The Strongest Gene - Chapter 536: Such a Method Exists?

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Chapter 536: Such a Method Exists?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

For humanity, the ancient race, and the devil race, time was what was most important right now. Each race was racing against time to seek a lifeline for their race. The devils were trying to summon that person as soon as possible. Humans were trying to reach the location of the sacrifice ceremony in the shortest time possible and obtain the blood essence of that expert the devils were summoning before its soul was summoned.

As for the ancients, they were trying to eliminate both the humans and the devils. Even for the present ancient race, which was suffering from internal discord, they still regarded themselves as the strongest race in existence. As for the humans, the ancients still regarded them as nothing but cannon fodder.

This assumption of theirs was further reinforced by the fact that the humans had even supplied them with the beyond X gene reagent. As such, humans were most certainly a race that could only qualify as slaves. Even now, the noble ancient race had yet to discover the true problem, the real reason the ancient race had been feminized.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

The Genetic Union members were rushing toward the devil race. With Li Lei present, no map was required. As such, their journey was rather straightforward as they headed directly toward their target. The only problem plaguing them was the devils, who were awakening without stop around them. It seemed like all the devils were appearing to stop their advance. A1, A2, A9, and so on. Moreover, even beyond-A-class experts appeared among the devils.

Unfortunately, the present humans were already different than they had been in the past. Throughout the past half year, the devils had been recovering. As for the humans, they had been rapidly improving in strength. With the mass production of the beyond X gene reagent, a huge amount of humans had managed to reach beyond A class.

Shua! Shua!

With numerous cold lights flashing about, the awakened devils were not able to do anything before dying.

"Just continue forward," Li Lei stated coldly.

"Are you fine?" someone asked as they looked at Li Lei and Chen Feng with worried expressions. Both of them had just suffered from overexertion of energy not long ago. Even now, they had yet to fully recover.

"I\'m fine."

Li Lei sensed his body before saying, "My energy is slowly recovering. I suppose that by the time we arrive, I will be able to fight as usual again."

Chen Feng nodded. "Same here." The only pity was the fact that they were in too much of a rush. As such, he had just used his God Punisher. For this trip, he would not be able to use that ability.

The one who had asked was relieved to hear that. "That\'s good, then. Let us deal with all the devils we encounter on the way. You both only need to prepare yourselves."

Chen Feng nodded. "Understood."

"Will we arrive in time?"

"Not a problem," Li Lei answered without hesitation. There were no delays in the execution of this mission as the higher-ups had directly issued a command to hasten this mission in order to fight over time with the devil race.

Suddenly, Li Lei recalled something. "Oh, right, there\'s a prince among the devils. Hold on…"


Using light, Li Lei formed a hologram of the prince\'s appearance. From his appearance, this prince appeared incredibly young.

"It\'s this fellow. Remember, if our plan progresses smoothly, remember to deal with this prince as well. This prince might look like someone without much potential, but a prince is still a prince. Do you guys understand?" asked Li Lei.

Everyone nodded. "Understood." Devil prince… If possible, it was indeed better to eliminate this prince.

Hua! Hua!

The black rain was even heavier now, and the cold wind swept past them without stop. The devils were seemingly aware of what the humans were planning, and they were manufacturing all sorts of natural disasters in an attempt to stop the humans. Unfortunately, before true strength, these natural disasters were nothing but a joke. This was especially true because there were 10 beyond A classes among the humans this time.



Two beyond-B-class genetic warriors that specialized in energy recovery were restoring the energy of everyone present as they traveled. A familiar energy wave echoed around them, giving them all a snug feeling.

Suddenly, Li Lei said, "There won\'t be any problems for now. We will encounter something truly problematic when we reach the Land of Sacrifice."

Chen Feng nodded. "Understood." The Land of Sacrifice was most certainly the place where the devil race was the strongest.

If this mission ended in success, humanity would enter the era of S class, their strength increasing on the whole. As for the devil race, they would truly sink into an existence akin to being the puppets of the other races. If their strongest warriors had all encountered mishaps, what would they have left? They would have nothing left.

As such, this coming battle would be extremely important. Since the humans were aware of this, the devils were naturally aware of this as well. As such, the strongest members of the devil race would most definitely be at the Land of Sacrifice. The strength of nearly the entirety of the devil race concentrated there.

That would be where the true decisive battle would happen. Naturally, if everything progressed as planned, Chen Feng would not be required to fight at all. This time, he was only here as a gene producer.

Xiu! Xiu!

Yet again, numerous devils crawled out of the ground. Li Lei glanced over with a cold gaze as the people of the Genetic Union started clearing these newly appeared devils. From the start till the end, they were not delayed in the slightest. It was quite naive of the devils to want to delay them using such a method.

Shua! Shua!

Supported by beyond B classes specializing in boosting speed, the group traveled forth amid the darkness. Soon, a faint flickering light could be seen in the distance. They had arrived at the Land of Sacrifice. This trip had gone far smoother than they had imagined it would.

"Be careful."

At this moment, all of them subdued their movements. Distantly, faint gloomy sounds could be heard.

"The sacrifice is still in progress. Let\'s go take a look."

They went over carefully.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, "Careful."

Even without the warning from his Luck Aura, even with seemingly no dangers around them, the instinct Chen Feng had honed gave him the feeling that something was not right. This was too smooth. Was this due to the overwhelming strength of the current humanity? No… Chen Feng shook his head.

Truthfully, here in this area where all the soil was black, it was simply impossible to hide their movements from the devils, yet even so, the devils did not seem to have anyone stationed nearby to guard this Land of Sacrifice. If so, something had to be off somewhere.

The genetic warriors nodded. "Understood." With care, they walked forth. The shadows in the distance became distinct. As they raised their heads, the contents of the Land of Sacrifice were visible to the naked eye. With a single glance, Li Lei\'s expression changed abruptly.

There, a huge body was gradually being completed. A faint radiance condensed around it. That expert seemed to be on the verge of awakening. The summoning of that expert had already been completed? This speed was ten times faster than they had estimated.

Li Lei paled. "How is this possible?"

One of them pointed at the sky. "Look."

Everyone raised their heads and understood the reason the summoning of this expert had been completed so quickly. However, this reason was quite…

Up in the air, the young prince was hanging. Someone was pouring a huge amount of liquid into his body without stop. Bucket after bucket, liquid was being forced down the prince\'s throat until the prince\'s belly swelled into a round shape. Next, the prince\'s crotch was aimed straight at the altar of summoning, allowing the prince to bestow all below with his mighty urine powerful enough to extinguish their soul lamp, urine filled with vitality.

This was the real reason the summoning had proceeded so quickly. The energy and vitality—or perhaps some other energy required to complete the summoning—had actually been amassed thanks to this young prince. Li Lei was dumbstruck. Chen Feng was dumbstruck. Everyone was dumbstruck. They gazed at the young devil prince, who was being used as an "energy-improving device," and remained in a long stupor. This… works?