The Strongest Gene - Chapter 573: You Think It’s Real?

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Chapter 573: You Think It’s Real?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

God Punisher: Unleash all abilities the user has previously used.

In the second second, Time Quicksand was released.


Once again, time moved forward for God Punisher. Suddenly, the radiance of the God Punisher in Chen Feng\'s hands intensified to a terrifying level. In the mere two seconds he had skipped with Time Quicksand, his God Punisher had skipped past numerous abilities, going through numerous amplifications. At this instant, he began releasing all the spirit arts from the Spirit Developer platform he had tried. All those spirit arts with weak time capabilities were unleashed together.

Time skipped: 0.1 seconds.

Time skipped: 0.2 seconds.

Time skipped: 0.3 seconds.

Time skipped: 0.1 seconds.

Time skipped: 0.1 seconds.

The five seconds required for Chen Feng to reach the peak amplification of his God Punisher were entirely skipped through in this manner. Instantly, God Punisher reached the end stage. The final few abilities, which were also the strongest in Chen Feng\'s arsenal, were waiting to be released.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Well then, let\'s end this.


A terrifying radiance bloomed. After the five-second time skip, this God Punisher had gone through numerous amplifications and been boosted by numerous support abilities. Once again, Chen Feng\'s strongest Nethergaze displayed its astonishing might.


The red shone dazzlingly. A boundless radiance erupted. The entire world was covered by a scorching red. After a long time, when the night sky returned, and everyone there trembled.

"How is this possible?"

This was the first time Master Mu had cried out in alarm. Chen Feng had been injured. All his veins had burst apart, his blood drenching his clothes red. However, Chen Feng had still survived! He had survived the combined attack of a peak beyond A9 and two beyond A1 warriors.


A slight feeling of pain arose from Master Mu\'s chest. He rubbed his chest with his hands and noted that both his hands were dyed red with blood. He had actually been injured as well. Only now did he realize with shock that he, Qian Chen, and Si Fan were all drenched in blood. All three of them had suffered similar injuries to Chen Feng. They had actually been evenly matched in the collision earlier. Master Mu\'s pupils shrunk as he realized that.

Chen Feng had actually evenly matched that scary attack from them earlier. How was that possible? This… all three of them were stunned. Draw! This was a result far exceeding their expectations.

"Hehe." With blood all over his face, Chen Feng stated coldly, "Beyond A9? Nothing much after all."


The silence became stifling. They had never expected that this would be the result. Chen Feng\'s God Punisher, which required a cast time, was actually capable of erupting with such power instantaneously as well. Chen Feng was already this powerful after a while of not seeing him? They were all shaken. Suddenly...



A crack appeared on the diamond on Master Mu\'s forehead.


His expression changed.


Light swirled, and instantly, he vanished. He had exhausted all he could just to deliver this single fatal attack to Chen Feng. Even if Chen Feng was still alive, it was unlikely that he could last any longer. Alas…

From amid the flash of light where Master Mu had vanished, a voice filled with killing intent drifted out.

"I will leave Chen Feng to the both of you. Without God Punisher and with all his energy exhausted, he is no different than a cripple. Now, kill him!"

The voice vanished. The gazes of Qian Chen and Si Fan landed on Chen Feng. Indeed. Now that Chen Feng had already used his God Punisher, he was no different from a cripple. When such an excessively powerful ability like God Punisher was used, if the user failed to kill the opponent, it would signify the death of the user instead.

They took a step forward. "Sorry."

"You guys…" Chen Feng chuckled. With his blood-drenched face, his chuckle seemed rather horrifying. "Do you really think that I no longer have other trump cards?" he asked toyingly.

Their expressions changed greatly. "That is not possible. The requirement for the God Punisher is obviously the exhaustion of all the user\'s energy."

"How naive." Chen Feng\'s expression became sinister. "The actual duration of God Punisher is much longer. How long did I take to release the previous God Punisher? Naturally, the full release would require all my energy. However, you guys are only aware of God Punisher. Are you aware that if Time Quicksand is used inversely, time will flow backward? Are you guys aware that all the energy I used during that one second of eruption recovered to the level one second prior to that?" Chen Feng asked with a toying smile.


