The Strongest Gene - Chapter 587: Transmigrate!

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Chapter 587: Transmigrate!

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Without hesitation, Chen Feng brought Kong Bai along and started fleeing.

Bang! Bang!

Booming explosions resounded without stop. The entire audience cheered in a crazed fashion. This was the type of near-death scene they enjoyed the most. As for Chen Feng and Kong Bai, they endured silently as they kept looking for an opportunity. They had to look for the most opportune moment to make their move.

Kong Bai\'s transmigration was a wondrous and powerful ability. Under normal circumstances, nobody could even hope of stopping them. However, this was a world where transmigration was a researched topic. With transmigration as the core, this arena had been created, an arena forcing transmigrators to become participants of their reality show.

As such, Chen Feng and Kong Bai did not dare to be careless. This transmigration was their only chance of leaving this world. Kong Bai had to ensure that the transmigration would only proceed when nobody of this world noticed it.

Bang! Bang!

The earth shook. Chen Feng\'s gaze swept past the beasts chasing after them. Thanks to the combat history of Chen Feng, the strength of these beasts had been obviously increased by quite a bit. Even the weakest of them were at peak beyond A class. Among the beasts chasing after them, three of them were S class.

"Shit." Chen Feng cursed and continued running for his dear life. At this time, the spectators were all enjoying the show. Despite this, Ruo Shui\'s eyes remained narrowed, as he had an odd feeling. Why was this Chen Feng fellow not fighting back at all? They were clear on Chen Feng\'s strength. He had already been rather strong previously, and now he had even absorbed so many of their resources by going into debt. One could say that apart from the awakened, this Chen Feng fellow could defeat all opponents. Even if he couldn\'t defeat the awakened ones, he should not have any problem defeating normal beasts. But yet… nothing happened. He kept fleeing without stop.

From the start when the regular beasts appeared until the end when the awakened beasts appeared, this guy ran without stop, not even sparing the chasing beasts a look. This seemed rather odd…

"Should he not first kill those regular beasts before trying to get rid of the awakened beasts?"

Some of them could not understand Chen Feng\'s actions. If they recalled correctly, this was what Chen Feng had done previously. To first get rid of the weaker ones, then slowly weakening the stronger one before ultimately killing it. This was also the reason Chen Feng and Kong Bai had earned so many points from their previous event—because of their hegemonic ways, because they had been strong enough to act in such a way.

This time, though… Chen Feng was only fleeing. This might cause him to lose a serious number of fans.

"What is this guy doing?"

Ruo Shui could not even know what to say in his commentary anymore.

"Give him some time," a higher-up stated faintly. "Perhaps, he has some new ideas about to what to do. Have you forgotten how he killed the awakened beast last time?"

The rest nodded as they heart this. "True."

Their gazes returned to the arena. Chen Feng was still fleeing. Regardless of whether the enemies were strong or weak, he did not make a single move against them. The number of beasts chasing after them became higher and higher… Truthfully, toward this, Chen Feng felt quite helpless. It wasn\'t that he did not want to make a move against them. However, he couldn\'t do so.

S class was a bizarre realm. There were no new genes or abilities. The entirety of his power had seemingly blended together at the moment of his breakthrough, reducing everything he\'d had in the past to nothingness. In this realm, each move he made would be much more powerful than the previous him, akin to a transformation of his very being.

One could say that an S class operated in an entirely different way than an A class. Perhaps using the term "awakened" to describe this realm, as the people of this world did, would be more apt? Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He had yet to fully grasp his present strength. Moreover, his understanding of the power of S class was still too shallow. If he tried to forcefully use an S-class power before even understanding it and was found out… they would lose their single chance of escape.

Since these fellows had yet to discover Chen Feng\'s breakthrough into S class, this was his one and only chance to escape this world. He was certain that the moment he used an ability, with so many gazes on him, someone would most definitely discover that he had already entered S class. At that time, things would truly be troublesome. Therefore, before they could leave, Chen Feng had to endure.



