The Strongest Gene - Chapter 575: Beyond the Starry Sky

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Chapter 575: Beyond the Starry Sky

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. "Congratulations. Humanity\'s dream since countless years ago, of searching for a habitable planet, has been realized by you."

Kong Bai did not know whether to laugh or cry. Indeed, this planet was habitable for humans. However, the thing was that they couldn\'t return either. It was quite possible they might even starve to death here before Chen Feng could recover.

Kong Bai gazed at Chen Feng passionately. "How long do you need to recover?" In such a circumstance, only Chen Feng\'s Luck Aura could bring them back.

"Please wait a moment." Chen Feng asked Spirit the same question.

"700 luck value," answered Spirit after her calculations. "This is the most basic consumption to return to the genetic era with Kong Bai\'s ability. This amount does not consider the numerous mishaps or accidents that might arise. I would recommend you save more luck value before even attempting to return."

Chen Feng\'s heart chilled. "700?" At present, only a single month was left before the ancient race conquered the entire world. Based on his recovery rate of 24 luck value per day, he would require one month to obtain 700 luck value. This also signified that from today onward, he could no longer use any luck value, not even a single point. Only by doing this would it be possible for them to return in one month.

The moment he started using his luck value, by using a tiny bit here and there occasionally, he would probably fail to return even after the ancient race had eliminated all of humanity. This was the scariest prospect.

"One month!?" Kong Bai wailed. Even with the physical body of a beyond A class, they might still starve to death after going without food for an entire month. Just as they were discussing possible solutions for their present situation, suddenly, red light blazed in Chen Feng\'s illusory world as the sound of alarm resounded. Danger detected!


One luck value exhausted. Chen Feng\'s pitiful three luck value had been reduced once again. His alarm system had activated to give him a warning in advance.

Chen Feng\'s face darkened. "Damn it." He was so numb to the normal activation of his alarm system that he had forgotten that it was not possible for this alarm system to work without luck value.

"If you want to return in a month, I suggest the closure of your luck alarm system," Spirit proposed.

Chen Feng sighed. "Shut it down, then." It seemed like he could only rely on himself for this one month.

If he exhausted his luck value and couldn\'t return on time, only death would await. If he decided to not use his luck value and were to encounter danger here, death was still what would await him. Well then, he would have to see for himself what danger this planet had. Chen Feng increased his vigilance.

The luck alarm system was something that provided a warning in advance. As such, they had yet to see the supposed danger. Chen Feng was rather curious; what danger could there be in this place without any life-forms? Environmental factors? A volcanic eruption? Chen Feng\'s concentrated his mental senses. Right at this instant, a black flash charged at them for far away.


The cold ray bloomed.

"Careful!" Without any hesitation, Chen Feng pulled Kong Bai with him as they dodged.


A thick and sturdy huge black tree brushed past them before smashing into the thicket behind them. The terrifying attack left numerous long cracks on the ground. A tree? Both of them blanked.


There were trees here? Just as they were feeling doubtful, a lot of vegetation appeared all over the barren land around them. Starting from their immediate surroundings, the vegetation spread everywhere until all they could see was vegetation. Suddenly, this desolate land had transformed into a forest.

"Holy shit," Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. "What in the world is this?"

He had transmigrated numerous times, yet this was his first time seeing something so mystical. Vegetation? Where had it come from? They had obviously not found any while scouting earlier. Underground? Kong Bai looked questioningly at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shook his head. "The underground was inspected as well. Xiao Ying is capable of full environmental scouting. Even under the ground was checked."

"Then, this place…" Their expressions became solemn. What damnable world was this, exactly?

Suddenly, Chen Feng heightened his vigilance. "Be more careful."

"Understood." Kong Bai concealed his aura rapidly. The both of them were experienced combatants. As such, they were well aware of how they should conceal themselves when in such an unfamiliar world and strange era.

Xiu! Xiu!

Just as the two of them were feeling curious, numerous cold gleams of light appeared from amid the darkness. Two huge trees pierced through space and shot toward them from far away.


The two of them were able to easily dodge the attack. With their present strength, it was rather easy for them to dodge such an attack. However, this seemed to be a mere prequel to what was to come. Subsequently, numerous weird attacks suddenly appeared. From underground, twining weeds might abruptly appear. From above, the sky might suddenly rain down a lot of vegetation upon them. As for in front of, behind, to the left, or to the right of them, attacks might come from any direction.

Chen Feng was alarmed. "What damnable place is this?" There were no people or beasts, only never-ending attacks.

Kong Bai had a stupefied expression on his face. "No idea," he said. He had transmigrated so many times before, yet he had never seen such a weird place, a place where a forest would appear out of thin air, where attacks would appear out of nowhere.

Bang! Bang!

The attacks were increasing in strength. Initially, the attacks had only been at the strength of F class. Slowly, they had increased to E class, D class, and so on until now, when they reached A class. The strength of the attacks here seemed capable increasing without limit. As they were about to fail to last, the attacks suddenly halted. All the trees, weeds, and everything else seemed to suddenly become obedient.

"St-stopped?" Kong Bai asked as he panted.

"I guess so." Chen Feng had a calm expression. He kept feeling like something did not seem right with this world…


With a red flash, Xiao Ying returned. Earlier, Xiao Ying had been scouting around without stop for him so that he could see these attacks coming in advance. Only with that had they managed to forcefully survive the seemingly unstoppable attacks. Now that Xiao Ying had returned, everything he had seen earlier was replayed in Chen Feng\'s mind. As Chen Feng saw the scenes, he was alarmed.


Light swirled around. From the scenes Xiao Ying had witnessed, Chen Feng could clearly see that those things had indeed appeared out of thin air. Flowers, grass, trees, everything here, including the attacks, had all appeared out of thin air.

Were those actually fake? Illusions?


Chen Feng pulled at a random tree. The intense pulling force he felt from his hand confirmed that this was indeed a real tree. He found a random fruit tree and plucked a fruit from the tree to eat. After eating the fruit, the energy within his body started to replenish slowly. These fruit trees were real as well.

"All of them are real…" Chen Feng muttered.

If the vegetation was all real, how was it possible for everything to have appeared out of thin air? This world seemed much more mystical than he had imagined.

Chen Feng gazed into the distance. "Seems like we have arrived at an amazing world."

"True." Kong Bai focused his gaze. "Creating something from nothing, this seems to be the prerogative of a god? Hehe. I am curious, what power exactly is that?"

Suddenly, a strong, chilly breeze brushed past them. They raised their heads abruptly. Wind appeared!

Ji ji—

Gu gu—

From the forest, the sounds of birds and other odd sounds suddenly appeared. The initially deadly silent forest was suddenly filled with life. Vaguely, howls could even be heard. Even animals had appeared! This world was actually slowly becoming a world with a complete ecosystem.

Clang! Clang!

Suddenly, the ground trembled. The trees around them trembled violently. The weeds of the forest split apart noiselessly. From far away, a huge creature slowly walked toward them. It was actually a huge elephant with blood-red teeth.


The teeth glowed with a red light. The head of the elephant rose as its gaze landed on Chen Feng, killing intent simmering within.

"Holy shit, peak beyond A class!"

Kong Bai was alarmed. He had never expected that a random huge creature would actually possess the strength of a beyond A class. What the hell? This elephant wasn\'t any weaker than the Master Mu they had faced earlier. What kind of place was this world, exactly?

"Let\'s go." Instinctively, Kong Bai wanted to flee, but he was stopped by Chen Feng.

"Hold on."

"???" Kong Bai was somewhat dumbstruck. Chen Feng ignored him, focusing his gaze on that terrifying elephant before sweeping his gaze past every single weed in the forest. Ultimately, he raised his head to gaze at the starry sky.

Creating something out of nothing… This was a magical world! Thankfully, even without luck value helping him, Chen Feng still had his sharp intuition. He had an odd feeling, a feeling that beyond the starry sky, someone was observing them.