The Strongest Gene - Chapter 561: Any Other Options?

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Chapter 561: Any Other Options?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The Operation Department head was anxious. "We can\'t agree to this."

The deputy president smiled bitterly. "Do we still have other options?"

Everyone was speechless. Indeed. Were there any other options? If they choose to not use the new formula, to not hire the Gene Production Association to produce it for them, it would cost them the extremely high amount of 10 points per production.

"Why don\'t we try and use public opinion?" suggested the Operation Department head. In fact, "for the sake of humanity" was a very convenient excuse.

"…" The deputy president gazed at him with a hooded gaze. "Do you still remember the excuse we used to force Chen Feng to hand over Master Spirit Trainer to us?"

"Excuse?" The Operation Department head gave it some thought and stated smoothly, "Chen Feng\'s version requires 100 points per weakness removal, since the cost is too high, which is too expensive. As for us, we can reduce the cost to five points…"


As his words reached this point, the Operation Department head paled. Indeed, these were the words they had said themselves. The Genetic Union had claimed to have a new technology capable of reducing the production cost to only 5 points, forcing Chen Feng to hand over Master Spirit Trainer to them.

But what had happened instead? If the public found out that the Genetic Union did not have this so-called new technology at all, that they had all been played like fools by the Genetic Union, exploited to force Chen Feng to hand over his Master Spirit Trainer…


If that were to happen, it wouldn\'t be long before the Genetic Union lost the trust of the public.

"Therefore…" The deputy president sighed. "Regardless of how difficult things are this time, we have no choice but to swallow it."

Chen Feng…

The deputy president weakly slumped into his chair. He knew that this was his complete defeat. From now onward, the Genetic Union would have no choice but to deliver a huge amount of funds to the Gene Production Association on a monthly basis. Selling to the Genetic Union at five points when their production cost was only three points, the ones to truly profit from this would ultimately be the Gene Production Association.

As for the Genetic Union, the very owners of the Master Spirit Trainer, they would have to suffer losses just so that Gene Production Association could make such handsome profits.


The more the deputy president thought about it, the sadder he became. Why had something initially so good developed in such a direction? Perhaps the only thing he could rejoice about currently was the fact that they had stopped Chen Feng\'s takeover attempt.

"Why is Chen Feng even doing this?" One of them couldn\'t understand Chen Feng\'s reason for doing this. Was this revenge? What would he, as an individual, gain from this? Nothing at all. Apart from obtaining his revenge against the Genetic Union\'s act of snatching Master Spirit Trainer from him, he wouldn\'t gain anything at all. They could not understand the logic behind this action.

The deputy president smiled bitterly. "How is this revenge?" After all, the present Gene Production Association was simply the private property of Chen Feng.


Gene Production Association.

While the Genetic Union was shrouded by a figurative dark cloud, the Gene Production Association was in celebration.

"Worthy of being Chen Feng indeed."

Hou Liang was smiling so wide his face bloomed like a flower. Being able to earn such great profit from that cheapskate Genetic Union, everyone in the Gene Production Association was laughing happily. This time, they had truly profited greatly. Even though the bigger portion would go to Chen Feng, this was, after all, a profit they had earned out of nowhere.


"How are you doing? Are you going to break through into A class?" Hou Liang asked with a smile.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "Mhm."

"What do you need? Just let us know," Hou Liang declared tyrannically. "Master producers, grandmaster producers, or even those senior producers that had already retired, say the word and I can get all of them to help you."

"I need to enter a training camp to break through," Chen Feng stated calmly.


Instantly, Hou Liang paused. Training camp… The one required by Chen Feng was most definitely those camps used to increase one\'s combat strength. This was something he was truly unable to help with. After all, those camps all belonged to the Genetic Union. As a producer…

Huh, hold on. Suddenly, Hou Liang recalled something. "You are planning to enter one of the Genetic Union\'s training camp?"

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm. Their camps should be where I can break through in the shortest possible time."

"…" Hou Liang\'s expression became strange. "You had just scammed the Genetic Union badly. I suppose their higher-ups all have a deep hatred against you now."

Chen Feng\'s expression had no change. "I am aware of that."

"You sure are calm." Hou Liang gave Chen Feng a thumbs up. "I reckon they won\'t even allow you to get past their entrance."

Chen Feng smiled. "I know that. Therefore, I have to think of something."

"Think of what?" Hou Liang asked curiously.

Chen Feng smiled. "A method to make them compromise."

When Hou Liang saw Chen Feng\'s expression while saying those words, his back chilled. This guy was most definitely planning to do something yet again.

Genetic Union.

Li Lei, who had just returned from a mission, saw that everyone had an expression as if they had just been raped. Curious, he asked and was eventually told what had happened. It was actually due to Chen Feng! The Genetic Union had been acting too arrogantly and had ended up screwing themselves instead. As for how it had happened… Li Lei did not know whether to laugh or cry after he found out.

Finally, he understood what Chen Feng had meant when he\'d said that free things were the most expensive of things at times. Li Lei tried contacting Chen Feng but received no reply, as the call was disconnected straight away. Li Lei blanked. Normally, something like this would only happen when one entered seclusion.

Li Lei was inwardly alarmed. One ought to know that the first time Chen Feng had entered seclusion, he had created Time Quicksand. The second time he had entered seclusion, he had created Master Spirit Trainer. And now, he had entered seclusion yet again. The mere thought of this caused Li Lei\'s heart to shudder.

In truth, as a human, he truly wished that Chen Feng would be able to create more spirit arts. However, the problem here was the fact that each time Chen Feng did so, he also created trouble.

"I hope that this time, he won\'t create any huge issues," Li Lei muttered.

At the Gene Production Association, Chen Feng had indeed entered seclusion, just as Li Lei had guessed. After the previous two incidents, Chen Feng had no choice but to ponder the topic of what he could produce that would be beneficial yet no single party could monopolize. Only by creating something like this would he have an excuse to enter the Genetic Union.


Naturally, what he created had to be free for all as well. Only by giving it out for free would there be more users, and only with that would he stand a chance to earn more. But then, what should he create this time? Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Yet another spirit art? It seemed pointless.

Regardless of what spirit art he created, something similar to what had happened previously would occur again. No matter how much he earned, either the Genetic Union or some other organization would make a move against him. Granted, Chen Feng still had the confidence to earn more despite that, but that was pointless for what he truly wanted at present. The only thing he wanted presently was authority in the Genetic Union.

Chen Feng frowned. "Let me think…" What should he create? Master Strength Trainer? Master Physique Trainer? Master Ding Dong Lengthener?


None of these seemed reliable. Chen Feng had always believed firmly that spirit arts would become a brand new system independent of the current genetic system, something capable of propelling humanity to a new height, something whose actual value was much higher than that of Master Spirit Trainer.

Even if Chen Feng wanted to earn points, he would have to approach this from the perspective of all of humanity. Alas, by himself, what he could do was rather limited. Researching all his ideas one by one, how long would it take for this new system, this spirit art, to establish itself among humans?

"Perhaps…" Chen Feng contemplated. "Spirit, how much luck value do I have left?"

"You have 1,824 points," Spirit answered faithfully.

"Splendid. Hopefully, it will be enough." Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed. This time, he had to succeed!