The Strongest Gene - Chapter 599: Update Online

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Chapter 599: Update Online

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"What\'s the matter?"

Chen Feng looked at the illusory world in stupefaction. This illusory world was a unique world of Luck Aura. Here, he had created an illusory world that could assist in the operation of his Luck Aura. Here, he could see all the information regarding his Luck Aura, luck value, deductions, and the existence of Spirit. Yet now, everything was gone.

Since he had returned from the transmigration, this space had remained empty. However, this was supposed to be normal, since he had exhausted all his luck value during the transmigration. He had always believed that after recovering his luck value, this world would return to normal soon after. But nothing had returned. This world remained a blank space of nothingness. The amount of luck value, the floating numbers, the countdown timer, his alarm system, everything he had created to help with his usage of Luck Aura had vanished.

Chen Feng tried calling for Spirit. "Spirit?"

Spirit\'s figure appeared from the darkness. "Here."

"What happened here?" Chen Feng asked curiously.

Spirit frowned, seemingly vexed about this as well. "It seems to be evolving."

"Evolving?" Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied. His Luck Aura could still evolve?

"Yes." Spirit nodded. "It is seemingly related to your breakthrough to S class."

"S class…" Chen Feng was still doubtful. "But then, my luck value was still there when I had just broken through."

"Mhm." Spirit said, "Please wait a moment. Let me take a look. Ah, it was the instant when you transmigrated back to this world that this space started evolving. Perhaps it was a reaction to a certain power it sensed?"

Sensed? Chen Feng was alarmed. Something that could only be sensed in this world? Suddenly, Chen Feng felt like he had been neglecting his Luck Aura all this time. This thing he had picked up in his former world was able to function in this different world. Such power… wasn\'t something that could be described with something as simple as energy.

Previous life, Genetic Era, alien world…

Chen Feng had been to countless places and Luck Aura had still worked normally. But that was all there was to it. When it came to updates, it seemed like the Luck Aura could only be updated here in this world. Therefore, could it be that this thing could only go online for its updates here in this world? Within this world was a certain signal emitter that was emitting a unique power belonging to Luck Aura?

Chen Feng had no answer to that, but he guessed that that might truly be the case. This signal emitter might very well be the origin of Luck Aura. Hold on, why had the fortune stone appeared in the library of his previous world, then? Obviously, that stone was an item from this world. And what exactly was this update? This evolution? Why had reaching S class enabled this update?

Suddenly, Chen Feng noticed that he might have stumbled upon something, something that normally seemed like nothing special, something he had never noticed all this while, something that he should have noticed long ago. In the past, he had never thought about this. Or perhaps one could say that he had never pursued this line of thought.

Chen Feng contemplated. "Is it because of my realm being insufficient back then—because of me being too weak?" He extended his hand. His hand flickered, alternating between an illusory and physical state before returning to normal.

S class… What kind of realm was this, exactly? Chen Feng could not decide if the timing of this update was bad or not. But then again, something like an update should never be a bad thing, right? After all, it was Luck Aura that was updating here rather than iOS! "Hopefully the performance won\'t drop after the update…" Chen Feng muttered to himself.

"I doubt the performance will drop." Spirit frowned. "I can feel the upgrade. It should be finished in a short amount of time and will most probably be much stronger as well. However, during the update, the Luck Aura cannot be used."

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "I know." If the update wasn\'t complete by the time the trip to the devil race\'s territory began, he would be truly screwed. Facing a big-shot S class, he had no confidence without any luck value as his trump card.

Spirit pondered and said, "However, if something like Spirit Sea wood was provided, perhaps the update could be accelerated."

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. Spirit Sea wood! Yes, how could he have forgotten that? Back then, the various minor updates of his Luck Aura had always been due to Spirit Sea wood. At that time, for a tiny bit of Spirit Sea wood, he had exhausted no small amount of effort. However, just as he readied to use his Luck Aura to look for some Spirit Sea wood, he remembered that Luck Aura couldn\'t be used right now.

"…" Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "I had forgotten about this."

"Let me give it a try."

Spirit said smilingly, "Although I can\'t utilize the power of Luck Aura, oddly, I am very sensitive to everything concerning the power of luck…" Spirit cast her senses out. "Mhm…"

Within her senses, some vague dots of light appeared. She couldn\'t get a clear look at them. However, it was sufficient for her to obtain a rough estimate of their locations.

Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed. "Excellent." With his apex strength nowadays, he would be nearly unstoppable.

Shua! Shua!

In the following period, Chen Feng swept through the numerous corners of the world, gathering everything with the power of luck regardless of whether it was Spirit Sea wood or not. These items were all fed to his Luck Aura. Even though the update was still not completed even after all this, he could clearly see that Spirit appeared more distinct now.

It was indeed working. Somewhat unfortunately, he failed to locate any Spirit Sea wood during his searches.

Spirit shook her head. "That was a rare item in the first place."

Spirit Sea wood was a legendary item and was easily destroyed. As such, merely obtaining some clues about its traces was already a sufficiently good result. Chen Feng continued his crazy search. Alas, even as he approached the date of departure to the devil race\'s territory, the update was still not complete.

The world of Luck Aura still seemed dead with only the occasional appearance of Spirit wearing an anxious expression on her face. Evidently, she did not fancy such an empty world either.

"How much longer?" asked Chen Feng.

Spirit was bewildered. "I don\'t know. I can only feel that it\'s near completion, but as for the exact time…" Spirit shook her head. She couldn\'t ascertain the exact timing of the update\'s completion.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "It seems like I can only rely on myself this time, then."

Even those peak beyond A classes of the Genetic Union weren\'t afraid. What should an S class like him be afraid of? He was, after all, the theoretical number one expert of the human race. Yet despite this being true, Chen Feng was still a sort of bogus S class.

In a sense, the present him was similar to an A-class warrior that had yet to fuse with an A-class gene. Even now, Chen Feng didn\'t understand what the power of S class was. The present him was merely somewhat stronger than a peak beyond A class. Moreover, his superiority was purely in terms of brute force. He was confident that his pure brute force and energy alone would most certainly surpass all A classes. However, those peak beyond A classes still possessed numerous unfathomable abilities, or perhaps unique abilities that ignored all energy, such as what Kong Bai possessed. These were things even an S class like him did not possess.

Previously, he\'d had his Luck Aura as his trump card. As such, he\'d had no misgivings. Now that he didn\'t have his Luck Aura, he had to be extra careful in everything he did. This was especially true since his opponent this time was similarly an S class. This was also why Chen Feng had requested to participate in this mission as well. He had to witness with his own eyes the methods available to an S class, to witness the true power of an S class.

The Genetic Union joined this mission for the sake of the devil genes, but he had joined for the sake of power.

The next day, under the great works of the Diplo—no, the Foreign Affairs Department, the humans and ancients reached an agreement. The ancients would deploy several peak beyond A classes as well. An allied squad of 12 was formed for this S-class devil-hunting mission. And with this, the first joint mission of the humans and ancients began.