The Strongest Gene - Chapter 582: Must Return Alive!

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Chapter 582: Must Return Alive!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the Genetic Union.

All the higher-ups had assembled together and were discussing a truth they did not dare to face: something had happened to Chen Feng.

Qian Chen, Si Fan, and Chen Feng had all lost contact with them. The entire training camp was filled with the aura of the devil race. The Genetic Union\'s reinforcements had indeed gone over and had been able to regain control over the training camp, yet no traces of Chen Feng had been found. This signified that he had probably been kidnapped or killed.

"Isn\'t this good?" The head of the Finance Department had always harbored a dislike for Chen Feng. Now that Chen Feng was no longer here and he had left no family members behind, the Genetic Union could take over everything he had created. What a perfect conclusion.


Everyone\'s gaze landed on him uniformly, disdain in their eyes.

"I know that you are the nephew of the president, would you believe me if I told you that if you said something that stupid again, you wouldn\'t leave this place alive?" The Research Department head was furious. Were these people not clear yet on what Chen Feng\'s existence meant for humanity? The lack of foresight here was truly shocking.

"All right now." The deputy president waved his hand and interrupted them. "At present, are there any ways of discovering any traces of Chen Feng?"

"Nope." The Scout Department head shook his head. "The only thing we were able to discover was the fact that on that day, something happened to the three of them at the same time. All other information was covered up by the devils."

"Are there no ways of clearing the cover-up?" the deputy president asked with a frown.

The Scout Department head sighed. "We need time for that."

"Hasten it," the deputy president said solemnly. Whatever traces could be found at the training camp would be their only clues. That was the only way they could try to infer on the truth of what had happened that day… Qian Chen and Si Fan were confirmed dead. However, if Chen Feng had merely been captured… they definitely had to rescue him.


At the Mysterious Organization.

Qin Hai, with an ashen complexion, was looking at the news he had received. His source of news was different from the people of the Genetic Union. His news had been received from the Land of Legacy, where Master Mu had ultimately labeled Chen Feng\'s fate as "sure death." Nobody could hope to survive in the spatial currents Chen Feng had landed in.

Qin Hai blanked. "Dead?"

He could not believe that a day would come when Chen Feng would really die. He could not believe this, but then, Master Mu had personally confirmed this. Oh, wait, there was that person that he had forgotten about. Qin Hai grasped his fists tightly. At that time, he had seen Chen Feng\'s request for help. As such, he had moved out and attacked the church to force Master Mu to return. Alas, there had actually been two experts of the Land of Legacy acting against Chen Feng on that day. If Qin Hai had known this earlier, if he had noticed this earlier, he could have…

The most lamentable of all was the fact that when he had returned, his fellow apprentice brothers had all told him amiably that they hadn\'t told him about their plan as they\'d been worried about troubling him. That\'s right, they hadn\'t suspected his identity. Rather, they had merely been worried by the prospect of troubling him.


Qin Hai slapped the table in front of him into pieces.



His wristband buzzed. Wang Yao was trying to contact him. Evidently, she had also received some news and was trying to get an update from him. Qin Hai looked at his wristband, not knowing how he should even begin to tell her the truth.

What to do?

Suddenly, Qin Hai\'s gaze landed on the next name in his contact list. Hold on, this might not be a helpless situation. He recalled how they had once returned to the past to change the history. This might seem unlikely to succeed, as he might not be able to return from the past this time. However, if he was able to rescue Chen Feng…

Qin Hai contacted Kong Bai. Surprisingly, Kong Bai had disappeared as well.


Qin Hai got someone from the ancient race to divine news of Kong Bai. Astonishingly, both Kong Bai and Chen Feng had disappeared at the exact same time and place. Could it be…

Suddenly, Qin Hai laughed. Regardless of whether it was Chen Feng or Kong Bai, if they were alone when they encountered such an impasse, they would have no way out. However, when the two of them were together, nobody could take them away forcefully.

