The Strongest Gene - Chapter 548: A Day Filled with Scent

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Chapter 548: A Day Filled with Scent

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the Genetic Union.

This was a laboratory with ice-blue glass walls. The researchers of the Genetic Union were watching on coldly. Beside them were the people of the Gene Production Association and the Research Agency. Everyone was silently gazing into the room. There, some sort of radiance was flickering as all the equipment within was analyzing a certain bottle of transparent liquid.

Di! Di!

The alarm buzzed and the alarm signal flickered without stop. A stream of detailed data was displayed on the screen.


Scent: 98

Countenance: Unstable

State: Liquid

Characteristic: Analyzing…

Energy: Analyzing…



Every time a new set of data appeared, it was displayed on the screen. This continued until the analysis reached the energy part. At this point, it seemed like this analysis stage would be stuck forever.



Even after half an hour, it was still analyzing.

They all frowned. "Is it stuck?"

One of the staffers there was doubtful. "That\'s not supposed to be possible. This is the latest analyzing equipment. Even when it was used to analyze the energy of those beyond experts back then, it didn\'t get stuck. Why would it be stuck now?"

"What\'s going on, then?"

They had an odd feeling.

"Shall we restart it?"

"Let\'s continue waiting for a bit."


Their curiosity was piqued. Thereupon, everyone stood before the analyzing equipment waiting for the result. Half an hour, one hour, two hours, four hours, and then one entire day passed, yet it was still analyzing.

They were astonished.


"Is it really stuck?"

"Let\'s restart it."

"All right."

One person stepped forth and prepared to restart the equipment.

Right at this instant, the data that hadn\'t changed for one entire day started flickering. On the screen, rows of brand new data appeared.

"The analysis is complete!"

They were overjoyed. Just as they were about to start reading the newly appeared data, the red alarm light on the analyzing equipment started blazing.

Shua! Shua!

All the data disappeared.

The ear-piercing alarm resounded. "Warning! Warning!"

Their expressions sank. "This is bad!"


Instantly, the firm laboratory exploded.


"Activate the highest level of defense!"



A layer of blue radiance surrounded the room. The terrifying energy wave poured out, filling the entire laboratory and continuing on toward the observers around the room. The energy wave collided with the blue defensive barrier and stopped.

Bang! Bang!

Numerous energy waves collided against the barrier without stop. Only after ten-odd seconds did the laboratory regain its peace. Within, all the equipment was already destroyed. Only an intense odor remained within, pervading the air. That was the odor unique to Lord Urine God.

"The liquid…"

An alarmed expression appeared on their faces. They had experience in analyzing all sorts of energy, yet this was the first time they had seen something this terrifying. This was an energy even a beyond A class wouldn\'t possess. It was no wonder that this young prince had actually been capable of completing the summon of that devil expert in advance. Such powerful energy contained within the urine…

"Continue the research!"

"All right."

They became spirited as they realized the prowess of the urine. They could feel that at present, they were studying something incredibly unusual. They believed that as long as they persisted, they would obtain a result. The future of humanity was now in their hands!

The people of the Research Agency couldn\'t wait any longer. "Let us study the composition of the urine."

The people of the Genetic Union had been prepared for this long ago. "Let us study the energy."

The several master producers of the Gene Production Association prepared to start their production as well. "Let us try producing some gene reagents."

At this time, at a certain location within the Genetic Union, Li Lei was looking at Chen Feng with astonishment. "I thought you would go in there and participate in the research as well."

Chen Feng shook his head. "No way."

Li Lei was curious. "Why is that?"

Wasn\'t such a mysterious and formidable power something all researchers and producers were curious about? Just look at how crazily those researchers were fighting each other to join the research.

"Because I am not interested in researching some urine," Chen Feng stated indifferently.

Li Lei did not know whether he should laugh or cry. Urine… As he thought about it, indeed, Chen Feng was right. However, it was not some regular urine being researched. Rather, it was the urine of the young devil prince, urine capable of summoning a superexpert, a liquid that contained an immense energy within.

