The Strongest Gene - Chapter 527: My King!

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Chapter 527: My King!

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What? Qin Hai was utterly dumbfounded. It would be reasonable for the empress to request his help, but to request having a child with him?

"Hold on." Qin Hai remained in a long stupor.

The empress groveled before Qin Hai. "Lord, please allow me this request."

Qin Hai\'s eyes widened. "Where\'s the emperor?"

"He… No, he is now a she." The empress smiled bitterly. "The entire ancient race has been feminized. At most, the emperor is nothing but my sister now."

Qin Hai: "…How about the others?"

The empress sighed. "It\'s the same. The entire ancient race, regardless of age, has become female."

Qin Hai recalled that there were still a huge number of ancient race infants around. "How about those children?"

The empress smiled bitterly. "They are slowly transforming as well."

What? This totally shocked Qin Hai awake. This thing was actually much graver then they had imagined. The progress of Chen Feng\'s plan was actually much smoother than imagined. The so-called Nine Yin Demonic Termination had in fact been a lie all along. Qin Hai was aware of that. However, for children to not even able to escape this fate…

Only now did Qin Hai recall that this was the ancient race. The children of the ancient race would directly be D class from birth, starting at a point much higher than humans did. The children here had great innate strength and contained a lot of energy within their body. As such, to ensure that their children would not fall behind others, these ancient race adults had most definitely fed their children beyond X gene reagents as well, hoping that even if it couldn\'t help their children break through, a solid foundation could still be built.

As Qin Hai thought of this, the only thing he could do was gasp in admiration. This was the actual truth behind the so-called Nine Yin Demonic Termination.

The crux of Chen Feng\'s lie was to ensure that the ancient race would not discover the problem with their version of the beyond X gene reagent and to instead let them worry about the fabricated Nine Yin Demonic Termination. At the same time, this subtly led their line of thought so they would believe only beyond-A-class experts would not be influenced by this forbidden skill.

A great example was Qin Hai, someone who seemed to be immune to it.

A different example would be the fellow apprentices within this land of legacy.

As those ancient race members were worried that in the future, their children would be affected by the forbidden skill, or perhaps worried that this forbidden skill would once again shroud their race, these ancient race members would most definitely try to increase their children\'s strength starting at a young age. From the moment of birth, numerous beyond X gene reagents would be fed to their children in the hope that they would break through faster, freeing themselves from the curse of the Nine Yin Demonic Termination.

None of them had imagined that this entire thing had been a huge scam from the start.

Qin Hai sighed. "Scammed by that fellow again." He was sure that this had to be the work of Chen Feng. Apart from him, who else could think of such a ruthless method of dealing with the ancient race? This was akin to an incorporeal soft knife, a soft knife that would cause the extinction of the entire ancient race. As he thought of this, Qin Hai looked toward the center of the land of legacy.

His master, the person who was still so very terrifying even now, was still not planning to make any moves?

"Master, what exactly are you thinking about?" Qin Hai shook his head. Among them fellow apprentices, none of them was able to grasp the thoughts of this master.

"Senior?" The empress gazed at the seemingly spellbound Qin Hai and took the initiative to approach him. A fair and tender hand landed on Qin Hai\'s body, jolting him awake. Promptly, he grabbed her and stopped her.

Qin Hai shook his head. "No."

The empress whined. "Senior…"

"Oh, I am not the only person in the entire ancient race. There are others…" Without hesitation, Qin Hai sold off his apprentice brothers. "All of us fellow apprentices here are unaffected by that forbidden skill. I can introduce you to them. For example, Lu Hun…"

Lu Hun\'s faint voice drifted out of the land of legacy. "I am a married person."

"For example, Master Mu…"

"I will not have any sexual intercourse with someone from a different clan." This master of the White Sect, who had a white cap on his head, started explaining that although they were similarly part of the ancient race, he was also part of a noble bloodline among the ancient race, the Mu Clan. Even someone like the empress was not qualified to bear his child. At this, the empress\'s face flushed with anger. When had she ever been humiliated this way?