"They are fine," replied Qin Hai to Wang Yao\'s message. He began staring into the distance.

I shall be waiting for your return!

"Reporting, lord, traces of the rebels have been found," one of his underlings reported in excitement. This was their final battle. After getting rid of this final rebel army, they would finally have united the entire ancient race as one.

"Excellent." Qin Hai\'s gaze became sharp. "Start surrounding them. We shall talk about further actions after that."

"???" The underling was somewhat dumbstruck. Could they not attack directly? Why was there a need to surround them? With the number of rebels, it would take a week to surround them.

"This is the final battle. As such, we must make ample preparations. The reason for first surrounding them is to prevent anyone from escaping. I do not wish to see anyone escape, thus delaying our eventual unification of the ancient race. With this being our final battle with them, they will most certainly have prepared numerous trump cards. I wish to avoid more casualties as well. Therefore, before they discover us, we should take our time and make as many preparations as we can afford. Slowly, until we devour their entire army," Qin Hai stated with a hooded gaze.

"All right." The underling did not doubt Qin Hai\'s words and left to implement the order. Qin Hai stared ahead in silence. This was the longest he could drag this out.

Chen Feng, Kong Bai, you both must return alive!


Twin Horns World.

That\'s right, that was the name of this world. The people here had observed numerous life-forms and, through that, granted this world this unique and prideful name: Twin Horns World.

At present, within a certain room, Chen Feng was painstakingly studying the breakthrough into S class. Under normal circumstances, one would first need to break through into the new realm before fusing with a new gene reagent. At present, the limit of humanity was peak A class. Breaking through into the next realm was an impossibility. As such, an S-class gene reagent would be required to force this breakthrough. Thus, some contents that would normally only be consumed after the breakthrough needed to be added to the fusion gene reagent.

"Gene reagent…"

Chen Feng\'s head ached as he looked at his low luck value. Attempting to create an S-class gene reagent were akin to a bottomless pit. Chen Feng got Spirit to make an estimation for the amount required. It turned out that over 1,000 luck value would be required for that. That was a rather frightening amount.

Chen Feng sighed. "Seems like I can only rely on myself this time." Fortunately, this was the Arena of Life and Death.

Although this damnable company had restricted their freedom, they had provided a huge amount of resources as well. Nearly all the resources he could think of would be supplied without limit. All these resources would require credits to be purchased, which could be earned by surviving the Arena of Life and Death.

Purchase, purchase, purchase!

Spam, spam, spam!

Without rest, Chen Feng purchased the materials and improved his formula without stop. However, after only one day, his credits were fully exhausted. This consumption rate was incredibly frightening. Next, Chen Feng began his new life as a debtor. Here, one\'s credit could go into the negatives. Perhaps this system had been put in place to placate some powerful warriors, or perhaps it had been put in place to scam the participating warriors. Regardless, the company had a debt mechanism with a terrifying rate of interest for the credits owed.

Every nine credits one borrowed, one would have to repay thirteen credits. They opined that this would be a better method of controlling those alien warriors. Moreover, helping these warriors grow in strength would be beneficial for them to earn even more money.


Ruo Shui frowned as he read the data regarding Chen Feng. Due to the high interest, the majority of warriors avoided going into debt. Only a small amount of them, those that were in a rush to break through or that felt a sense of crisis, would agree to go into debt just to purchase more materials. Even so, these people would repay the debt as soon as possible. They wouldn\'t dare to stay in debt for a prolonged period of time.

Yet this guy named Chen Feng…

Each credit here was extremely precious, capable of purchasing a huge amount of items. As such, even in their entire history, the highest amount of debt a person had ever owed them was a mere 2,000 credits. That was a debt someone had incurred to prepare for the coming event. Ultimately, that person had been able to defeat the enemy in the coming event, bringing their company great profit.

As for Chen Feng…

Ruo Shui tried calculating what Chen Feng currently owed them. Three zeroes, four zeroes, five zeroes, six zeroes…

Hold on. What in the world, it reached seven figures?!