The Strongest Gene - Chapter 585: Transform

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Chapter 585: Transform

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

S class was a wondrous realm. It seemed completely different from A class. Essentially, A class was the evolution of B class—an improved B class. This was true all the way from F class to A class. The core of it all was constant improvement. What about S class, then? It was a transformation. Chen Feng could feel it clearly.

As such, what was the superiority of this realm compared to others? Chen Feng thought back to the S class he had encountered. That expert of the devil race had been capable of seriously injuring Li Lei with a single slap. Was it purely because of his stronger physical prowess?

Was it because of the S-class body? Not quite so. It was not possible for a physical body alone to be so powerful. Was it energy, then? Chen Feng thought back and recalled that when that had happened, no traces of energy had been visible. Was it possible for that big shot devil to not even have something like energy? That was not possible.

Why, then? There was also the S-class beast he had killed using Xiao Ying and the maphack back then. Although he had maintained a huge distance from that beast and hadn\'t sensed the power of that S class personally, he had been able to see that while that beast had continued struggling and changing, it had still never unleashed any energy that seemed excessively powerful. And yet its body had truly been astonishingly terrifying.

Each time its body had been reconstructed, Xiao Ying had been on the verge of being instantly killed. If not for Xiao Ying\'s ability to travel at will between the illusory world and the physical world, he would have been crushed directly by the internal organs of that S-class beast. That was how terrifying an S class was.

In short, both the S-class devil and the S-class beast specialized in the cultivation of their physical body? That was evidently untrue. Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of a possibility. Perhaps, in the realm of S class, there was no such distinction between one cultivating either their physical body or their energy. Instead, both were lumped together. Flesh equaled energy. Energy equaled flesh. If that was the case…

Chen Feng\'s gaze became sharp. With the last of his consciousness, he controlled the energy within him.


Just as this thought flashed past Chen Feng\'s mind, his body started imploding as the S-class energy within his body erupted.

Bang! Bang!

The terrifying energy swept everywhere. With astonishment, Chen Feng watched on as his body was reduced into nothingness amid the boundless energy. Surprisingly, his consciousness remained.

I\'m not dead? Oh, I didn\'t die.

With astonishment, Chen Feng looked at himself in a state of nothingness. At present, his physical body had transformed into numerous light particles. Surprisingly, these particles did not vanish. Rather, like fireworks, they swirled around, taking on a spherical shape before starting to absorb the energy previously in Chen Feng\'s body.

That\'s right. The powerful energy was being absorbed. The energy that Chen Feng couldn\'t fully digest no matter what had actually been fully absorbed by the light particles. Those particles might look feeble, but they were able to easily absorb the energy.

After a long time, the boundless energy vanished, leaving behind only those light particles that were hovering in midair akin to stars. Chen Feng\'s eyes widened. He no longer had a physical body. As such, he could only look on with amazement, watching these particles and sensing this state of nothingness he was in with curiosity.

What\'s… going on with me?

Chen Feng had no idea. Was he going to stay in this state forever? Mhm… if so, was he still alive or dead? He couldn\'t find an answer to that.

Perhaps… I can still move?

Chen Feng tried moving using his consciousness.


Surprisingly, the light particles actually moved according to his will.


Chen Feng looked on with astonishment.

"In short, this is my new body?"

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He wondered if he would ever be able to transform back into a human. The thought of this rose subconsciously in his mind.


Just as this thought appeared in his mind, all the light particles started combining, condensing, and shining with a faint radiance. Instantly, a brand-new body was constructed.


Chen Feng\'s eyes widened. He lowered his head and gazed at his hands and his body. Everything seemed completely the same as before. He was back! Energy equaled flesh, flesh equaled energy!

Could it be…

He waved his hand instinctively.

Transform! he urged inwardly.


Instantly, his right hand vanished into nothingness, transforming into countless light particles, yet when Chen Feng set his senses forth, he could sense every single light particle. Each particle was part of him.

Condense! he urged.


The light particles assembled together, reconstructing his right hand.


Chen Feng inhaled deeply. So this was what S class was all about? Finally, he understood how lucky he was to have been able to kill that S-class beast with his maphack. If not for the unique environment that he had been making use of, if not for Xiao Ying… killing that beast would have been impossible. An S-class body was in fact an undying body.

"This body…"

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. An explosive energy could be felt within his body. That was the power of S class. He punched out, and an S-class force exuded from his fast. This was not purely physical power, nor was this purely energy. Rather, this was a combination of the two. This S-class realm had, in an ingenious manner, melded both powers together perfectly. From now on, there was no flesh, there was no energy. The only thing that remained was the combination of the two. This was what S class was.


A single punch from Chen Feng caused space itself to tremble.

The effect of this single punch of his was apparent. Even the flow of time slowed as space slowly tore apart from his punch. As he retracted his hand, the tear in space began to slowly close up. This was merely the result of a single casual punch. It was truly rather astonishing.

"A random punch is already as powerful as a 5-star or a 6-star secret art?"

Chen Feng was speechless. Only now did he have an inkling of how powerful he had become. What about his genetic abilities, then? He raised his hand. Light started swirling around.

Wind Blade!


An azure Wind Blade appeared and hovered midair.

"It looks rather ordinary?" Chen Feng muttered. This Wind Blade looked the same as it had before, so very bland. Chen Feng aimed at a random piece of furniture in front of him. Noiselessly, the Wind Blade drifted over.


Just like that, the blade drifted past the furniture. That\'s right, drifted. It merely drifted past the furniture. There was no explosion, there was no overflowing energy. Just like that, noiselessly and easily, the blade slashed through the furniture before continuing on its merry way, slashing through the wall and reaching the room next door. Silence prevailed until suddenly, a mournful scream resounded from the room next door.

"Ah! Chen Feng, you asshole! Holy shit, luckily I have a high sense of vigilance! What the hell, if I was a tiny bit slower, my Kong family line would have ended here… Ah, shit, it has indeed been injured. It hurts! F*ck, the last time I experienced such pain was during my circumcision back then. Screw you, Chen Feng!" Kong Bai\'s mournful screams resounded without stop.

Chen Feng wiped his sweat. He had indeed slowed the speed of his Wind Blade, ensuring that it wouldn\'t hurt anyone. However, he had never expected that this Wind Blade he had casually sent out would be so powerful. Back then, before he had broken through into S class, he wouldn\'t have been able to cause any sort of damage to the room here even after using his full power. Yet now…

Chen Feng gazed at his hands. Finally, he understood how terrifying S class was.

Kong Bai limped over from the room next door with a darkened expression. "Chen Feng!"

Chen Feng wiped his sweat. "Sorry."

Kong Bai was furious. "You nearly castrated me!"

"It\'s not like you have any opportunities to use it anyway…" Chen Feng muttered.

Kong Bai glared at him. "What did you said?"

"No... nothing." Chen Feng laughed it off.

Kong Bai snorted. "Hmph." Only now did he realize that his surroundings seemed somewhat different. After seeing the hole left in the wall, finally, he realized the reason the Wind Blade had appeared out of nowhere in his room. Instantly, his head cooled and his anger evaporated.

This wall…

That Wind Blade…

Kong Bai\'s eyes widened. "Could it be?"

"Hehe." Chen Feng bashfully stated, "I have broken through."

"Holy shit!" Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration.