The Strongest Gene - Chapter 538: What Is This Guy Doing?

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Chapter 538: What Is This Guy Doing?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At this moment, in the territory of the devil race, Li Lei was still questioning the genetic warrior beside him that specialized in spatial abilities. Even after confirming it three times, determining that the teleportation target was fine, that sense of danger that had risen in his heart had prevented him from calming down.

The spatial specialist smiled bitterly. "Don\'t worry. Even if I can\'t group teleport like this ancient race fellow, I am still capable of comprehending the laws of space." He transmitted the coordinate to the others and said, "Mhm… This is where we will be teleported later."

Li Lei and the rest took a look and confirmed that it was indeed fine. This was indeed near the Genetic Union\'s reinforcements, a place where they could seek help.

Only at this did Li lei calm down somewhat. "Very good."


The devil\'s attack descended. Even with 10 beyond A classes joining hands to create this barrier, it was only able to block a single attack from this devil. They shivered in fear. How strong exactly was this devil whose body reeked of urine?

One clenched his teeth as he said, "We can\'t last any longer. Are you done yet?"

Lu Hun inhaled. "Soon. It is hard even for me to take so many people along when teleporting. Why are there so many of you guys in the first place? This is only a mission, right? Of course, if I was only required to teleport the beyond A classes and could leave everyone else behind, I could teleport right this instant."

As Li Lei and the rest heard this, they became speechless. Abandoning everyone else? That was not possible.

Bang! Bang!

The barrier before them started cracking.

The beyond A classes pushed their limits to try and last longer. As for Lu Hun, he tried to hasten the teleportation and get everyone out.

While clenching his teeth, Li Lei asked the spatial specialist beside him, "Is he truly not playing any tricks?"

That person smiled bitterly. "Nope."

"Fine." Li Lei continued defending. "Keep a close watch on him."

The act of cooperating with Lu Hun itself was something that brought great pressure, since they were required to closely watch every single action of his. At present, everyone was doing their best. Everyone apart from Chen Feng. The numerous battles they engaged in year round had granted them exceptional intuition. Li Lei was not the only one who sensed the existence of some unknown danger. Chen Feng felt the same thing as well.

Chen Feng gazed at the devil with a strong odor in front of them. Is it because of this fellow? He shook his head. No. This was also the reason something like a sense of danger was rather unstable and shouldn\'t be relied upon. Despite its ability to perceive the existence of danger, the feedback received was too unclear, especially in their current circumstances where everything seemed to be in chaos.


Chen Feng\'s heart jolted. After exhausting one luck value, he discovered the true crisis.


His Luck Aura locked onto a single person: Lu Hun.

Chen Feng shut his eyes. "It is indeed him." He knew this guy wouldn\'t be working with them honestly. Was he planning to teleport them to some unknown place to trick them? No. The Genetic Union had their own spatial specialist on this mission. The specialist had ascertained that the teleportation target was fine.

As the strength of the devil in front of them increased, their sense of crisis intensified. What was interesting was the fact that even with how ferocious the devil appeared to be, so ferocious that the devil seemed like he could kill everyone here, Chen Feng still did not feel any sense of crisis coming from this devil. This signified that this devil posed them no threat whatsoever. But from what he could see, it was obvious that…

Suddenly, Chen Feng realized something.

Lu Hun had probably completed his preparation for teleportation long ago. Only this could explain the reason for them not feeling any sense of crisis from this devil. If so, why had he not teleported them? What was he waiting for? Reinforcements? This guy had most probably requested reinforcements. It seemed like they would have to engage in a battle at the teleportation destination, then.

Chen Feng sneered. Very good. When the time comes, we will have to see which side\'s reinforcements are stronger…

Hold on. Since Lu Hun had already completed his preparation, why hadn\'t the spatial specialist reminded everyone of this? Something like the convergence of the power of space was supposed to be something this specialist knew well, right? Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

Lu Hun…


Suddenly, his brain jolted furiously as certain words surfaced in his brain.

"When our squad was on a mission, we suddenly lost consciousness. By the time we woke up, we were already seriously injured and had suddenly transformed into criminals. Remember, if you encounter someone with a diamond on his forehead, regardless of time and place, you must run, run far away!"

As these words surfaced within his brain, his messy thoughts were once again rearranged. Diamond on forehead… Losing consciousness… Regaining consciousness…

Suddenly, Chen Feng gained understanding.

"Spirit. Can luck value interrupt spatial teleportation?"

"Such a huge consumption? Forget it, then. Help me calculate the true coordinates of our teleportation target instead." Chen Feng opened his eyes and suddenly called out, "Li Lei."

Li Lei looked at him. "Mhm?"

"Take note of this. If that Lu Hun fellow tries to inflict losses on us during the teleportation, kill him directly." Chen Feng\'s eyes were filled with killing intent. "The moment any casualties appears, attack him immediately."

Li Lei agreed without any hesitation. "Understood."

Lu Hun snorted. "Hmph. Viewing the actions of a nobleman with the lens of a shameless person. Since I have said that I will bring all of you away, I will most certainly accomplish it. Not a single one of you will be left behind."

Radiance swirled around Lu Hun\'s hand. On his forehead, a bead of sweat appeared, making it seem like he was already trying his best. Toward this performance, Chen Feng merely sneered. Was he trying to drag this out in order to exhaust the power of the humans? Or was he waiting for the arrival of the reinforcements he had requested? It didn\'t matter. Chen Feng himself wanted to see clearly what plan Lu Hun had in place.

Bang! Bang!

Layer after layer of their barrier started breaking. The terrifying attack of this devil alarmed all of them. They had 10 beyond A classes against this single devil, yet they were still suffering such a crushing defeat without any chance of even counterattacking. The scariest part was the fact that this devil hadn\'t even been completed awakened, as it had yet to regain consciousness.

"The body of this devil is moving based on instinct alone. Presently, this devil is only using pure physical strength without using any abilities or skills."

They smiled bitterly. They were aware that the moment this devil awoke for real, a single move would be sufficient to kill everyone here. Such was the power of S class? This was no longer a gap of realms. Rather, this was more like the clash of two completely different systems of energy.

Bang! Bang!

The devil with a blank look in his eyes punched down without stop. The experts of the Genetic Union could clearly feel the amount of energy in their bodies reducing rapidly. At the same time, Lu Hun\'s energy was reducing as well. In order to avoid being discovered, he was allowing his energy to be reduced crazily as well. Otherwise, how could he conceal it from those old foxes such as Li Lei?

Such a method of exhaustion was a method that would cause both sides to suffer and seemed pointless. Ultimately, the true fight would be between the reinforcements of their respective sides after the teleportation. If so, who exactly had this Lu Hun requested as reinforcements? Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed coldly.

At a certain location similarly shrouded in darkness, several people stood amid the rain, allowing the rain to wash over their bodies. Their pitch-black gowns were faintly discernible amid the darkness, exuding some traces of killing intent.

"Has the information been received?"


"Is it him?"


"Very good. We have been waiting a long time for this."

"How true…"

A sigh resounded. Once again, the figures vanished amid the darkness.