The Strongest Gene - Chapter 579: Chen Feng’s Real Goal

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Chapter 579: Chen Feng’s Real Goal

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Shua! Shua!

The forest was still filled with danger. The powerful environmental forces and giant beasts appeared without stop. However, against Chen Feng\'s peak beyond-A-class strength, all of them became nothing; he was able to be deal with them easily. However, due to this, the dangers of the forest became even more vicious and the beasts became even stronger as Chen Feng dealt with them without stop.

Peak beyond A class, dealt with!

A slightly more powerful peak beyond A class, dealt with.

Even more powerful peak beyond A class, dealt with.

One, two, three, and so on. The beasts of the forest became stronger and stronger, and gradually, they reached some sort of limit. At that point, the forest shook in an odd manner.


A petrifying aura erupted.

Kong Bai\'s expression sank. "Not good!" This aura…

"It\'s finally here?" Chen Feng\'s gaze became sharp. "S class!"

That\'s right. This was Chen Feng\'s true goal: S class! After discovering that the beasts here could become stronger without end, Chen Feng had wondered, When the strength of the beasts here reaches a certain limit, will a transformation occur? Will the beasts enter a brand-new realm?

Chen Feng had considered this possibility and had, without hesitation, initiated his plan. Regardless of what place this was, regardless of whether this place was real or not, Chen Feng could clearly feel that the power he had gained after his improvement was the real deal. That alone was sufficient for him to initiate his plan. As such, Chen Feng had increased his strength without stop.

He had chosen giant-elephant gene since it was the easiest gene to improve here. Only with this gene could he reach peak beyond A class in the shortest time possible to force the appearance of an S class in this forest as soon as possible.

Even if this was merely a guess, what they stood to gain was simply too astonishing. As such, Chen Feng had initiated his plan without any hesitation. Now, it seemed like his gamble had paid off.


That terrifying aura pervaded the forest. The powerful S-class aura engulfed the entire forest.

Even when the S-class beast was still at the fringe of the forest, outside the 10 kilometers Chen Feng could monitor, that aura…

Kong Bai was horrified. "This was your true goal?"

Fusing with the giant-elephant gene…

Entering S class as soon as possible…

Everything Chen Feng did was much more shocking than he had ever imagined.

Chen Feng smiled. "This is the only way we can leave this place, right?" If he guessed correctly, after killing this fellow…

Amazing! Kong Bai had nothing but praise for Chen Feng. If it wasn\'t for the fact that Kong Bai had already had his eyes on a particular A-class gene reagent, he would have probably followed Chen Feng\'s lead and fused with a giant elephant gene. Naturally, at this point, his mind was wavering and he was reconsidering his decision.

Bang! Bang!

The S-class giant beast started moving. The earth shook.

Kong Bai\'s mood became solemn. "That fellow is coming." He could clearly feel how frightening that S-class beast was. It was something he had no hope of dealing with. The opponent could probably kill him off with a single sneeze.

"I will be dealing with it," Chen Feng said solemnly. He knew that the gap between him and an S class was…

Kong Bai was not the only one incapable of dealing with an S class here. Even Chen Feng himself wasn\'t a match for that S class even though he was already a peak beyond A class. A peak beyond A9 and an S class were simply in two different leagues. This was something he had realized before when Li Lei had been defeated by a single slap from the devil race\'s S class.

In the real world, Chen Feng would most certainly have turned around and fled immediately upon encountering an S class. But here, in this forest…

Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng streaked about in the forest, maintaining a distance of about 10 kilometers between him and the beast. Due to this, the beast remained in a limbo of creation and destruction. Indeed, the moment the beast went out of the 10-kilometer radius, it would vanish even though it was an S class. Chen Feng\'s gaze shone brightly. Once again, he saw the disappearance of that beast followed by its reappearance.

His eyes gleamed coldly. "Now!"

Xiu! Xiu!

Xiao Ying started attacking. As this S class beast had yet to fully take form, as its body was in the midst of reconstruction, Xiao Ying appeared abruptly before charging at the beast with a powerful spiritual attack.

Bang! Bang!

The attack erupted.

With the sudden appearance of Xiao Ying, the world 10 kilometers around Xiao Ying started taking form rapidly. As such, the beast started taking shape at a rapid pace as well.


Instantly, Xiao Ying disappeared again, leaving no trace behind.


Once again, the body of the beast started fading away.

Chen Feng watched on calmly. "Very good." This was the might of Xiao Ying, the ability to transform his body between the illusory and the real world at will. Only by constantly switching could they deliver a serious injury to this terrifying S-class life form.

Naturally, controlling the distance was extremely important as well. Not only did Chen Feng need to ensure that the beast remained in the limbo of creation and destruction, he had to ensure that the beast would not disappear completely for real either. That was because the moment the beast vanished fully, when it reappeared the next time, its body would be brand new as well. As such, Chen Feng had to ensure the continuation of the limbo.

Shua! Shua!

The distance between them changed without stop.

A distance of 10 kilometers.

A distance of 9.8 kilometers.

A distance of 10 kilometers.

A distance of 9.8 kilometers.

Xiao Ying switched between the illusory and real world without stop, causing the world to maintain a cycle of destruction and creation. With this, the aura of that S-class beast started weakening.

Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, the entire forest started shaking at an odd frequency. The entire forest started showing signs of collapse, seemingly on the verge of destruction.

"Holy shit, Chen Feng, what have you done?" Kong Bai wiped his sweat.

Chen Feng ignored him and fixed his gaze on that distant battlefield.





The aura of that S-class beast was already extremely weak. Xiao Ying continued appearing within the body of that beast and attacking when it was in a weakened state, delivering heavy injuries to that beast without stop. Xiao Ying\'s final attacks caused one to feel rather speechless, as Xiao Ying had directly appeared at that place…

Howl! Howl!

A furious and dreadful howl resounded without stop. The howl sounded even more terrifying, yet the aura was becoming weaker.

At this moment, the entire forest was flickering without stop, the entire world became even more bizarre, seemingly reaching some sort of limit that the world wasn\'t supposed to reach at all.

"Faster, faster," Chen Feng urged inwardly.

Bang! Bang!

The forest continued to be destroyed. The radius of 10 kilometers started shrinking. As Chen Feng noticed this, he reduced his distance with the beast, maintaining the balance so that the beast would remain in limbo.




Ten kilometers…

Eight kilometers…

Five kilometers…

As the distance reached two kilometers, when the beast was somewhat within view, the S-class beast howled.

Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed. "Here it comes!"


One last time, Xiao Ying erupted, blooming within the body of that beast.


Blood splattered everywhere. The S-class beast had ultimately failed to fully form its body. This beast that would be an utterly terrifying existence wherever it was placed had, in this maphack-like manner, in this world, been killed by Xiao Ying. How lamentable.


The body that was 99% percent complete collapsed loudly to the ground. With a rapid speed, Chen Feng rushed over and extracted the blood essence. S-class blood essence, obtained!