The Strongest Gene - Chapter 595: Name and Glory

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Chapter 595: Name and Glory

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"Of course I was." Chen Feng coughed and righteously stated, "It\'s just that an idea suddenly appeared in my mind. I might have an even better idea we can give a try."

"We will have to trouble you, then," the Reagent Department head replied emotionally, evidently not aware that actually, a certain censored scene was the thing that had appeared in Chen Feng\'s head previously.

"We need a powerful gene reagent, one that can grant pregnancy with one attempt," he stated with a solemn expression. They had decided to select a group of "good seeds" from among the Genetic Union, those who were similarly powerful genetic warriors, to head to the border cities and "fight" for humanity! Perhaps, at that time, the ancients there would truly assimilate into humanity.

"All right." Chen Feng nodded. "I will get the Gene Production Association to come up with something."

Something like this would not be difficult for them. With the ancients out in the open nowadays, it wouldn\'t be hard at all to obtain some data pertaining to the ancient race\'s bodies.

For example, that little wife of Mu Yuan\'s would be able to help with this.

At this time, in that faraway unknown region.

The higher-ups of the ancient race were also at a loss when it came to this whole development. Their line of thought was still not advanced enough for the idea that this was a cultural invasion to even cross their minds. Nevertheless, they still had a feeling that something was wrong with this development. The army of the ancients was no longer able to further advance into human territory.

"How many defensive layers do we need to penetrate to truly enter the hinterlands of humanity?"

"Fourteen layers. As long as we pass through the 14 layers, we will be able to enter the hinterlands of humanity. However, we have only passed through the third layer so far… and the entirety of our army is already staying behind in those human cities."

The heads of the higher-ups ached. They had only passed through three layers containing ten-odd human cities, and those fellows were already slacking about.

"Don\'t we have several spies that managed to penetrate through 13 layers already?" someone suddenly asked.


The general\'s eyes shone. Thirteen layers! Only one layer before the humans\' hinterlands!

"What was seen there? How\'s the combat power of the humans?" the general asked in excitement.

"Oh." That person scratched her head. "Their combat power is still unclear. However, according to what our spy said, even at the thirteenth layer, the humans were still extremely welcoming. Moreover, they even told her that the arrival of the ancient race was greatly welcomed, bringing her alone to enjoy something called a spa, a full service package, and so on."

General: "…"

"Oh." That person scratched her head. "This is what she said. According to her, the humans were extremely weak and, as such, placed the ancient race on an altar like some gods. They don\'t require any conquering from our side at all. Based on her description, the humans are a rather unique race. From her observations of the humans\' records—oh yeah, the records were something the humans called a "movie"—the humans have in their possession some extremely powerful weapons of mass destruction. However, those weapons are only used for self-defense, and rarely at that. Moreover, the humans have countless remarkable superheroes, such as Doctor Strange, Superman, and so on. Based on her estimations, these superheroes should all be S classes. But these heroes all vanished a very long time ago. It is unknown whether they are all still alive."

The general\'s expression became solemn. "S class…"

"But according to what she said, humanity is a race that will only unite when there is a disaster. They are only able to display astonishing combat power during a moment of crisis. Based on the present strength of humanity, if we were to wage war against them, we might suffer extremely heavy losses, as they will all unite. This will bring us trouble," that person explained seriously. If this were a war of extinction between two different races, they would naturally have had no need to consider all this. But the problem now was that the humans had directly surrendered to them. If the ancients insisted on forcing the humans\' hand even in such circumstances, they would truly be rather stupid.

The general sank into silence. "Is that really true?"

"It\'s true. The humans possess a lot of things we ancients do not have. We can totally make use of the humans and this unique capability of theirs to provide numerous services to ourselves," that person said seriously. "For example, those legendary things of humanity, such as games, movies, and music, are all things we do not have. They are worth learning from the humans."

The general pondered silently. Is that so? Use the humans to provide services to the ancient race? Nothing seemed wrong with this… right?

The ancient race\'s population was rather low. Therefore, their natural development in all these aspects the humans were good at had been destined to not reach far. Fashion, food, housing, and transportation seemed to be rather basic. However, if they could have the humans serve them… This idea might work for real!

"Excellent." Finally, the general agreed. "Let\'s put a temporary hold on the war, then."

"All right." That person retired herself, inwardly feeling smug. Haha, with this, no harm would befall her favorite male idol. Now she could go and watch his latest movie: Gutter Love!

That\'s right. Within this all-female kingdom of the ancient race, these terrifying things called "fangirls" had started to appear and were slowly spreading among the grand army of the ancient race… This was something both the humans and the ancients had not seen coming.

At this time, the general reported the progress to the higher-ups. Naturally, when reporting this, she touched upon a problem she was most concerned with—the future of the ancient race.

Qin Hai was astonished. "Oh, weren\'t you all not worried about this previously?"

The general frowned. "Yes. We ancients have great reproduction capabilities. Even if we can only give birth to one child, we do not mind the notion of accepting some new genes into our gene pool. Therefore, if the ancients are truly no longer able to reproduce, we can still extract the genes of those wild beasts and inject them into our bodies to impregnate ourselves."

Qin Hai was horrified. Would these be the rumored half beasts of legend? Holy shit, this ancient race was truly barbaric!

"What changed?" Qin Hai asked with a calm expression. It had been truly difficult for him to not let his emotions show on his face.

"Now, we have an even better option: the humans," the general stated solemnly. "The outer appearance of a human is extremely similar to our own. As such, they are the most suitable choice to be our breeding partners. Moreover, this race produced numerous geniuses, such as Chen Feng, Kong Bai, and Li Lei. As such, their gene pool might prove helpful after all. They are an acceptable alternative."

Breeding target, huh… Qin Hai sank into silence. But for the ancients to have actually thought of such a plan… They were truly courting disaster upon themselves…

That\'s right, there were also outstanding individuals among humans, proving that the gene pool of humans was rather powerful as well. But had these ancients considered how they would ultimately instead be assimilated by human culture? Eh, it seemed like this was truly not a thought that would surface in the ancients\' minds. The only thing they had ever recognized was strength, nothing else—culture included.

"Therefore, I propose we encourage our soldiers to breed with the humans," the general suggested righteously.

"Approved," Qin Hai said with a wave of his hand.

Well, you fellows are the ones courting this disaster. This has nothing to do with me.

"Thank you." The general stood. Before leaving, though, the general suddenly looked at Qin Hai and hesitated before stating in a somewhat bashful manner, "King, are you really not considering me…"

Qin Hai\'s expression darkened. "No."

"Fine." The general left with regret.

Qin Hai: "…"

What was that even? He had initially thought that by staying undercover here in the ancient race, he could play a great role to help the humans during battle or perhaps assassinate the ancient leaders secretly behind the front lines and obtain total control over the ancient race.

Alas… why had things progressed this way? Why else? All this was thanks to that damnable beyond X gene reagent!

Damn you, Chen Feng!

Qin Hai left filled with grief.

At present, the blending of humans and ancients was still progressing. Naturally, the "blending" here referred to a broader sense of assimilation rather than that "action" involving the flesh…

At night, the cities remained brightly lit. This was how colorful the human cities had always been, and it bewitched the ancients ceaselessly.

The first group of warriors deployed by the Genetic Union had already arrived, bringing with them a gene reagent capable of granting pregnancy with a single attempt. Their order had also been received. And thus, on this tranquil night, for the first time, the two sides\' armies "did battle" with their "swords," both long and short.

The moon was shrouded by the clouds. The night seemed deeper.