The Strongest Gene - Chapter 557: Black Card

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Chapter 557: Black Card

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"This scammer!"

In his fury, the deputy president nearly smashed his own desk apart. Suddenly, he discovered the scariest part of this spirit art of Chen Feng\'s. It was the fact that the users of this Master Spirit Trainer of Chen Feng\'s were comprised of everyone across the world, every genetic warrior wishing to improve themself.

So long as one won a challenge, one would obtain improvement. What would this signify for the commoners? Strength! Even if one failed the challenge and entered the weakened state, it wouldn\'t matter. They would be fine after wasting a bit of time recovering their spirit. No matter what, one ought to obtain a single victory after several defeats, right? This would be sufficient for a lot of people.

Unknown to all of them, apart from being customers of Chen Feng, they also played a different role: the cannon fodder of the rich.

That\'s right. For the rich, a defeat was nothing. Failing a challenge? Purchase the weakened state remover and try again! In any case, only 100 points needed to be paid. With only 100 points, they could restart their challenge almost immediately, allowing these people to constantly improve, constantly plunder the energy of those regular users. This allowed them to improve without stop, to unendingly rush toward a higher level.

These people could seemingly improve without limit. This was precisely what Chen Feng was selling: improvement without limit.

"These points…"

The employee was extremely anxious as he looked at the number of points earned with a long string of zeros behind it.

The deputy president forced himself to calm down. "It doesn\'t matter." Yes, Chen Feng now had a huge amount of points. However, even if it had reached over 100 million, so what? The Genetic Union had numerous projects and missions worldwide. Missions and projects that rewarded up to 100 million points were everywhere. As such, this single item of Chen Feng\'s wasn\'t something for them to fear.

Even if this was a rather frightening amount, it was still impossible for this amount to exchange for the authority within the Genetic Union. It was still insufficient. Moreover…

"Do you believe that he is the only one that can do such a business?" The deputy president sneered. He had already seen through Chen Feng\'s trick.

Wasn\'t the core of his business the act of producing gene reagents by himself and selling gene reagents that were only worth several points at 100 points after repackaging it as a weakened state remover in Master Spirit Trainer? Others might not realize this, but the deputy president was clear on this. This thing here was simply a gene reagent. If so, why was it that Chen Feng was the only one that could sell it?

"Let\'s go. We will try selling it ourselves as well."

The deputy president purchased some gene reagents to test his theory. Unexpectedly, he succeeded. Indeed, there were several recovery gene reagents in real life capable of removing the weakened state.

"Chen Feng actually neglected encrypting his creation." The deputy president sneered. "Haha, in that case, we can start selling a weakened state remover as well. Chen Feng is selling them at 100 points each, right? Let us sell at 10 points, then. I refuse to believe that he can still make money with this."


The employee\'s eyes shone as he heard this. Alas, as they prepared to set Chen Feng up, they discovered a rather thorny problem: they had nobody to cooperate with.

Normally, the Genetic Union would entrust things like gene production to the Gene Production Association. This time, though, the deputy president recalled something right as he was about to personally contact the Gene Production Association regarding this. It seemed like the present Gene Production Association belonged to Chen Feng?


Instantly, the deputy president and the employee recovered from their excitement, seemingly having had cold water poured on their burning blood. In short, that guy had actually taken this into consideration already? The deputy president smiled bitterly. Since they were able to see through the trick, there were naturally others capable of the same. Unfortunately, this spirit art was something created by Chen Feng himself, and the Gene Production Association was under Chen Feng\'s control as well.

Who dared to offend him? Using gene reagents to compete against Chen Feng\'s business? That was no different than courting death. Rather than saying that Chen Feng hadn\'t remembered to encrypt his creation, it was more apt to say that Chen Feng couldn\'t even be bothered with encryption. Why? Who would dare to compete against him? Who could even compete against him?

"That damnable Chen Feng…"

At this point, the deputy president was feeling so powerless that he couldn\'t even berate Chen Feng anymore. The only source of relief for him was the fact that even with this many points, wanting to purchase everything the Genetic Union had to offer to qualify for purchasing authority was still a joke. It was far from enough.

"Get people to pay close attention to Chen Feng." The deputy president paused and then continued, "Take note of whenever he has a new spirit art. One or two of them can\'t do much. However, if he is allowed to continue creating more and more…"

The employee nodded slightly. "Understood."

Beyond his expectations, before he could even start monitoring Chen Feng, a new announcement was released: a new system had been released for Master Spirit Trainer.

"To help everyone better improve themselves, we have decided to provide services of a better quality."

"New content as follows:"


Black Card Membership

Members with a gold black card can enjoy a discount of 10% when removing the weakened state. A monthly fee of 1,000 points is required to maintain membership.

Members with a platinum black card can enjoy a discount of 30% when removing the weakened state. A monthly fee of 5,000 points is required to maintain membership.

Members with a diamond black card can enjoy a discount of 50% when removing the weakened state. A monthly fee of 8,000 points is required to maintain membership.

Members with a crown black card can enjoy a discount of 70% when removing the weakened state. A monthly fee of 15,000 points is required to maintain membership.



This shocked everyone. Membership system? Everyone\'s eyes widened. It was unexpected that Chen Feng would suddenly release this function. Moreover, the members could gain a treatment so preferential through the discounts that it was unimaginable.

"How powerful."

"This is an exclusive service for the rich."

The regular genetic warriors could do nothing but feel jealousy and envy. Despite that, they couldn\'t say much because the points were only used to purchase weakness remover. The battle stage was still fair. As for those with some extra money in their pockets, they were now truly tempted.

"Good gracious, a black card offers a discount of 70%!"

"It seems expensive, but if we make use of it frequently enough…"

"I won\'t be able to afford the crown black card. However, if it\'s the platinum black card…"

Countless people were tempted. People of different statuses in society were attracted by black cards of different tiers.

This membership system single-handedly conquered all genetic warriors with points in their hands. Each person could decide on the membership tier most suitable for them after considering their financial status and how often they would use it. As for the final crown black card, it was simply a perfect match for those wealthy people. Yet before the masses could even start joining the membership, a second announcement was released.


With the release of the membership system, we are entering the super discount stage.

Those who purchase one year\'s worth of membership in one go may enjoy a discount of 10% on their membership fees.

Those who purchase two years\' worth of membership in one go may enjoy a discount of 20% on their membership fees.

Those who purchase three years\' worth of membership in one go may enjoy a discount of 30% on their membership fees.

Those who purchase ten years\' worth of membership in one go will not be offered any discount on their membership fees, but their membership status will be converted to a lifetime membership.


"Holy sh*t, this works?"

"The highest discount is 30%..."

"So by buying a 10-year membership, one can become a member for life?"


This second announcement created yet another uproar. Now, they were truly tempted by this membership system. This was not the membership of some game, nor was this the membership of some hair-loss-prevention shampoo. Rather, this was a membership that gave a discount on something that would truly increase one\'s strength. Each point they had was something they had obtained after putting their life on the line.

If so, whether this new service was worth their points or not was something each person could only answer themselves. Everyone started calculating the increase in strength they stood to gain and the discounts they could enjoy after becoming a member. The masses started joining, and a majority bought only the monthly card. However, there were also some who bought the one-year membership, three-year membership, and so on. A bunch of lifetime crown black card members appeared as well.

Only now did the masses know how many rich people were there in this world, how many big shots had been hiding within the Genetic Union all this while.




Everyone was stunned as they saw the increase in members. What in the world, this spirit art could actually be used to do something like this?