The Strongest Gene - Chapter 541: Drop Drop Beatdown

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Chapter 541: Drop Drop Beatdown

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"Shroud Art." Lu Hun had a solemn expression. He could clearly sense the terrifying power of this barrier. It was as Gou Li said. This was an ability that countered him. This damnable Shroud Art was actually capable of restricting all spatial abilities. Such a barrier would be useless against other abilities, but against him…

Lu Hun\'s heart chilled as he thought of this.

Pu! Pu!

With several cold flashes, new bloody cuts were left on Lu Hun\'s body. A person at peak of beyond A9 was supposed to win decisively against three enemies around beyond A1 and A2, yet now he was suffering such a humiliating defeat at their hands. All this was because of that damnable Shroud Art. Bi Quzhi…

"Have you seen it?" Gou Li asked with an ice-cold gaze. Every time he left a cut on Lu Hun\'s body, he asked the same question. "This is my brother\'s power."


Yet another cut was left.

"Have you seen it? This is the price you have to pay for what you did to us back then," spat Gou Li one word at a time, seemingly trying to return to Lu Hun all the humiliation he had endured all these years. Indeed, after living in sadness for over 10 years, how could he allow this Lu Hun to die easily now? He wanted to see Lu Hun shudder in despair.

Naturally, the more important reason for this delay in finishing Lu Hun off was because it was impossible for a peak beyond A9 to not have any hidden trump cards. What exactly was Lu Hun\'s trump card? Gou Li\'s gaze was cold.

At present, Chen Feng and the rest had already distanced themselves from the battleground. This was not a battle they could get involved in. The other beyond A classes of the Genetic Union were taking this opportunity to recover their energy. This was a very good opportunity for them.

"Shroud Art…" Li Lei\'s heart jolted as he gazed at the power shrouding Gou Li\'s trio. For it to allow a beyond A1 to easily deal with a beyond A9... That was too powerful.

How terrifying was this power for it to be capable of skipping past 8 minor realms to deal with a higher-level opponent? Granted, this version created by Bi Quzhi would only be effective against spatial abilities. However, if it was handed to the Genetic Union or the Research Agency to be researched, perhaps this might become yet another great tool for humanity!

Pu! Pu!

Two extra cuts appeared on Lu Hun\'s body.

Li Lei approached Chen Feng. "You know them?"

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm."

Li Lei grinned. "If so… Is there a way of getting this Shroud Art for ourselves? I have seen protective films used for monitors or keyboards, but this is the first time I have seen a protective coat being used on weapons. Think about it. If, in the future, everyone in the Genetic Union could use this…"

Li Lei appeared excited. Evidently, he was imagining the sight where humanity became even stronger in the future. However, Chen Feng frowned as he heard this as he noted that things were not as simple as it seemed. That was because after following Li Lei\'s line of thought, the following scene was what he imagined instead:

"This is a protective coat inherited by my ancestors. If I can\'t stick it on properly, I won\'t receive any payments."

"We have been sticking protective coats on for 20 years. The amount of protective coats we stick on every year is high enough to envelop the entire planet."

"With a coat in hand, the world is mine!"

"Only 998 yuan, a major discount on spatial coats. Buy one, get two free!"

"To protect yourself, you should start with getting a film. I am a film specialist. Spatial coat, flame coat, lightning coat, time coat, anything you can name, I\'ve got. I am a professional coat sticker. Please remember clearly this brand of mine."


Chen Feng was startled awake. If that was how it was really going to be, it would be quite a terrifying scene. He looked at the battlefield. This unique battle was seemingly nearing its end. Lu Hun was simply incapable of resisting them and was being beaten endlessly by Gou Li\'s trio. However, why had Lu Hun not used his trump card even now? Indeed. Everyone was waiting for it. How was it possible for an old man at Lu Hun\'s level to not have any trump cards? Gou Li was waiting for it. Chen Feng and the rest was also waiting for it.

All of them were aware that if Lu Hun still failed to escape this plight of his after the release of his trump card, he would truly have no hope left.


