The Strongest Gene - Chapter 597: New Discovery

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Chapter 597: New Discovery

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At the Research Agency.

Chen Feng was solemnly looking at the experiment progressing in front of him. With utmost focus, the employees hoisted the devil prince up before aiming the prince\'s crotch at a certain test tube and giving the prince\'s crotch a squeeze. Next, the liquid shot out.

Mhm… the scientists were indeed strict. Chen Feng studied the nearly transparent liquid with a solemn expression. It seemed like this devil prince had been eating rather healthily recently for the urine to be so clear. But then… Chen Feng gazed at the sputtering liquid that was sprinkling out like a showerhead and sank into contemplation.

"In short… your research successfully caused the prince\'s pee to sprinkle outward rather than shooting straight forward? Just look at it. It seems like the prince\'s prostate disease is no longer incurable…"

The employees felt somewhat awkward as they heard his words.

"Cough, cough. When it comes to experiments, there ought to be some sacrifices," they explained. There was nothing they could do about this. After all, during this period of time, apart from maintaining a balanced diet for the prince, they had only been pouring water down the prince\'s throat without stop and then having him pee it all out.


After excessive peeing, it was quite normal for the prince to suffer some damage there.

Chen Feng: "…"

What in the world?

Those scientists were scary indeed.

At this moment, the liquid gathering was completed. Next, the employees started their actual demonstration, displaying the actual usage of the mysterious power contained within the liquid.


The liquid evaporated.

After combining with energy, a ray of light appeared from the liquid. Under the amazed gazes of the people there, that ray of light charged toward the specially prepared patch of soil. Next, a devil appeared from that patch of soil.


Chen Feng was alarmed.

"This was a devil hibernating within the soil," the employee explained in a low voice. From the amount of hibernating devil particles they had gathered so far, it wouldn\'t be hard for them to put together sufficient particles to reconstruct a full devil. Their only difficulty was truly awakening these fellows. And now… "The power of the young prince is able to greatly reduce the summoning requirements," the employee concluded.

"So that\'s the case." Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Was this the reason that devil expert had awakened ahead of time previously?

"Naturally, we are merely at the early stage of our research. After our research, we found that a devil summoned through such a method only has their physical body. Their mind, their consciousness, is still seemingly in a somewhat disassociated state… and seems to be slowly healing as well," the employee explained.

Based on what the employee had stated, Chen Feng concluded, "In other words, this method of summoning will do great mental damage to the summoned devil."

The employee nodded. "That\'s right." The mind was a certain type of existence existing in a certain form within one\'s consciousness. However, it was still a spiritual thing and would thus suffer grave damage from being summoned using such a method. As such, it was evident that the S-class devil had only been controlled by that old devil due to his incomplete mental state.

"However, based on our analysis," the employee continued, "even though the mental state will suffer damage, it will heal with time at a rate almost undetectable. Moreover, the stronger the devil is, the faster the healing will be. For S classes, it will be even faster. At that time…"

"That S-class devil will return for real, right?" Chen Feng concluded for him.

"Yes." The employee smiled bitterly. This was what they had been worrying about. S class! The deterrence provided by an S class was similar to the effect of nuclear weapons back then. It was too powerful. They had already had a taste of the power of an S class from that devil under the old devil\'s control. It was unimaginably powerful. How powerful would a complete S class with a sound mental state be, then? The mere thought of it caused them to shudder in fear.

S class… Chen Feng chanted inwardly. He was the only person here who knew clearly what exactly an S class was.

That S-class devil was mentally damaged and was under the control of others. As such, the power he had displayed back then was mere physical prowess. The combat power of that S class should be similar to the present Chen Feng. However, the moment that devil recovered completely, his strength and power would return as well. A true S class, an S class with control over his special abilities…

Chen Feng gulped at that thought. Even he himself had no idea what, exactly, the true ability of S classes was. During this period, he had been researching without stop, but his progress had been limited to his knowledge of his body alone. As for the real abilities of S classes, he knew nothing.

Perhaps that S-class devil could tell him about it? Chen Feng smiled bitterly and gave up on this disaster-seeking thought.

"Have there been other discoveries?" Chen Feng asked.

The employee nodded. "Yes. After extracting the different compositions, we tried reversing the function of a certain substance. With the help of the Genetic Union, we were able to produce a reverse-summoning dust."

Finishing his words, the employee took out a gene reagent. It was a bottle of yellow powder. As for the usage of the powder, it was a no-brainer.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "This thing…" The urine of the young prince could reduce the summoning requirements, allowing the summoning process to be completed ahead of time. If it was reversed, this thing would be able to…

"Sealing!" the employee stated in excitement. "This thing is capable of sealing the life-forms summoned through the prince\'s urine with a 90% rate of effectiveness."

Ninety percent!

Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed. If this was used on that S-class devil…

"But we still need more time." The employee knew what Chen Feng was thinking. "That devil is too powerful. To seal him up, we do not have enough powder. We need more time."

"Excellent." Chen Feng was extremely satisfied with this result. "Is there anything else?"

"The summoned life-forms all have an intense odor on their body. After breaking down the components within the liquid, we were able to obtain the decomposition formula for this odor and are able to easily locate the life-forms that carry this odor," the employee explained.

"Very good." Chen Feng was overjoyed. Detecting and sealing, everything would be done in one go!

Next, they only needed to gather a sufficient amount of the yellow powder before they could make a move against the devils. For Chen Feng, this was a rare opportunity. After all, that was an S class. At present, Chen Feng alone was the apex of humanity. Before him, no other paths of advancement could be followed. As such, he had to use other means to open up a path of advancement for humanity.

What exactly was the true power of an S class? He was looking forward to it.

"I will get the people of the Gene Production Association to come and help out as well. Try to hasten the progress," Chen Feng stated decisively. "Hopefully the Genetic Union and the Research Agency can also put their focus on this. Before that devil recovers fully, we must get rid of him."

"Understood," the employees replied with a solemn expression. They knew how important this was.

An odd shout resounded. "Ah—"

Chen Feng glanced over. Mhm, the employees were "extracting" the liquid for study yet again. What a pitiful fellow…

The employee noted Chen Feng\'s expression of pity and cautiously asked, "Should we slow it down?"

"No," Chen Feng stated with melancholy. "Just feed him more water."

The employee: "…"