The Strongest Gene - Chapter 569: No Way Out

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Chapter 569: No Way Out

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng\'s heart trembled. "Indeed, someone is messing around." It was no wonder. Only such a thing could make it impossible for him to break through, to need so much luck value just to break through. Someone was actually stopping his breakthrough, and that person was extremely strong.

Qian Chen? The first person Chen Feng suspected was this fellow beside him. Shortly afterward, he shook his head. If these two were the ones, he wouldn\'t need so much luck value to deal with them. Chen Feng could directly kill them and then break through easily.

Who could it be, then? Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed coldly. This unique environment here seemed to be one that would exhaust one\'s energy without stop, forcing one into extreme danger so that person could break through. However, what if after one exhausted one\'s energy, an enemy appeared? At that time, that person wouldn\'t even have the energy to flee.

Chen Feng\'s heart chilled. The enemy was hidden away, obstructing his progress in silence. It was certain that this enemy was waiting for him to exhaust his energy before appearing to finish him off. This enemy definitely had to be one with a deep understanding of him, then. After all, Chen Feng had reversed numerous seemingly helpless situations. Even when all seemed to be lost, Chen Feng was often able to turn defeat into victory. Even if he couldn\'t obtain victory, he would still be able to escape, regardless of how strong the enemy was.

Therefore, to prevent Chen Feng from repeating those miracles, this person had been waiting here for Chen Feng.

Chen Feng understood. "He is waiting for me to exhaust my energy." Very well. Since you want to wait it out, I will wait it out till the end with you.


Chen Feng sat down cross-legged and continued his cultivation. Secretly, he tried to request help. However, he received no responses. All the messages he sent were seemingly thrown into an endless abyss. This was a situation Chen Feng had seen once before. His messages had all been devoured. It was not signal blocking. Rather, this was the devouring of messages.

If this was normal signal blocking, Chen Feng would be able to notice it the moment it happened. After all, his signal interference warning system hadn\'t been installed for nothing. Qian Chen and Si Fan would similarly be able to detect it as well.

Now, the signal seemed to have been devoured directly. The three of them could communicate with each other here. However, if they wished to send messages out of here, that was impossible. Naturally, even if they noticed this, they would assume that this was due to the environment as well.

If so, there was only one method left. Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

"Spirit," Chen Feng stated.

Spirit nodded slightly. "Understood."


The little amount of luck value Chen Feng had dropped. Only 100 luck value remained.

Hopefully… you receive this.

Once again, Chen Feng regained his calm.



Faint energy flickered around him.

Chen Feng seemed to have entered the same state the other two were in. Once again, he tried to break through. The Chen Feng that kept failing in his breakthrough seemed somewhat jittery, causing the speed of his energy exhaustion to increase.

One hour…

Two hours…

Finally, their energy exhaustion reached the peak. Gradually, the auras of Qian Chen and Si Fan transformed as they reached the final stage of their breakthrough. As for Chen Feng\'s aura, it was stuck at the stage where it seemed like he was going to break through, yet at the same time, it seemed like he was not going to break through either. He was not far from beyond A class. Very near, in fact. However, each time, he was lacking a tiny bit of the push necessary to break through successfully.

"Ah ah ah ah—" Chen Feng howled furiously. His voice was blocked in this environment; however, he was evidently using all his strength to break through. Alas, nothing seemed to help. Their energy decreased without stop, seemingly on the verge of drying up.

Right at this moment, with a crisp sound, the auras of Qian Chen and Si Fan transformed abruptly. After being pushed to their limits, they finally transformed entirely.


A terrifying radiance flickered out. All the energy they had exhausted earlier was regained instantly. Their breakthroughs were successful. Both Qian Chen and Si Fan reached beyond A1. Even though they were unable to recover their energy to the peak level of a beyond A1, they had still broken through successfully.

From now on, they would be rank among the top existences of this world.


Suddenly, Chen Feng coughed out a mouthful of blood. Finally, he stopped his breakthrough, as his energy had been fully exhausted.

Si Fan rushed over and helped him up. "Chen Feng!"

Chen Feng tried to say something. "I—"

"Don\'t talk," Qian Chen interrupted him. "You only need to focus on maintaining what energy you have left."

Si Fan was extremely anxious. "Is his injury grave?"

"His energy is about to be fully exhausted. The moment his energy stops supporting his body, with the lack of oxygen here…" Qian Chen continued with a solemn expression, "He will die if he stays here."

"What do we do, then?" Si Fan asked anxiously.

"Take him away promptly," Qian Chen analyzed calmly. "Let\'s take him to the outer region and wait there. After recovering his energy, we can bring him back here to try again. In fact, failing to break through in a single attempt is rather normal."

Si Fan carried Chen Feng and started heading toward the outer region. "All right."



The two streaked toward the outer region. With their speed as beyond A classes, they were able to move at an extremely high speed. Alas, alarmingly, regardless of how fast they moved, they seemed unable to leave this area.

Suddenly, Qian Chen noticed something. "Something seems to be off." He looked around. Everywhere seemed completely the same. No direction could be determined, and there were no other sights. This place had actually transformed into a huge labyrinth.

Si Fan\'s expression became unsightly. "Something happened." Now, this no longer concerned Chen Feng alone. If they couldn\'t solve this, all three of them might die here.


Qian Chen started moving in a different direction. However, it was still useless. The energy of the three continued decreasing, especially Chen Feng\'s. Even though he was presently being carried by Si Fan and his energy exhaustion rate was already at its lowest, he was already in a critical state due to the excessive exhaustion earlier. As for Qian Chen, he still failed to find a way out.

Si Fan despaired. "Chen Feng will not be able to last any longer." She looked around. Regardless of which direction she looked in, the same sight welcomed her. Endless rocks and endless nothingness was all around them, making it impossible for them to decide on the correct direction.

Si Fan\'s heart chilled. "It\'s over."

Qian Chen was ashen faced, as he could not think of anything either. Would the three of them die here for real?

Si Fan looked at Chen Feng guiltily. "Sorry."

"N-no worries." His hands shivering, the pale Chen Feng took out a gene reagent from his bosom, "This… this is spatial teleporting gene reagent I produced… By activating it, we will be able to go back."

"For real?" Si Fan\'s eyes shone. Qian Chen also gazed at that gene reagent with an unbelieving expression. They had never heard of such a mystical gene reagent. A gene reagent capable of group teleportation? This thing here was too terrifying.

However, as he recalled Chen Feng\'s identity… What was a mere group-teleporting gene reagent? After all, Chen Feng was a legend, the creator of the beyond X gene reagent and spirit arts.

Si Fan took the gene reagent in an agitated manner. "Let me do it."


Just as she was about to activate the gene reagent.


With a flash, the gene reagent in her hands vanished into thin air.

"What?" Alarm was plastered all over Si Fan\'s face. She was a beyond A class, yet the enemy had been able to easily snatch the gene reagent from her hands?

"Who is it?" Qian Chen asked with a solemn expression as his killing intent surged. Had this hidden person finally decided to make an appearance? Not far away, a figure wearing plain and simple cyan clothing appeared. He had a normal appearance, and his hand was holding Chen Feng\'s mystical spatial teleportation gene reagent. Slowly, he walked out of hiding while gazing at them.