The Strongest Gene - Chapter 549: Where’s the Time?

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Chapter 549: Where’s the Time?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Li Lei took a look and was immediately alarmed. Shroud! It was Shroud Art! Chen Feng was actually researching this thing!

"Have you gone crazy?" This was Li Lei\'s first reaction. "Do you not know that researching this thing will reduce your life span?"

This thing was truly too dreadful. Back then, the Genetic Union had coveted this thing more than Chen Feng, yet upon witnessing with their own eyes Gou Li\'s group aging so quickly before them, they had no longer harbored any thoughts toward this Shroud Art. Yet now, Chen Feng actually dared to study it? Had he gone crazy?

"Even if you are still young, you should not waste your youth like this!" Li Lei stated.

Chen Feng laughed bitterly. He was not an idiot. "It\'s not as grave as you think."

"How is it not grave?" Li Lei stated furiously. "I was there as well. Anyone who uses this will start aging. If you truly insist on researching this thing… Let me think about it… How about letting that girlfriend of yours be the one to use this technique instead?"

"Huh?" Chen Feng blanked. How did this relate to Wang Yao?

"After all, she is still too young right now. Perhaps after using the technique, she will mature nicely. At that time, the two of you will match each other more." Li Lei sighed endlessly.

Chen Feng: "…" Stupid pervert!

Li Lei curled his lips. "In short, you should not be the one to use this technique."

Chen Feng rolled his eyes madly.

"I naturally wouldn\'t toy around with my own life. Since Gou Li\'s group gave me the data regarding this technique, I will naturally not go around using it. At present, I am merely using this technique as the core in an attempt to create a brand new thing, a brand new Shroud Art," Chen Feng declared sternly.

Li Lei\'s eyes shone. "Oh?" If that was true… Li Lei\'s heartbeat increased. "There\'s hope of success?"

"Of course." Chen Feng smiled in a profound manner. "I have already succeeded in creating a new Shroud Art. Naturally, this Shroud Art will still require the user to pay a price to use it, but the price is energy rather than vitality."

"It\'s good to use energy!" Li Lei became agitated. Anything that could be solved with energy could not be considered a true problem. "Come, let me take a look. What is the result of your research?"

Li Lei became exceptionally excited. After all, he had personally witnessed the prowess of Shroud Art. If Chen Feng was truly able to succeed in his research and allow this new Shroud Art to be used during combat, the strength of humanity would increase greatly. With this, Chen Feng\'s contribution toward humanity would become immeasurable.

After all, that Shroud Art was a forbidden technique capable of allowing a beyond A1 to contend against a beyond A9. Even if Chen Feng couldn\'t completely recreate it, even if he was only able to recreate a version with only 10% its initial power…

Li Lei became incomparably excited at this thought. He started looking at Chen Feng\'s screen.

"Hey? This seems somewhat different?" Li Lei felt like this Shroud Art created by Chen Feng seemed somewhat odd.

"Of course it\'s different," Chen Feng stated confidently. "The original version of Shroud Art might have been powerful—unequaled even—but it was a mere spatial shroud. After all, that is something created just to deal with Lu Hun. Now, this Shroud Art created by me is not just something capable of countering spatial abilities users; it is also usable against any genetic warrior, any life-form!"

Chen Feng was proud. For this new Shroud Art, he had exhausted no less than 1,000 luck value. This was the result of what he and Spirit had used several days and nights to complete. This was a truly powerful Shroud Art!

Li Lei clenched his fists tightly. "Excellent. Fast, show it to me."

"Mhm." Chen Feng stood up and prepared to demonstrate it.


In the laboratory, a robot appeared. This was a probing robot supplied by the Research Agency, a robot capable of detecting every energy in existence. Whatever ability one used on this robot, the robot would be able to clearly sense the effects of that ability. Even the undulations among the spatial particles were something this robot could detect. As such, this was a perfect choice to perform tests on abilities.

"I need an energy supply," Chen Feng said. To demonstrate this brand new Shroud Art, the amount of energy he had in him as a beyond B9 might be insufficient. Without any hesitation, Li Lei called over several genetic warriors specializing in energy recovery.

"With them here, you can erupt with the amount of energy a beyond A class has in a single burst. Let\'s start."

Li Lei was filled with expectation.


Chen Feng inhaled deeply. He and Spirit had indeed done a trial run in a simulated environment. However, they had never used this Shroud Art for real in the physical world. As such, this was also their first time witnessing this technique in the real, since before this, they had not had enough energy to try this technique out in the physical world.

Now that everything was ready, he could finally see clearly the true might of this improved Shroud Art he had created using 1,000 luck value.


Chen Feng pointed midair.


A formidable power undulated outward. Suddenly, the robot that was standing at a distance trembled.


In the laboratory, the data displayed on the surveillance device started leaping crazily. A score was being given to the power of this ability. The initial score of 0 points instantly reached 1,000!

Li Lei\'s eyes widened. "It exceeded a thousand points!" From his memories, those abilities capable of surpassing a thousand points were normally at the very least 5-star secret arts. This Shroud Art…

Two thousand points.

Three thousand points.

Four thousand points.

The score continued rising rapidly. A horrified expression had now appeared on Li Lei\'s face. He was aware of how terrifying this Shroud Art was. However, he had never expected that it would be so terrifying. Chen Feng had merely demonstrated this ability in a casual manner, yet it was already able to have such a terrifying effect.

Soon, the score reached 8,000 points and stopped rising. Chen Feng checked the amount of energy he had left in his body. Even with several energy-recovery and energy-boosting specialists around him, the energy within his body had still been instantly emptied.

Indeed, at the very least, the energy of a beyond A class would be required for one to use this Shroud Art.

Li Lei clenched his fists tightly. "Eight thousand points!" What did this score signify? Normally, only those 6-star secret arts, the strongest abilities of beyond A classes, could reach such a score. Even in the history of the Genetic Union, only 10 abilities had ever reached this score. And now, this new Shroud Art created by Chen Feng had joined the ranks of those legendary abilities as well. This would be a true legendary forbidden technique!


Li Lei was agitated. However, when he looked at the robot, he frowned. Even with the high score, the robot did not seem to be affected in any way.

Shua! Shua!

The robot was still wandering around aimlessly.

Mhm… The robot was fine? In short, this was a support ability? Li Lei tried reading the data.

Attack: No changes.

Defense: No changes.

Speed, energy, recovery rate, healing rate, ability... Every single aspect measured showed no changes whatsoever.


What was going on? Li Lei blanked. If there were no changes, how had this score come about, then? He had no choice but to ask Chen Feng, "What is the function of this ability you created?"

"Function?" Chen Feng muttered. He glanced at the several hundreds of recorded data points from the robot, and his gaze landed directly on one of the data points. A satisfied smile appeared on his face as he said, "This… is the function!"


Chen Feng pointed at it. Li Lei glanced over. Instantly, he frowned. Nothing unusual could be seen there.


Start time: 10:04:56 seconds

Duration: 00:00:01 second

End time: 10:04:58 seconds



Shortly after, Li Lei discovered an abnormality. "Hold on. The recorded time…" His eyes widened abruptly. "Where is the missing one second?"