Qin Hai promptly put forth another name. "For example, Brother Lan…"

This person he mentioned was the person who had built the Mysterious Organization\'s underground transportation system, that superexpert with a blue diamond who was capable of moving through all terrains.

Brother Lan\'s unhurried voice drifted out. "I like males."


The entire world seemed to lapse into silence.

Brother Lan calmly continued, "If you are willing to accompany me for one day, I wouldn\'t mind granting this empress my seed."

Qin Hai: "…"

The empress gazed expectantly at Qin Hai.

What in the world are you expecting? Qin Hai did not know what to say. "What in the world is this? Damn it, Chen Feng. When I return, I will definitely teach you a lesson!" Qin Hai mumbled. But then, he\'d still failed to solve this present issue.

Qin Hai smiled bitterly. "Sorry. I can\'t do it."

"Will you truly watch on as the ancient race goes extinct?" the empress whined.

Suddenly, Lu Hun said, "Leave. Forget about the issue of giving birth. But then, this calamity still requires us to personally get involved." Qin Hai thought of an excuse. "After the battle back then, Master said that we should never again bother with the mortal affairs."

"When had you ever abided by that?" Lu Hun stated without politeness. "All those years ago, when you created an identity called Qin Hai among the humans to investigate the humans in secret and even participated in that gene production competition, wasn\'t that also an act of bothering with mortal affairs?"

Qin Hai laughed dryly. "Cough, cough."

Lu Hun patted his shoulder. "I know that you are dedicated to your work. It was truly hard on you when you were required to investigate the human race back then. But now, since the ancient race is already in such a situation, we truly can\'t ignore them anymore. Since Master is in seclusion, the ancient race can only rely on us. We can\'t allow Master to come out of his seclusion only to be presented with an extinct ancient race."

"Why don\'t you go, then?" Qin Hai grumbled.

"I wish." Lu Hun sighed. "But that family member of mine… You are already aware of my difficulties, right? Moreover, she\'s also Master\'s daughter… If I truly were to deal with this, there would be no hope of salvaging our relationship. As such, this will have to rely on you." With a solemn expression, Lu Hun concluded, "Raise your head and look clearly. The present ancient race, all of them are yours. Regardless of the prowess of those formidable warriors or their status, they are all yours!" Next, with a kick, Qin Hai was flung out of the land of legacy.


The entrance to the land of legacy was shut tight. Qin Hai was dumbfounded. The hell, he was actually kicked out?

The empress gazed at him tenderly. "Your Majesty, from now onward, you are our king."

Qin Hai: "…"

He raised his head and looked at the huge land of the ancient race. As he recalled what Lu Hun said earlier, he shook his head. All this was now his? They had no idea that all this was merely a part of Chen Feng\'s plan. He truly felt helpless now. He laughed bitterly. Naturally, if Chen Feng saw this... Qin Hai could guess what Chen Feng would say.

He would point at the map, indicating the territory of the ancient race, and say, "Look, this is the kingdom gifted to you by me! A harem I created personally for you!"

Qin Hai sighed. "What sins have I done to deserve this?" Ever since he had met Chen Feng, his life had been very eventful. From the destruction of the Qin family, to being crippled, to the impasse at that snowy mountain, to the barbarian legacy, to the legendary Holy War back then... Step by step, until now…

Qin Hai inhaled deeply. Forget it. Despite the so-called calamity or imminent peril of the ancient race, he was clear that even if the entire ancient race was no longer capable of breeding, no longer had any future, they would not disappear for real. That was because that master of his had yet to make his move. As the strongest person of the ancient race, as the creator of their land of legacy, since he had yet to make a move, this signified that the ancient race was still not in their greatest possible danger.

Rather, humanity was the one truly in imminent peril. Regardless of whether it was for himself or humanity or to report to Chen Feng, he did not seem like he had much choice. As he thought of this, he started stepping out.

He knew that the moment he stepped out, he would be the sole king of the ancient race. Or perhaps, one could say that he was the one and only male of the ancient race.