After setting aside a portion of his luck value for the transmigration, the rest was fully activated. With this, both he and Kong Bai were able to, in a lucky and coincidental fashion, keep dodging the encirclement of the beasts.

Along the way, numerous beyond A classes appeared without stop. Even with Chen Feng ignoring them, the newly appeared beasts started chasing after them, following tightly behind them. The group chasing after Chen Feng and Kong Bai increased in size without stop. As for the S-class beasts, they were getting nearer.

Bang! Bang!

Now, Chen Feng could already feel their breath.

He looked at Kong Bai. "Are you not done yet?"

Kong Bai smiled bitterly. "I found it, but…"

Within the defense mechanism put in place against transmigration that enveloped the arena, he had found a spot where they could leave. That was a spot where space could be split to leave this place. However, he needed time to do that.

"I need time to open that spot with force. We will only be able to leave after a hole of sufficient size is opened in this transmigration preventer. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous for us to transmigrate directly," Kong Bai explained with a solemn expression.

"How long do you need?" Chen Feng asked.

"Three seconds," Kong Bai stated.

Three seconds…

Chen Feng glanced at the beasts chasing after them. From their entry into this place, they hadn\'t dared to stop running. Only a second of pause would be required for these beasts to tear them apart. Three seconds? They would most probably die in one single second.

"All right."

Chen Feng\'s mind worked rapidly. At times like this, he could only give it his all. And thus, after leading those beasts on for a while, after a huge majority of the beasts were gathered together, when even the spectators started doubting Chen Feng\'s actions… they stopped running.


Without hesitation, Kong Bai activated his ability immediately.


A faint radiance started flickering.


The higher-ups of the arena were the first to feel something odd. This familiar power… Some of them had already locked on to Kong Bai. However, just as their attention landed on Kong Bai, abruptly, an astonishing power that they were all familiar with erupted from Chen Feng\'s body.


A terrifying shockwave swept out as Chen Feng activated his power.

Their expressions changed abruptly. "This is…"

Awakened! This Chen Feng had awakened!


They were all shocked.

One ought to know that countless transmigrators had appeared here before, yet none of them had ever reached this level. Not a single awakened had ever appeared among the transmigrators. They had even believed that perhaps the awakened realm was something exclusive to the twin horns race. After all, in their eyes, all the transmigrators were from inferior species. The transmigrators were merely performers in this arena, no different than animals in a zoo. Yet now…


Chen Feng finally moved.


God! Punisher!

Once again, the power of an S class bloomed. Time Quicksand appeared, pushing Chen Feng\'s God Punisher one second into the future. Next, the strongest attack he had ever unleashed in his entire life shot out of his hand.


The earth shook. The Arena of Life and Death that had remained still for so many years started trembling as well. Soon, the radiance faded. When everyone\'s gazes landed on the arena, their eyes widened. Blocked! That powerful beast army had been completely blocked by Chen Feng\'s attack. Not all the beasts were dead, but they were clearly in a somewhat bad shape, those three awakened beasts included.

"How powerful."

This was the first thing everyone there felt. They had watched numerous such shows before, but never before had they seen a transmigrator dare to face an awakened beast head on. Moreover, Chen Feng had faced three of them and a huge number of other beasts all at the same time.

"We are going to earn big this time!"

This was the first reaction of Ruo Shui and the rest. How much of a profit could an awakened transmigrator make them? The mere thought caused them to shudder. If…

Alas, Chen Feng only required three seconds. One second had gone by as the beasts charged at them. Yet another second had gone by as God Punisher bloomed. And the final second was spent stunning everyone present with his feat of stopping all the beasts.

From the start till the end, everyone there only had a single second of time to think. Before they could even think of anything else, before their brains even caught on to what was happening…


Kong Bai started shining brightly. An aura they were all incomparably familiar with erupted.

"That is…"

"Not good."

The expressions of everyone there changed.