The Strongest Gene - Chapter 588: Above the Starry Sky

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Chapter 588: Above the Starry Sky

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Transmigration! It was actually transmigration! This was a power they were all too familiar with. Everyone there was shocked. All the transmigrators they had encountered before had been people who had entered a spatial current by accident and had ended up wandering about the void before being captured by this world to be used as puppets. Someone with a transmigration ability like Kong Bai had never appeared before. It hadn\'t even crossed their mind that this was a possibility.

Hold on, something as rare as transmigration was a power one could actually control? This was a power even they couldn\'t control!

"Stop them, hurry!"


Space exploded. Numerous powerful enemies appeared. Awakened was a realm with a wondrous power system. In this world where awakened ones were everywhere, Chen Feng did not dare to act wantonly. As such, he had been maintaining utmost caution even when transmigrating.

Time Quicksand…

Among all the abilities contained within his God Punisher, only Time Quicksand was unleashed. With the three seconds Kong Bai required, a single Time Quicksand would be sufficient. That was because even if the people there were to have any doubt about Kong Bai\'s action, they would still believe that he was merely unleashing some trump card instead of transmigrating away.

Therefore, these three seconds in which Kong Bai was activating his ability were actually the safest period for the both of them. As for the truly dangerous moment, it was after the eruption of Kong Bai\'s ability, when they were on the verge of transmigrating. This was the world of awakened ones. The power level of this world far surpassed Chen Feng\'s understanding.


Space cracked.

The exact moment when Kong Bai was about to transmigrate away with Chen Feng, space seemed to freeze.

An indifferent voice resounded. "Stay!" Next, the rate at which Kong Bai and Chen Feng were fading slowed down tremendously. Chen Feng was able to stop those beasts, he could last three seconds against their onslaught, but facing the true awakened experts, he couldn\'t even last one instant.

Despite that, Chen Feng merely smiled calmly.

I have been waiting a long time for you… Time Quicksand! Jump!


A faint radiance swirled about. Chen Feng and Kong Bai vanished instantly. The time required to complete this transmigration had already been less than one second. With Time Quicksand bringing them one second into the future, this process was instantly completed.


Both of them vanished into thin air.


The energy attacking them lost its target, causing the space there to collapse.



Everyone present stared blankly at the empty arena. They had never expected that someone would actually be capable of escaping this place. They lapsed into silence. Even the commentator, Ruo Shui, was keeping silent at this moment. Something like this… was no longer something they could get involved with.

That was especially true since at the last moment, that senior had obviously acted. They had even been able to see both Chen Feng and Kong Bai locked in space, yet they had still left, not leaving any trace behind.

After a long time, a silhouette of light appeared out of thin air.

All of them knelt on the floor. "Lord."

The lord ignored them all, silently regarding the direction in which Kong Bai and Chen Feng had vanished. Ultimately, his gaze landed on the exact spot where they had transmigrated away.


His hand reached out, touching the space there.

"This power…"

Shock appeared in his eyes. During that final moment, they had obviously displayed a power that far surpassed their present level—the power of time!

"How is that possible!?" he howled. "The rules of time are something even we can\'t grasp, yet those two…"

Chen Feng\'s world was extremely weak. This was apparent by observing Chen Feng and Kong Bai. Yet it was truly unexpected that these two fellows from a weak world actually had a grasp on such a high-level power. Apart from this… He took a deep sniff of the air.

"I can smell traces of other powers."

He lapsed into a trance.

What those two had used earlier was as simple as some power of time. He could even feel a peculiar power not weaker than time, a power far surpassing Chen Feng\'s and Kong Bai\'s level.

"Chen Feng… Kong Bai…"

He sank into contemplation.

The higher-ups of the arena rushed over. "Lord."

"Seal this place up," he stated coldly.


They were all dumbstruck as they heard this. Seal this place? But then, this was a place that brought them great profit! This was the venue of the most popular reality show in this world, a show with off-the-charts ratings!

"Lord." The higher-ups there were not resigned to this. "We can\'t…"

"This is an order," the lord spat.

"I disagree." The higher-ups of the arena were furious. "Why is it that we must seal it just because you say so? Even if you are the apostle…"


Lightly, the apostle waved his hand. A cold gleam flashed out, and next, a round head could be seen rolling on the ground.

"Since you are aware that I am the apostle, have you forgotten what it is that I can do?" the apostle stated indifferently. An intense smell of blood pervaded the air, and the entire arena lapsed into silence. Everyone there trembled.

"Arena of Life and Death? Entertainment? Hehe. Seal it." His gaze landed on the point of transmigration, and he stated coldly, "Protect this arena properly. This incident is much graver than you all can imagine."


Amid the starry sky, a faint blue radiance was shining. Countless huge battleships were streaking away from the planet, each of them flickering with numerous lights. These were villas of sorts in the shape of ships that were being used by the rich to escape the devils and ancients. At present, humanity was already used to these ships.

Suddenly, a noiseless shockwave flashed past.


Countless battleships exploded instantly. Those huge battleships collapsed noiselessly before ultimately transforming into numerous particles that dissipated in outer space.

The intense vibrations were seemingly trying to show the terrible incident that these battleships had experienced, yet here in outer space, no sound whatsoever was transmitted out, akin to a mime\'s performance.


All the battleships there were destroyed. From the extreme end, an icy-blue battleship appeared. The front portion of the battleship was transparent, and within, a throne could be vaguely seen. Above the throne, an imposing figure was seated.

Casually, he leaned against the throne, seemingly in the midst of appreciating this colorful scene. His right hand, which was lightly knocking against the throne, was wearing a delicate diamond ring. The ring seemed to contain a boundless power.

"Looks like it\'s almost done."

He stood up and focused his gaze as he slowly rotated his ring. A huge screen appeared in front of him. On it, a countdown appeared. It could be seen that this countdown had been continuing for years. Yet now…



The countdown continued on. At present, only 100 days were left.

"A hundred days…" he muttered. Perhaps he could proceed with his plan now.


A faint radiance swirled around. Slowly, the blue battleship vanished, like it had never appeared in the first place. As for the particles that filled outer space akin to blooming fireworks, they vanished after the initial splendor, seemingly celebrating the arrival of something. The starry sky appeared even deeper now.