His hand raised, a red radiance started condensing in his hand. That was a huge red weapon exuding a beyond-A-class aura.


Qian Chen was utterly dumbstruck. This weapon… it was actually an energy weapon! And indeed, on this weapon lingered the aura of a beyond A class, an aura much more powerful than even he and Si Fan. This Chen Feng fellow had indeed recovered to his level from one second prior, recovered to his peak condition!

"Do you know? Compared to that little white hat guy, my hatred for you guys is deeper…" Chen Feng mumbled. "Enemies are not what\'s scary. What\'s scary will always be traitors. The two of you, hehe, enjoy your time in hell!"


The red shone intensely. The red weapon in Chen Feng\'s hand started shining with a terrifying radiance.

Damn it!

Qian Chen and Si Fan shivered. They recalled how during the final eruption of Chen Feng\'s God Punisher earlier, it had precisely been an ability with a red radiance that had defeated all three of them, including Master Mu. And now… Master Mu was no longer here. Could both of them, new beyond A1 warriors, truly defend against this attack?

They gulped, and for the very first time, they lost their calm.


With wide strides, Chen Feng walked toward them. Qian Chen and Si Fan exchanged glances before looking at the gene reagents they were holding. Yes, they could still use the spatial teleporting gene reagents!


They made an immediate decision to first leave here before deciding on their next course of action.


Without hesitation, they activated the gene reagents with all their power. They stood together, braced for the teleportation. Neither of them noticed the odd expression on Chen Feng\'s face.


Suddenly, a terrifying energy erupted and swept everywhere. Qian Chen and Si Fan\'s eyes widened. With an unbelieving expression, they gazed at the exploding "spatial teleporting gene reagents" in their hands. Suddenly, they realized something. This gene reagent…


They raised their heads. The energy weapon in Chen Feng\'s hand had already vanished. With a kind expression, Chen Feng waved at them.


Blood splattered everywhere before the both of them turned into nothingness. This two gene reagents weren\'t particularly powerful. Fortunately, they had been right in the hands of those two when they\'d exploded. Moreover, the two hadn\'t activated any defenses against the explosion.



Chen Feng waved with a wide grin on his face. "Enjoy your journey to the underworld." Spatial teleporting gene reagent? Hehe, you guys actually bought that? If I truly had something like that, why would I have wasted so much time with you guys here? I would have escaped long ago.

Shortly after seeing the two off, Chen Feng slumped down onto the ground weakly. His energy had been excessively overexerted. The energy sword in his hand softened and started swirling around Chen Feng\'s body. Without a doubt, this sword was actually Xiao Ying.

"Seems like your only use is to scare others nowadays," Chen Feng lamented. The enemies he faced nowadays were too powerful. As such, the only roles Xiao Ying could play were scaring others and acting as a scout.

Hold on. Xiao Ying had another ability, the ability to summon the showering sister… Chen Feng thought about it and decided to give up on such a death-courting thought.


He heaved a long sigh of relief. After a short rest, he crawled up with great difficulty. This place was too unique. As such, his energy would not recover at all. If he did not leave now, he would most probably die from energy exhaustion alone, even though he was now a beyond A class.

"Time to leave."

He stood up. Beyond his expectations, he had only walked a short distance before he was once again surrounded by a bunch of ancient race members. These fellows had been here waiting for him for a long time.

"Master Mu said that you might survive. Surprisingly, you have indeed survived. Hehe. Those two fellows are indeed useless. Did I not say that humans are completely unreliable? Now then…"


Numerous attacks erupted.


This was the only thought that surfaced in Chen Feng\'s brain. In his present situation, he was truly incapable of doing anything. If he stayed in the Ownerless Land, he would be exhausted to death. Now that he was leaving, he was surrounded by enemies instead. What could the present him, with all of his energy exhausted, do to deal with this?