The Strongest Gene - Chapter 584: Strengthening!

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Chapter 584: Strengthening!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

What to do? Chen Feng\'s brain spun rapidly. Luck value? Probabilities? He had once used his luck value during gene strengthening to reduce the pain, completing his transformation in advance. However, this would be of no help here, as this was not a situational strengthening he was undergoing, a process where he could decide on the sequence in which his body was strengthened. Rather, this current process he was undergoing was an overall strengthening, the strengthening of his entire person.

His body, his consciousness, his heart, all his organs, all energy-generating sources, everything was undergoing a transformation. Chen Feng felt his body inflating, and this was only a part of what he was feeling. His heart still felt like it was being pounded by a hammer, almost forcing him to spit blood. What damnable experience was this?

Bang! Bang!

His heart thumped and his consciousness boomed. The amount of energy in his body was terrifyingly high, giving him a feeling as if death wouldn\'t be worse than being alive. He had a feeling that in the next moment, his body would swell to the point of implosion.



Once again, his body seemed to increase in size. At present, Chen Feng was at the most crucial moment, and his mind never stopped working as he pondered without stop, looking for a way to survive this. Regardless of how much energy he had in him, he had to look for a method of exhaust it all.

Release the excess energy? Right, God Punisher!


Instinctively, he released God Punisher.


Instantly, a huge amount of energy was drained from his body.

Chen Feng was overjoyed. "Nice." Indeed, the energy exhaustion of God Punisher was truly terrifying. Even in his present state, his energy would still reduce rapidly after the usage of God Punisher, bringing him near the bearable limit.

Alas, before he could even bask in his happiness, he could feel the movement of time, and suddenly, his body swelled, nearly imploding.

Shit, this Time Quicksand…

The activation of Time Quicksand had brought him one second forward, rendering his activation of God Punisher meaningless. The energy he had exhausted during the activation earlier was even lower than the amount of energy he had replenished after that one-second skip. Unfortunately, Time Quicksand was contained within his God Punisher as well, and as such, he could not avoid releasing this ability.

This damnable ability! Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He had never expected that a day would come when this Time Quicksand would screw him instead. The energy that should have been exhausted by God Punisher was replenished by Time Quicksand just like that. Was this his retribution for using Time Quicksand to skip time too many times previously? Chen Feng sighed.

Bang! Bang!

Yet another boom erupted within his body.

With this, his God Punisher, instead of exhausting his energy, had put him in an even more dangerous situation. He inhaled deeply and his eyes flickered without stop before suddenly, he gulped down a gene reagent. He had not planned to use this gene reagent, but now he had no choice but to rely on it. Since the odds of surviving with this were 50%, he would gamble on it.


Time seemed to stop at this instant. Right as Chen Feng consumed the gene reagent, the energy in his body increased instead of reducing. However, Chen Feng wasn\'t surprised by this development. Rather, his mind seemed to have an even clearer grasp on everything. The world before his eyes seemed to have slowed down. In truth, everything was still the same. What had changed was Chen Feng\'s speed of thought, which had been accelerated greatly. However, it indeed gave him a feeling like time had stopped.


Chen Feng waved his hand. All the spiritual energy was his to command. He could even feel a sense of happiness from the spiritual energy as it approached him. Naturally, as the cost for being in such a wondrous state, the genes within Chen Feng\'s body were collapsing at a rapid speed as well. What Chen Feng had consumed was precisely the aurora gene reagent.


Effect: Spiritual affinity pushed to the maximum.

Disadvantage: Rapidly collapses one\'s genes.


Shua! Shua!

The genes within Chen Feng\'s body collapsed rapidly. His hands, his legs, his head… His entire body seemed to be flickering. This was an extremely frightening situation. The previous Chen Feng had utilized his luck value to control the collapse of his genes, limiting it to trash genes. But now he wasn\'t controlling the process at all.

When a gene collapsed, regardless of what gene it was, it would only flicker once. Yet now, the entirety of Chen Feng\'s body was flickering without stop. The collapsed genes were immediately improved by this terrifying S-class energy within Chen Feng\'s body, making these genes even stronger than their previous state. The S-class gene reagent was presently transforming Chen Feng\'s body, updating his genes!

Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng\'s body went through numerous transformations, becoming stronger and stronger.

Even with this, the rate which energy appeared within his body still far surpassed the amount of energy he was exhausting. However, for the present Chen Feng with maximum spiritual affinity…


He waved his hand. Under his control, the energy started moving. Consciousness! With this seemingly unlimited supply of energy, Chen Feng started recreating an even more powerful spiritual world for himself. Digitized world! With the endless energy supply, he constructed a huge world, filling his digitized world with boundless vitality.



He started personally redesigning his body as well. In this manner, the vast energy that had initially seemed to be spreading everywhere, the energy that had almost blown up his body, started operating in an orderly fashion. Mending, reinforcing, transforming. In this manner, finally, his energy gain and energy exhaustion reached a balance of sorts.


Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. However, this was merely the beginning. After three hours, after exhausting endless energy, his body finally transformed into the strongest state, to the maximum limit. Chen Feng was certain that all his organs and his entire body had reached the limit of humanity.

He had initially focused on energy cultivation; the giant-elephant gene was the only ability he used to improve his physical body, pushing his body quality to that of an A class. This time, though, he had been able to transform the entirety of his body to that of a peak beyond A class.

What did this signify, exactly? Without any energy, with his physical body alone, he would now be able to beat up a beyond A class. That was how cheat-like his new body was. Alas, as Chen Feng saw the amount of energy in his body, he let off a bitter smile.

The amount of damnable S-class energy in his body was still going up instead of down. The moment the energy reached the limit, he would truly have no other ways of dealing with it. He had ultimately failed to cross that limit, the limit of A class.

If Chen Feng was able to break through the bottleneck and cross through the limit, he would only need to focus purely on fusing with the gene reagent and the process would be completed easily. But now, since he was still stuck as a beyond A class, he would have to rely on himself to deal with the excess S-class energy. At present, his only options were to either break through into S class or allow the S-class energy to fill his body to the point of implosion.



Chen Feng contemplated with a sharp gaze in his eyes.

His entire being had already been pushed to the limit of humanity. Regardless of what he tried, he failed to break through the damnable bottleneck. In fact, he couldn\'t even locate that single point at which he could attempt to break through. After all, he had been an A class for too short a time. He had attempted to reach S class from B class in such a short period of time. This single step was too huge, and now he was paying for it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng tried numerous times, yet nothing seemed to happen. His body and energy stopped transforming. Like a headless housefly, he charged all over randomly and watched on as the amount of energy in his body increased without stop, returning to the initial level prior to his transformation.

Granted, the present Chen Feng who had been transformed had higher endurance and would be able to last longer now. However, if he could not break through in the shortest time possible, he would likely die by way of his body imploding.

"What should I do, exactly?"

His brain worked rapidly. He believed that he would be able to think of a solution.

S class…

S class…

Spellbound, he sank into deep contemplation. Suddenly, a question popped into his brain. What exactly was it that made an S class so powerful?