Chen Feng curled his lips. "Regardless of what you call it, ultimately, it is still urine. If you guys are planning to use it to produce gene reagents… hehe. Don\'t get me to do it. I will absolutely not touch it." Chen Feng maintained his calm as he looked at Li Lei. "Anyway, I am rather curious as well. If the research proves that this urine can be used to produce a gene reagent that can increase one\'s strength, would you be willing to consume that gene reagent?"

Li Lei: "…"

He pondered seriously and reached a rather "tasteful" conclusion.

Li Lei sighed. "Damn it." He had never expected that a day would come where he would reach such a compromise for the sake of strength. Alas, he had no choice. That devil race expert was too powerful, so powerful that it caused his heart to flutter. If they hadn\'t been so lucky back then, they would have all died there. Hence, if such a gene reagent truly existed, he would probably use it even if it had been produced from urine.

"Take care." Chen Feng patted his shoulder. Pausing slightly, Chen Feng patted his shoulder two more times.

"???" Li Lei was feeling doubtful.

"I am patting your shoulder in advance." Chen Feng sighed. "When you become an expert with a \'scent\' in the future, I will most probably not feeling like patting you anymore."

Li Lei: "…"

"Oh, right." Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, "Do you have a wife yet?"

"Not yet," Li Lei answered.

"Try to look for one as soon as possible." Chen Feng lamented, "In the future, when you become a warrior with a \'scent,\' I think it will be much harder to get a wife. Oh, right, do you reckon this scent is something external or internal? Will your genes be affected as well? If they are, will your future children have the scent as well? The moment the child is born, the baby will reek of that scent."

Li Lei\'s expression darkened.

"Tsk, tsk. How magical. In the legends, the moment a certain being is birthed, all the land within a thousand miles will be barren. Do you reckon this is due to that intense odor? Wow, the mere thought of it… how exciting."

The more Chen Feng imagined it, the more colorful his imagination became.

Li Lei couldn\'t take it anymore and interrupted Chen Feng. "Chen Feng!"

What in the world. After hearing all this from Chen Feng, now, he no longer had the courage to peruse the gene reagent anymore, not even if he was beaten to death. It wouldn\'t matter as long as it only affected him, but if it was going to affect the next generation as well…

"Since you don\'t want to use it yourself, you are not allowing others to use it either?" Li Lei grumbled. He could naturally see clearly that Chen Feng had said all that purposefully.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. "What nonsense. If you were to really end up with an intense scent around you, I\'m afraid I would have to sever all relationship with you. In order to maintain our friendship, I have to fight for it."


Li Lei did not know whether to laugh or cry. But then, after these words of Chen Feng\'s, he indeed have up on the idea.


Suddenly, two fireworks erupted in the sky.

Chen Feng looked at the fireworks. "Yet another person has departed."

"Yeah, the moment the devil race appeared, the entire aviation industry began researching crazily. All those rich fellows invested a huge sum of money to push the development of the aviation industry. In a period of half a year, the growth of the aviation industry has surpassed the total growth of the past several decades. Right now, migrating to the outer space had become the first priority of these people," Li Lei stated indifferently. Those people were completely different from people like him.

Li Lei sneered. He held an intense disdain toward those people who only thought of escaping whenever a problem cropped up. "However, even outer space is not absolutely safe. If we can\'t eliminate both the devils and ancients, a day might come where they start reaching for outer space as well. At that time, it will be too late for these people to start crying." Li Lei was firm. "Improving ourselves and eliminating those fellows is the only correct path."

Chen Feng nodded. "That is indeed so."

"I reckon the research on the young prince will take some time. The devil race\'s strength is still slowly increasing. As for us humans…" Li Lei sighed. Humans were still too weak. If what Chen Feng had said was true about humanity not even being able to use the theoretical unique gene reagent made of urine, what should humanity do, then? The devil race, the ancient race… both of them were extremely problematic for humanity.

"Says who that we have no other options?" A screen popped out of Chen Feng\'s wristband. Chen Feng made the screen public and asked, "Are you interested in taking a look at the result of what I have been researching the past few days?"

Li Lei raised his brow. "What is it?" For the past few days, Chen Feng had been unwilling to even approach that young prince. What could he have been researching?


Li Lei took a look at the screen. Instantly, his pupils shrunk.

"This is…"