The Strongest Gene - Chapter 537: This Must Be Some Cheat Technology

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Chapter 537: This Must Be Some Cheat Technology

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied. Could this be considered some sort of forbidden technology? He looked at the devil pouring liquid down crazily while the other devil took aim using the young prince\'s crotch before letting loose the urine where they wanted it.


This had to be some sort of forbidden technology. Naturally, that wasn\'t the biggest problem here. Rather, thanks to this young devil prince, that expert that gave off a stifling feeling was about to awaken.



The ground started trembling. Everyone\'s expression sank. This wasn\'t the mere arm that Li Lei had encountered when he\'d been here previously. Rather, what was about to be summoned was the entirety of the expert.

"How are we supposed to even fight that?" someone asked with a bewildered expression.

Li Lei, his expression solemn, glanced at the enemy\'s body before stating steadily, "Run!"

What kind of joke was this? Back then, this expert here had only recovered a single arm and were already capable of injuring him. Now that the main body was almost recovered, how could the humans even begin to battle it? At times like this, it was most apt for one to demonstrate their skill in running away.

Run! Run! Run!

Everyone started fleeing crazily. As for that beyond-B-class senior who specialized in speed boosts, his power was pushed to the limit as he helped everyone run from this place like their lives depended on it. All their plans were cast aside, since this scene where the expert was entirely summoned hadn\'t been part of their plan at all.

In their plan, the final goal had been to stop the summoning of this expert. Now, though, since the expert was about to be summoned, they could only escape, nothing else.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "I keep feeling like I have been cheated." As he was fleeing, he turned his head around to take a glance at how the devils were doing.


The young prince was still "shooting" forth without stop. It seemed like what this prince had mentioned previously about how its pee could reach a distance of more than 30 meters hadn\'t been a lie after all. However, as Chen Feng saw the struggle and expression of pain on the prince\'s face, his heart thumped.

"Xiao Ying."


A red flash streaked forth amid the darkness. At present, the elderly devil in the Land of Legacy was coldly looking in the direction the humans had escaped.

The elderly devil muttered, "Hehe… How could it be that easy to escape? What an honor it is for you people to have the privilege to witness the awakening of this lord. You all shall be the first sacrifice to the lord following his awakening."


The ground trembled. Finally, that huge body stood up. This was a body so tall it seemed to reach the clouds. Its cold and detached gaze swept around before finally landing on Chen Feng\'s group.


Killing intent pervaded the air.


Just like that, he started walking toward them one step at a time.

One of the genetic warriors was angered. "Let me give it a try." As an illustrious beyond A class, was he supposed to escape the moment he encountered someone strong? Even if Li Lei had mentioned previously how terrifying this fellow was, that was, after all, still just one side of the story. He studied this newly awakened devil. Despite its huge body, it did not seem to have a unique aura about it. Perhaps…

He tried attacking with a single genetic ability.


That devil hiccupped. A faint gaseous energy shot out and collided with the beyond A class\'s attack. The hiccup had actually smashed the attack apart, not leaving anything behind. Damaging this devil? It did not seem possible.

"Holy shit."

That genetic warrior howled before turning around and continuing to flee. This was how things would always be. If one did not attempt something personally, one would never realize how terrible a defeat one might experience…

In this situation, what was the point of battle? This was an opponent in an entirely different league.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everyone fled frantically. However, that devil\'s speed seemed much faster than theirs. If this continued, it wouldn\'t be long before the devil caught up to them.


What was that? In the midst of their escape, they saw someone blocking the way in front of them. Were these devil race members as well? Their hearts chilled at this thought. When they approached the blockade, they became speechless. That was because these were actually members of the ancient race! The one at the center, the leader, was a superexpert of the ancient race: Lu Hun!

His strength had reached the level of beyond A9. A true apex of existence.

His glanced swept past before locking onto Chen Feng. "Chen Feng, I finally found you."

Lu Hun\'s killing intent surged.

Chen Feng\'s expression darkened. How have I stumbled upon him here? Naturally, he did not know that Lu Hun had come here just for him.

Lu Hun\'s killing intent intensified. "This time, I will most certainly dismember your body—"

Chen Feng interrupted, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Dismember my body into ten-thousand pieces, am I right? However, it\'s pointless even if you kill me. By doing that, your wife will hate you more. Do you want me to explain to her properly for you instead?"

Lu Hun blanked. True. If he killed Chen Feng, he would be forever unable to clearly explain this matter. Back then, hadn\'t it been because of him trying to kill Chen Feng that his wife had hated him for a long time? If Chen Feng were to personally explain to his wife…

Chen Feng did not seem like he was going to give Lu Hun much chance to consider this. "Therefore, before that, I think it\'s best if we first deal with that thing."


Lu Hun\'s gazed in the direction Chen Feng was pointing. Only at this did he notice the intense devil aura in that direction. Accompanied by a terrifying radiance, a huge figure appeared.

Lu Hun\'s heart jolted furiously. "It\'s that fellow!" That fellow… had actually successfully awakened? The devil race… would most probably rise in power, then.


A terrifying boom resounded. Step by step, that figure approached them. What caused Lu Hun to be somewhat doubtful was the fact that on that expert\'s body, apart from the intense devil aura, there was also an incredibly strong odor of urine…

Chen Feng pointed at that big guy. "Can you even escape this thing? The devil race will not allow either of us to return alive."

Lu Hun was speechless. Evidently, even he had not expected that this expert would actually awaken this early. This had surpassed everyone\'s expectations.

"Either we join hands or we die together," Chen Feng proposed calmly.

Lu Hun sneered. "Join hands and kill it? Allowing you people to obtain its gene to produce a new gene reagent? Hehe, that\'s not possible."

Chen Feng threw him a glance. "You misunderstand me. I merely propose that we join hands to escape from here."

That\'s right. Joining hands just to escape.

Even with Lu Hun of the ancient race here, even with Li Lei and other 10 beyond A classes of the human race here, before this devil expert, they could only flee, nothing else.

Finally, Lu Hun agreed. "That\'s fine for me." Since the circumstances had changed abruptly from his plan, he would have to act accordingly. Li Lei and the rest had never expected that a day would come where they would have to work with the ancient race.


The devil expert roared. A terrifying shockwave spread around, scraping around one or two meters of soil off the surface of the ground in the process. A terrifying might engulfed everyone present, planting fear even in the heart of Lu Hun.


The green radiance intensified. All around Lu Hun, it started shimmering.

"Help me stop the energy." Lu Hun groaned. "I have a way to teleport all of us away from here."

The shockwave released by the devil was too powerful, while the shockwave was too terrifying. If the shockwave wasn\'t blocked, he wouldn\'t be able to start any spatial teleportation at all.

"All right," Li Lei replied.


Numerous radiances erupted and blocked the devil\'s shockwave. Li Lei and a beyond B class specializing in spatial abilities exchanged glances before the latter nodded his head, confirming that Lu Hun was indeed attempting group spatial teleportation. The location of the teleportation was acceptable as well. Even if this beyond B class was not capable of teleportation himself, he was still capable of checking the coordinates.

"Activate full defense!" Li Lei looked at the devil that was nearing them. "We only have a single chance."

"All right."


Numerous defensive barriers were erected. Accompanied by an intense odor, that devil finally appeared before them. The devil raised its huge fist, then punched down. At that instant, space itself shattered. Right at this moment, the intensity of the green radiance increased greatly.