The Strongest Gene - Chapter 563: Energy Spatial Helix

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Chapter 563: Energy Spatial Helix

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He selected the option to start selling, yet a prompt popped out with an indication that this spirit art was already published for sale, and the information of Time Quicksand was shown. That\'s right. A spirit art that had already been published could no longer be sold. But it did not matter much. Shortly after that, someone developed a new spirit art through a different combination of the spatial module and energy. Naturally, these newly developed spirit arts were essentially useless abilities. An example was a particular spirit art developed through a combination of 0.5% spatial power and 0.5% energy. This was an ability with a huge energy exhaustion rate, and it was named Spatial Energy Helix.

"It can actually be sold for real!"

Their eyes widened. This ability lacked a practical use, but what it signified was an entirely different thing.


Everyone was in an uproar. The masses started selling various spirit arts, finally understanding how the selling option worked. First, anyone could put a spirit art up for sale. As long as the copyright of the particular spirit art had yet to be registered to someone else, that person would be allowed to publish it for sale. However, for a spirit art whose copyright had been registered, one could only purchase it instead of issuing it for sale.

Second, a price had to be set for any spirit art issued for sale. The prices here used the Genetic Union\'s points. Third, Master Spirit Developer charged a 10% fee for the sale of all spirit arts as a management fee. Fourth, for all spirit arts sold, so long as energy and the different modules were used, additional energy-transfer fees would be charged as well.

An example was the 10% transfer fee for energy module, 10% transfer fee for the spatial module, and 9.9% transfer fee for time module.

"This works?"

Everyone was stunned. Spirit art development, editing, and sale… Suddenly, they found that Chen Feng had successfully launched a complete and brand new platform of his, a platform of spirit arts.

As for the final function of this Master Spirit Developer, it was the function to purchase spirit arts. The people tried casually selecting the option to purchase the Spatial Energy Helix listed for sale at 10 points.


The points disappeared and the purchased spirit art was received. After receiving the spirit art, a complete energy circulation method was transmitted to the buyer through Master Spirit Developer. One only needed to familiarize with it and try doing what it said…


They were actually able to use this ability for real, even though this Spatial Energy Helix was a useless ability.

"Holy shit! I used the ability for real."

"How powerful!"

"Hahahaha, I can\'t believe I am now a master researcher that has developed a new ability."


"It seems like anyone making use of this Master Spirit Developer properly will be able to become a master."

"Yes, that\'s possible."

Everyone was in joy. One ought to know that generally, these masses would only have the opportunity to be the consumers, to be the ones who purchased abilities using the points they had earned through hard work. And now, Chen Feng had opened a brand new path for them: the path of development.

With Master Spirit Developer in hand, anyone could develop a new spirit art and be able to tower above others!

"Is that possible?"

Someone looked at the purchasing option. There, the first entrepreneur of this Master Spirit Developer, the developer of Energy Spatial Helix, had now earned over 180,000 points.


Everyone\'s eyes became red from envy. They were aware that everyone had only been buying this Energy Spatial Helix to try out this newly developed platform. However, the sales volume and the points he had earned… After calculating, they noted that he had earned 180,000 points. That\'s right, that was what he had earned. Even the developer of the ability himself, who had merely developed it casually out of curiosity, was stupefied at this.

He had never expected that an ability he\'d published as a joke would actually earn him so much from the sales. Even after the 30% cut, he still had 126,000 points remaining all for himself.

"Insane, this is insane!" muttered one of the jealous masses, who remained stupefied for a long time. Naturally, this was not the only person who was jealous of the Energy Spatial Helix\'s developer. Almost everyone who saw the sales volume went crazy. Everyone started immersing themselves in spirit-art development. They were clear that for today, regardless of what trash ability they developed, it would still sell well. After all, like the very first entrepreneur, the second, third, and fourth person stood to earn a lot.

It would earn them handsome profits even if it was only sold for 10 points per ability. Suddenly, everyone seemed to be immersed in their research. Instantly, the popularity of this spirit-art development platform increased rapidly. There was no competitor in sight.

At the Genetic Union, in a meeting room.

