A total of six people from the Genetic Union had joined this time, and now, only four were left. With Chen Feng, the producer-cum-warrior included, their combat power had been reduced quite significantly.

The president sighed. "We will have to rely on you ancients next." The ancients were evidently better in terms of operating in a place like this.

Tianyu Liming nodded her head. "Understood. Formation."


The ancients stood around the group and started exploring the forest cautiously.

"They have already discovered our existence. That S class could launch a surprise attack at any time. With his strength, none of us will be able to stop him. As such, everyone must stay within this defensive formation."

Bang! Bang!

The ancients formed a powerful sealed formation. They did not have any scouts, but they possessed warriors exceptional in both defending and attacking, each of them of excellent quality.


A faint radiance whirled around them. The yin aura pervading this forest was, to a certain extent, expelled by this formation.

"Chen Feng, you stay in the innermost area of the group," the president said.

"All right." Chen Feng stood in between all of them obediently. When facing this true S class, Chen Feng decided to play the role of a gene producer. Tian Dao and San Jian had been killed so fast that even Chen Feng hadn\'t been able to react to it. In fact, he didn\'t even know what that red flash had been.

Chen Feng was fearful. "Is this the power of an S class?"

"His strength is returning to him without stop," Li Lei stated with a solemn expression. "We have truly been too rash this time."

The president sighed. "But we had no choice but to come, right?" They hadn\'t had any choice but to make this trip. This was their only chance to eliminate the devil race. Nobody could predict what would happen when the devil race recovered enough of their strength, when that S class recovered. In any case, the ancients still had their Land of Legacy, but the humans might suffer extinction!

Li Lei did not reply to that. To the side, Chen Feng felt somewhat awkward.

In fact, he wanted to tell them that he was also an S class as well. The devils and the ancients were not the only ones with an S class in their ranks. Now, humans had their own S class as well. However, as he thought about that S-class devil\'s combat power, Chen Feng could only submit.

He had yet to grasp the power of S class, and his Luck Aura was still not working. Currently, he was only capable of beating a single peak beyond A class. That was all.

Chen Feng took a deep breath. "Spirit, observe the surroundings for me."

Spirit nodded. "Understood." Even if he couldn\'t use Luck Aura, Spirit could still serve as an extra pair of eyes to help observe his surroundings. As for scouting…

"Xiao Ying, I will be relying on you," Chen Feng muttered.


A red flash shot out of his hand and vanished. Xiao Ying\'s body turned illusory and rose up to the sky in the direction of that earlier red flash. However, after streaking forth for only one minute, Xiao Ying stopped.

Before Xiao Ying was an illusory barrier that blocked his advance. That\'s right, here, Xiao Ying was actually stopped from advancing.


Chen Feng\'s eyes flashed red. Through Xiao Ying\'s eyes, he gazed at the world beyond the barrier. There, a huge pair of eyes could be seen flickering with a red radiance. That was precisely the red that had killed both Tian Dao and San Jian earlier.

That is…

Chen Feng was alarmed. At this time, that huge pair of eyes suddenly glanced in his direction. The blood-red gaze swept around the air before ultimately landing on Xiao Ying.

This thing is able to see Xiao Ying?

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling and was about to recall Xiao Ying.


The terrifying red radiance shone yet again.