The Strongest Gene - Chapter 577: Have You Gone Insane?

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Chapter 577: Have You Gone Insane?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In The Truman Show , the main character lived in a fake world that was artificially constructed. Wherever the main character went, preplanned occurrences would happen. The families, friends, wife, and children of the main character were in fact all actors and actresses. From the birth of the main character to growing up and getting married, everything was watched by countless people and broadcast as reality TV. This continued until one day, the main character noticed some abnormalities.

Now, Chen Feng was experiencing something similar. Without Xiao Ying, Chen Feng would never have seen the state of nothingness outside the area 10 kilometers around him.

"This world… is this a different version of The Truman Show created by some supreme existence?"

Chen Feng was alarmed. However, as he thought about it, there seemed to be some differences. In The Truman Show , everything had played out according to the script, having the main character grow as had been decided in the script. Here, though, if Chen Feng and Kong Bai had been too weak, they would have died the moment that giant elephant had appeared earlier.

This place…

Chen Feng\'s brain spun at high speed. He had to figure out what was going on here as soon as possible.

"What\'s going on?" Kong Bai had a solemn expression. He was aware that Chen Feng must have discovered something.

Chen Feng signaled him to stop talking. "Shh." He could sense that someone was observing them even though he was not aware of where this observer was. Suddenly, the earth trembled. It seemed like yet another giant creature was heading toward them from far away. From the booming sound of the ground, it seemed like this time, it was an entire group of giant creatures.

Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "Here we go again." Under normal circumstances, they would definitely flee without thought when encountering beyond-A-class beasts. However, here, in this mysterious world, these fellows… seemed to be something that had been freshly created as well?

Chen Feng could see very clearly that on the border of the 10-kilometer radius, far away from them, these giant creatures had appeared out of thin air.

"Let\'s go."

Chen Feng pulled Kong Bai along as they left. Just as these giant creatures were about to leave the 10-kilometer radius, just as they were about to disappear into nothingness again, or perhaps the exact moment when they vanished, Chen Feng turned around suddenly.


Those giant creatures that were in the midst of disappearing were once again reassembled.

Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "Now!"


Instantly, Xiao Ying transformed his body from an illusory state to a physical state.

Pu! Pu!

The terrifying red flash streaked around before vanishing.

Just like that, the several huge and terrifying beyond A class giant creatures vanished or perhaps one could say that they were killed by Xiao Ying. Chen Feng rushed over. As he arrived, corpses could be seen sprawled all over. Success! His heart jolted. Regardless of how powerful these creatures were, they were still at their weakest during their moment of birth, or perhaps that was the moment before their birth had fully been completed.

Chen Feng glanced over. Indeed, some of them had yet to even form their tails before being killed off. Xiao Ying was very weak. Under normal circumstances, if Xiao Ying dared to transform from his illusory state into a physical state and appear within the body of an expert, even the organs of the expert would be sufficient to kill Xiao Ying. But these fellows here…


Kong Bai was amazed. "How did they die?"

"I have an ability capable of long-distance attacks," Chen Feng stated calmly. "The only con of using the ability is the huge energy exhaustion. Earlier, I guessed randomly at their rough location. Surprisingly, I was able to lock onto them."

"What a cheat ability!" Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration.

"It is a must-have ability. Unfortunately, I won\'t be able to use it anymore for now." Chen Feng shook his head. "The meat of these beyond-A-class mutated beasts should be filled with energy and nutrition, right? Hehe. Do you want to give it a try?"

Kong Bai\'s eyes gleamed. Soon after, the two started roasting the meat right on the spot.

"In the short term, we are probably stuck here. I was worried that there wouldn\'t be anything here. Surprisingly, there are giant creatures and vegetation. I suppose it will be enough for us to survive." Kong Bai spoke as he ate. "We only need to be more careful. The monsters here are way too strong."

"Mhm." Chen Feng did not say much. He had initially been planning to expose this ruse and see if they would be able to leave that way. But since someone was observing them, Chen Feng was curious about what exactly that person wanted.

When you are observing someone… Please remember that you are being observed as well.

Through Xiao Ying, Chen Feng could observe this world from a different perspective. Naturally, to avoid the exposure of Xiao Ying, Chen Feng would temporarily stop using such a method to kill the giant creatures.