All the higher-ups gathered here. Next, they all lapsed into silence. Looking at this platform launched by Chen Feng, they were all stunned. All their preparations previously had been done to counter any products Chen Feng might obtain internally with preferential prices to be sold to outsiders. Unexpectedly, this time, Chen Feng had no intentions of selling anything himself.

The only thing he had provided was an interface, and everything for sale was developed by the users themselves. If the Genetic Union wanted to interfere with this platform as well…


That would be the same as courting death. The fury of the masses would be sufficient to flood the Genetic Union. At this instant, the higher-ups of the Genetic Union were all extremely anxious. How could this have happened? The Strategy Department head was already going crazy.

They all looked to the deputy president. "What do we do?"

The deputy president slumped down into his chair powerlessly. "Report it." Only after crossing swords with Chen Feng had he come to realize how terrifying an opponent Chen Feng was. The moment this development platform had been launched, he had known that it was over.

"All right."

The employed reported this through an emergency channel. On the same day, the president ended his seclusion.


They all shivered silently in fear. It was without a doubt that as the president of the Genetic Union, this person\'s strength was excessively powerful. Before the beyond X gene reagent had even developed, he had already been at the peak of beyond A class. If one were to select a single human that had the most potential for stepping into S class, apart from this president, there would be no other candidates.

Generally, this president, who believed only in strength, would not get involved in these miscellaneous affairs of the Genetic Union. That\'s right. In his eyes, all of these were mere miscellaneous affairs. If not for the deputy president personally requesting help this time, he wouldn\'t have bothered to come out of his seclusion.

The presided stroked his white beard. "Chen Feng?"

He had a slight impression of this child. This was the child who had contributed greatly toward humanity before obtaining ownership of the Gene Production Association, becoming a legend. Surprisingly, this child was now thinking of laying his hands on the Genetic Union as well.

"Give me a report on everything that has happened recently." The president stretched lazily. He had been in a long seclusion. He would just take this incident as a short vacation.

"All right." The deputy president reported everything that had happened recently.

"Mhm…" The president sank into contemplation.

"Spirit arts…"

The president purchased one spirit art personally to try it out. In the meeting, all the higher-ups did not dare to even move, all waiting silently by the side. After a long time, the president ended his attempt.

"You guys don\'t need to worry about this."


They all blanked. They didn\'t need to worry? But the popularity of this Master Spirit Developer had exceeded that of Master Spirit Trainer! Even if the amount of points changing hands in this platform wasn\'t much at present, based on what had happened with Master Spirit Trainer previously, they couldn\'t even imagine the bleak future of the Genetic Union if this was allowed to continue.

"You guys have been thinking too much." The president shook his head. "In all honesty, the popularity of this thing will only last a single day at most. Yes, that\'s right. Have you guys not noticed something?" The president sighed. "Even if this Master Spirit Developer is magical and is attracting the curiosity of everyone, the abilities that have been developed by this are all trash abilities, abilities with no practical usage. Space, time, energy… for any one of these three, if one could train to the peak, one would be a legend. But here, through this platform, only 1% of the power can be utilized at most? It is far from enough. The most powerful module here should be the time module. But then, the duration of one second is truly too short. This thing here has no practical use." The president shook his head as he looked at everyone. "In your opinion, what exactly can people develop with these three modules here?"

Everyone exchanged glances as realization dawned upon them. Indeed, even if this Master Spirit Developer seemed magical, were there any practical uses? Even if all three modules could be assembled freely, one would still be unable to develop anything good out of it. The only reason the masses were crazily researching now was because of the huge amount the first developer had earned.

Due to this Master Spirit Developer being free, due to Chen Feng\'s popularity and reputation, the number of users of this Master Spirit Developer was extremely high. As such, those testing it out and those curious were extremely great in amount as well. There were even some who had purchased every single spirit art available for sale on the platform. This was also the reason that first developer had made so much.

However, how long could this last? Novelty? Curiosity? This wouldn\'t last any longer than two days. When everyone saw clearly how this platform was simply incapable of releasing any proper abilities, the popularity of this Master Spirit Developer would decline rapidly before ultimately dying out.