Another cold gleam flashed past. Gou Li\'s coated weapon nearly pierced through Lu Hun\'s chest.


Lu Hun gazed at the bloodstain on his chest.

Indeed… I can\'t last any longer?

Suddenly, Lu Hun\'s gaze became calm. He had initially believed that this Shroud Art wouldn\'t be able to last long. That was why he had been persevering all this while. But now, it seemed like it didn\'t matter how long his opponents could last because they could definitely last longer than him. If so…he had no choice but to do that, then? Lu Hun sighed. If possible, he had truly hoped that the need to use that would never arise in his entire life. "Do you know? When young, my master once taught me one particular technique. He told me that this is a technique that I should never use unless I\'m in absolute danger. That is because this technique is simply too…" Lu Hun shook his head, not willing to finish his sentence.

Everyone increased their vigilance. Was this guy finally using his trump card? They tightened their grasps on their weapons. They were aware that this would be the final chance. Either Lu Hun would escape with this trump card or they would kill him right here.


Gou Li spread the shroud all around them. All the space around this place was locked, not giving Lu Hun any chance to escape. Even if the Shroud Art wasn\'t something akin to an absolute restriction, being surrounded by the coating, the present Lu Hun couldn\'t escape through spatial abilities, since that would be too difficult to achieve. They started approaching Lu Hun, reducing the size of the confinement around Lu Hun.


Lu Hun let out a crisp laugh. He gazed at the sky and inhaled deeply.

"Careful," Gou Li reminded everyone. They were aware of how terrifying Lu Hun was. Even with the Shroud Art, they would not be careless.

Li Lei and the rest awakened from their state of energy recovery as well. Instinctively, they prepared themselves to provide any assistance required. If possible, they were not willing to allow this Lu Hun to escape as well. Beyond A9 was something a beyond A1 could not compare to at all.

The atmosphere there became somewhat terrifying.


Once again, the weapon in Gou Li\'s hand descended. Presently, as Lu Hun was gazing at the sky, a faint energy started converging toward Lu Hun. Suddenly, while still gazing at the sky, Lu Hun roared toward the sky, and his roar reached the heavens.


The dark clouds in the sky were all dispersed by his roar.

"Save! Me!" bellowed Lu Hun.

The Gou Li trio, who had prepared to defend themselves against Lu Hun\'s trump card, blanked.

Save… save me?

The people from the Genetic Union were dumbstruck as well. Nobody had expected that after persevering for so long, this would be Lu Hun\'s trump card. There seemed to be some demonic power to that roar, as it was able to easily penetrate the clouds. Everyone waited with a solemn expression, yet nothing seemed to appear.

Gou Li: "…"

Li Lei: "…"

Lu Hun gazed at the sky in doubt. "Nobody is coming?" Next, he shook his head. Perhaps, even this roar was blocked by that damnable shroud.

Gou Li\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "Are you playing with us?"

Had this guy been expecting to confuse their battle tactics with a simple shout? How was that possible? Li Lei and the rest curled their lips as well. Chen Feng was the only one with an odd expression on his face, because he was the only one who was aware of what it was that happened earlier.

Through the communication device, Qin Hai explained, "I once heard this from them. When young, they were frequently beaten until they cried. As such, their master taught them a secret technique, that secret technique being shouting for help. This is a secret technique formed by some unique methods. So long as one shouts using this technique, the shout can easily penetrate all barriers and reach the nearest fellow apprentice. This is an extremely powerful secret technique. Naturally, they used this frequently when young. After growing up, though, they stopped using it, since it is truly too embarrassing."

Chen Feng gained understanding. So that\'s the case.

"Since I am the nearest fellow apprentice, this request for help was transmitted to me first. It was supposed to continue traveling and looking for help after that, but it was forcefully stopped by me. Otherwise, if it was allowed to continue…"

Qin Hai shook his head. At this, Chen Feng was greatly shaken.

Holy shit, the ancient race\'s version of "Drop Drop Beatdown"? 1