"Let me see exactly what world this is." Chen Feng\'s heart was burning. At present, he had nothing to be worried about anyway. He was already a beyond A class and seemed to lack only a single beyond A class gene for his fusion? Although this place seemed rather bizarre, there were a lot of giant beyond-A-class creatures around. If he could obtain his new gene here…

His eyes gleamed at this thought.

On the next day.

Bang! Bang!

They started exploring this land. This was a mystical world that made all sorts of mystical assassination attempts on them. Even a random plant by the road could suddenly transform into a killer. Powerful life forms seemed to be everywhere. Chen Feng and Kong Bai had seemingly stepped into a forest filled with numerous dangers.

Here, all the monsters were at the level of beyond A class. Having killed those beyond-A-class creatures previously, the monsters here seemed to have increased in strength. While fleeing, Chen Feng was looking for a gene suitable for him. Alas, Kong Bai had never imagined that ultimately, Chen Feng would select a rather normal gene.


Giant Elephant Gene

Ability: Increase the quality of one\'s body.

Class: A


That\'s right. This was an A-class gene reagent. A truly useless gene reagent. This was especially true for Chen Feng, as this ability was completely at odds with his existing abilities.

Kong Bai looked at him in astonishment. "Have you gone crazy?" Chen Feng was never one to rely on the quality of his body. Let alone God Punisher and Nethergaze, all his abilities were pure energy-eruption abilities. Why had he suddenly decided upon a body-quality gene reagent?

"This is the most optimal choice." Chen Feng shrugged. "In this world, this is the only gene reagent that can be produced."

Naturally, the most important reason for his choice was due to the strength of the monsters here, which was increasing without stop. If he chose not to fuse with a gene reagent, he would soon be unable to defeat these monsters and would be ravaged by those monsters instead. At that time, could he rely on Xiao Ying all the time?

Chen Feng was certain that if he employed Xiao Ying more frequently, that observer would discover some abnormalities. At that time, he would not be able to even observe this world through Xiao Ying. At that time, it would be game over for real.

As such, he had to fuse with an A-class gene reagent. Even if the ability provided by the giant-elephant gene reagent was rather useless, at the very least, it was a genuine A-class gene. After fusing with it, Chen Feng would officially step into the realm of A class. He would finally be able to start further improving his strength.

"You must consider this properly," Kong Bai stated with a solemn expression. "Every single fusion is of the utmost importance. If you have decided to fuse with this gene just so you can leave this place earlier, you will be forever weaker than others of your level. You must know that the reason you are always able to fight those who are of higher level than you is thanks to the genetic abilities you have fused with, which have always been powerful. This applies to both me and you. If you fuse with a trash ability, in the future, you will not be able to fight those of a higher level anymore. Furthermore, your combat strength will even drop greatly." Kong Bai was worried that Chen Feng would make a rash decision. "Right now, things are not yet that dangerous. We can wait until we return before selecting the strongest fusion gene reagent. I believe that the Genetic Union, Gene Production Association, and everyone else will assist to get you the best of the best, the fusion gene reagent most suitable for you."

"I am aware of that." Chen Feng smiled and patted Kong Bai\'s shoulder. "Trust me."

"You…" Kong Bai could only give up advising Chen Feng. Since Chen Feng had said that, perhaps there were some methods of mutating this ability? Unknown to him, Chen Feng had no hidden plans at all this time. The only reason he had chosen this damnable giant-elephant gene reagent was because this was the easiest gene reagent to produce here in this world.

The materials required to produce this gene reagent were in abundance here. Under the premise of not wasting his luck value, the giant-elephant gene reagent was his only option. Naturally, the other reason for this choice was due to the abundance of such giant elephants everywhere in the forest.

After fusing with it, Chen Feng could employ the gene strengthening process and slaughter these giant elephants to increase his strength. He would increase his strength rapidly and might even reach the peak of beyond A9. At that time, he had something even more important to do. This was also the reason he was rushing to increase his strength and had selected the giant-elephant gene reagent. Naturally, he would have to first focus on the present.

He licked his dry lips. "Hunt a suitable giant elephant for me."