The Strongest Gene - Chapter 581: The Only Chance

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Chapter 581: The Only Chance

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"Worthy of being a warrior indeed."

"I seem to remember that in this arena, any contestant that survives for a month will be considered to have passed, yet Chen Feng and Kong Bai actually managed to kill that big fellow and crash the entire world."

"How powerful!" the fans around them exclaimed in admiration.


Chen Feng merely smiled calmly. He was not one to go and make a big deal out of everything. Only by planning things out properly would he stand a chance. At present, there was no apparent danger. As such, he would take this chance to gain a proper understanding of this world. As for Kong Bai, this guy was way too used to weird occurrences due to his rich transmigration experience.

"Well then." Ruo Shui took out a shiny contract. "Would the two of you please sign the contract? Since the both of you are survivors of the Arena, you will both naturally be considered artists under our company. After signing this contract, we will provide suitable identities for the both of you. Naturally, as for the heights you two can reach in this world, that will have to depend on yourselves."


Light swirled before them and a contract filled with unfamiliar characters appeared.

Chen Feng pondered lightly. "All right." In truth, he and Kong Bai had no other choice. This was an extremely unique world. All the people here had horns on their head that contained dreadful power. Every single person here had astonishing power. Chen Feng did not doubt that they would meet a bad end were they to resist the people here.


He and Kong Bai inputted their spiritual energy into the contract. The contract glowed faintly. Next, the information pertaining to the both of them appeared on the screen. Moreover, a huge featured article about them appeared, driving all the fans there crazy.

"Chen Feng, I love you!"

"Kong Bai, I want to make babies with you!"

Chen Feng: "…"

Finally, he understood why he had kept feeling like someone had been observing him. This world…the people here… He looked at Kong Bai. It seemed like they had indeed arrived at a rather amazing world.

"All right. The both of you may go take a rest now." Ruo Shui was all smiles. "You are warriors worthy of respect. As such, we have provided a perfect service of clothing, food, housing, and transportation for you both, which will remain until the next event."

Chen Feng raised a brow. "Next event?"

"That\'s right." Ruo Shui smiled. "After all, you are superstars here. As such, there is a need for you two to keep hold of your popularity. Thus, we will arrange some events for the both of you to participate in once per week."

"What are the events you are talking about?" Chen Feng questioned.

"Something like an adventuring event." Smiling, Ruo Shui explained, "The strength of the enemies will be somewhat increased. I trust that you both will definitely be able to achieve success again and gain even more fans."

Finishing his explanation, Ruo Shui nodded his head before leaving. Chen Feng and Kong Bai were brought to a huge room with every accommodation one could wish for. There were even servants assigned to serve them. Living here, one could enjoy the life of an emperor.

Naturally, due to the huge amount of fanatical fans, the company had proposed that before their strength reached a certain standard, they should not leave this dwelling. Chen Feng\'s glance swept past the huge barrier in the distance. He tried walking over, and as he arrived, a virtual window popped out.



Due to your weak strength and the high frequency of injuries caused by fanatical fans, we do not recommend your departure. If you insist on leaving, please contact the person in charge. We will review your request as soon as possible. If you have any requests, please do contact us. We will provide the best of services to you as soon as possible.


"This company here is quite humanlike," Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. The company here felt even better than the entertainment companies in their world.

Chen Feng sneered. "Is that so?" That\'s right, this was a new world for them. Here, they were celebrities. Everything seemed so perfect. However, Chen Feng was able to rearrange his thoughts shortly after and started analyzing the actual situation here.

"Restricting our travel, providing food and accommodations, and joining an event after a certain interval to attract spectators…" Chen Feng sighed and looked at Kong Bai, who was still in the midst of excitement from all this. "Do you not feel that we are no different than animals in a circus?"

Kong Bai blanked. "Holy shit, that\'s not true, right?" He sank into contemplation and tried viewing it from Chen Feng\'s perspective, and he noted that it was indeed as Chen Feng had said; they were no different than circus animals. The so-called God and rescue, all of that was a load of shit.

Essentially, this was an entertainment company that had kidnapped some aliens to improve the ratings of their show, using the numerous alien species as a means of boosting their ratings. Chen Feng was certain that among the summoned life-forms, there were all sorts of species.

Naturally, none of them would be allowed to leave alive. The rationale for this was that if Chen Feng was the one running this show, he would most certainly not allow aliens to loiter around his world as well. Therefore, those people would definitely not grant them freedom. As Kong Bai thought about it, his heart chilled.

Without a doubt, they would be locked here and let out once per week to join the events. They would have to entertain the spectators like monkeys, continuously attracting fans. The stronger the enemies they faced, the more desperate their battles would be. In turn, the spectators would get even more excited, until one day when they finally perished.

"This damnable world," Kong Bai cursed in rage.

"Perhaps, this is not bad for us," Chen Feng stated calmly. Whether this was an opportunity or a calamity remained to be seen. Even if these people were keeping them like some pets, it wasn\'t like they had nothing to gain at all. For example, the world where the events would be held, the world where they could temper themselves, those would be real, including the energy and blood essence they gained.

Chen Feng rubbed the S-class blood essence he had in his bosom. He was still keeping this thing around. The power system of this world seemed completely different than the Genetic Era. As such, they were not aware that what Chen Feng had extracted was in fact blood essence, nor were they aware of his reason for extracting the blood essence. Moreover, they were not aware that the extracted blood essence was something Chen Feng could use to increase his strength. For Chen Feng and Kong Bai, this was an opportunity—the best opportunity, in fact.

After all, it was simply impossible for Chen Feng to get his hands on an S-class gene reagent under normal circumstances. It would be apt to say that nobody could create an S-class gene reagent, as S-class beasts had never existed. But here… there was a chance!

Chen Feng turned on the commodity menu and took a look at it. Here, all sorts of delivery services were provided. Anything he wanted, he would be able to obtain. Evidently, the company was hoping that Chen Feng and Kong Bai could increase their strength as well, as shown by what was available for sale. After all, the stronger Chen Feng and Kong Bai became, the higher the chances of their survival and the more money the company would make.

Chen Feng took a glance and noticed countless amazing medicinal herbs that did not exist in the human world. Here in this world, the herbs would either be crushed and pasted on one\'s body or would be directly consumed to increase one\'s strength. The reason for such a crude method of using the herbs was the lack of gene production here in this world.

Chen Feng pondered. "It seems like the standard of their gene production is extremely low."

Kong Bai curled his lips. "Or perhaps they do not need gene production at all?"

That was quite probable as well. In any case, this was still a good thing for them. Chen Feng could make use of this chance to gather sufficient materials to produce the S-class gene reagent. Or perhaps he could even improve the S-class formula with everything provided here.

If I can enter S class… Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. This might be the only way they could escape their current predicament.