The Strongest Gene - Chapter 591: Eruption of War!

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Chapter 591: Eruption of War!

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Everyone in the Qian family had a solemn expression. They knew that a huge battle might erupt today. As such, they had been prepared for this in advance. For the future of the Qian family, they had decided to face the Genetic Union, to extract the tiger\'s tooth in the tiger\'s den. Naturally, they alone would not be able to accomplish what they wanted. Therefore, before making their move, numerous families big and small had been contacted. If a battle did erupt, it would be between various families and the Genetic Union.

Right now, all of them were here, waiting for the result. Alas, beyond their expectations, before any results or updates were received, a distress signal was transmitted to them from the Genetic Union. The worst-case scenario they had expected had indeed happened. The Genetic Union had indeed acted against them!


A huge screen appeared. Everything around the people of the Qian family at the Genetic Union was shown on the screen. They saw the Genetic Union acting against them, and they also saw the appearance of someone that shouldn\'t have appeared.

"This is bad."

They were greatly alarmed. The moment they saw Chen Feng, they knew something was going to happen. A living legend was completely different than a tainted dead legend who they could accuse as they wished. The appearance of Chen Feng was a variable in this plan, and as they saw that the Genetic Union was preparing to kill, the Qian family patriarch, who had always been calm, could no longer stay silent. He ripped space apart and arrived there personally.

"The patriarch has acted!"

The Qian family members gazed at their imposing patriarch with a fanatical gaze. Alas, the dignified appearance of their patriarch only lasted a short two seconds before the patriarch was sent back home.


They stared dumbstruck at the screen. From the screen, they had been able to get a clearer look at what had happened. Their patriarch had been kicked back forcefully…


How was that possible? Wasn\'t their patriarch a peak beyond A9? How was it possible for Chen Feng to send him back with a single kick? Even a peak beyond A9 should not be able to do that to their patriarch.


Qian Liexian was flung out of the spatial tunnel and landed face-first in a sorry manner.

"Bastard!" He scrambled up. "I was actually ambushed by a shameless person."

He knew that he had to have been too careless to fall for an ambush from someone like Chen Feng.

"Very well." His face ashen, he said, "I shall teach you the consequences of provoking me."


He waved his hand.

A terrifying spatial power bloomed. He intended to once again travel through space to reach the Genetic Union directly. Alas, even after the domineering spatial power spent a long time lingering about midair, no spatial tunnel was created.


He was somewhat dumbstruck. What had happened?


Once again, he let loose his spatial power. A gigantic spatial hand ripped space apart. From the screen, everyone could see clearly that an obvious spatial undulation had appeared on the sky above the Genetic Union. A spatial crack visible to the naked eye appeared. Numerous spatial cracks joined together, akin to a chrysanthemum, so very obvious high in the sky.


The gigantic hand pulled.

And next…

Still no spatial tunnel appeared.

"How is this possible?"

Qian Liexian\'s expression was unsightly. He had already used his maximum power earlier. Why had he still failed to create a spatial tunnel?

"Again!" He waved his hand furiously. Unfortunately for him, regardless of how much he pushed his power, the sealed spatial tunnel refused to be reopened. Instead, he currently resembled a lunatic who was dancing madly in midair.

Chen Feng sneered. "Heh." Since even the chrysanthemum was blocked by him, how was it possible for the tunnel to appear? What, was he thinking of himself as some diarrhea-inducing drug? How funny!


Chen Feng waved casually. His S-class power drifted over slowly and firmly locked down the spatial tunnel.

"You guys should be able to see this right?" Chen Feng said, gazing at the empty air, before turning around and nodding to the deputy president. "You guys can do the rest."

Deputy president: "…"

They had yet to recover from their shock over Chen Feng\'s powerful display, but since now was the perfect opportunity for them to make their move, they acted without any hesitation.


Blood splattered everywhere. Not a single Qian family member that had arrived here was spared. In any case, they should have seen this coming for daring to provoke the Genetic Union. As for the family of Si Fan, they had merely been here to make up the numbers for the Qian family and had been the first to surrender. Thanks to that, they were able to keep their lives.

"You all dare?" Qian Liexian roared indignantly as he watched on as his family members were killed.

"The Qian family, let\'s just destroy them," the deputy president stated coldly.


The entire Genetic Union moved. All along, what the Genetic Union had feared the most was precisely such an alliance of families.

The moment Chen Feng had returned, the moment these families had no longer had any excuse to ally together, the Qian family alone had become nothing to the Genetic Union. Two hours later, the Genetic Union\'s squad returned. The Qian family no longer existed. Soon after, news of this spread, shocking numerous people.

"Chen Feng has actually returned…"

"I heard that he was able to forcefully kick the Qian family patriarch back through the spatial tunnel even after the Qian family patriarch had traveled through it."

"How astonishing."

"Isn\'t Chen Feng a B class? How is that possible…"

"No idea."

"I heard Qian Chen and Si Fan were both enticed by the ancient race…"

Numerous rumors spread around. However, the only thing everyone was concerned with was Chen Feng\'s strength. How had this person who was only a peak B class a short while ago become so powerful in such a short period of time?

Qian Liexian was a peak beyond A class, yet with a single kick…

The mere thought of this seemed utterly unbelievable. However, before long, just as everyone was still talking about this, an ear-piercing alarm started buzzing, shocking all of them. The ancient race had appeared.

"They\'re here."

They stared into the distance. Once upon a time, the devils had descended upon the human territories as well. Even though they had managed to repel the devils, they had paid a disastrous price. Even Star City, the holy city of the Gene Production Association, had been destroyed in the process. And now, the ancient race, a race powerful enough to force the devils into hibernation, was finally coming for the humans.

This race that had once been the apex existence of this world, that had been scheming in the dark all along, the one who wanted to profit off the war between the humans and devils, this race had ultimately come for the human territories.

Someone gazed ahead at the starry sky and said, "I reckon a huge battle is going to erupt yet again."

"Yeah. I wonder if I will be able to return from this battle alive," someone muttered to themselves.

A lot of genetic warriors were itching for a fight. "I have been waiting a long time for this."

The Genetic Union had already informed them of this upcoming battle. Even though no exact date had been announced, they had been training bitterly every single day just for this moment. This moment, this coming battle, was what they had been waiting a long time for.

At present, in the distant unknown region was an area where the devil aura pervaded the air.

There, a huge devil was moving forward on all fours. Above his head stood an old devil with a face full of wrinkles.

"The humans and the ancients have started fighting?" He gazed into the distance. The moment the devil race had failed their initial reawakening plan, he had known that the devils had no hope left. During that battle, the devils, who were once caused great losses by the ancients, were once again caused huge losses by the humans. However, if both the humans and ancients inflicted heavy losses on each other as well… He patted the giant he was standing on. "Perhaps there is still chance for us."

The giant howled.

"Let\'s go. To play a decisive role in this war of three races, those below S class are useless. Only an S class like you can play a decisive role. Haha. Now, let us go look for more S classes… This shall be our, the devil race\'s, final hope."

Bang! Bang!

The earth trembled. Gradually, the old devil disappeared amid the darkness.