The Strongest Gene - Chapter 526: I Want to Make Babies with You!

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Chapter 526: I Want to Make Babies with You!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Nine Yin Demonic Termination? What in the world was that? Only after the people of the ancient race gathered some information on what that was did they turn pale from fright. It was rumored that humanity possessed two great forbidden skills. One of those great forbidden skills was Nine Yin Demonic Termination, which was capable of shrouding the area it covered with the aura of yin, causing all the life-forms within that area to lose all masculine characteristics, turning them all into females.

The second forbidden skill was called Golden Titanium Skill, which was capable of causing all female life-forms in the area it shrouded to be pregnant with sons of unknown fathers. Both these skills were extremely dreadful and originated from a forbidden skill named Supreme Ultimate. During the past countless years, despite the fact that the inheritance of this Supreme Ultimate had been severed, the two forbidden skills originating from it remained.

"Teehee. How is it possible for something like that to exist?"

"Yep, yep."

"I suppose the humans were too shocked by our strength and purposely made up some stories to sway our mind. Teehee."

"True, and they are trying to scam this person here? How funny."

"The both of you…"


"No, there\'s nothing."

"Hmph, how annoying is it to face someone who never finishes his words."

"Right, right."


It was also at this time that these ancient race experts that had been busy with war all these days finally had the time to observe their bodies properly. With shock, they discovered something scary.


"How did this happen…"

"Annoying, this person here lost my ding dong."

"Wu, wu, same here."

"Ah ah ah, this person here is a masculine male." [1] 1


As for the ancient race members that were originally females, they watched all this, stupefied. Looking at how their brothers transformed into sisters, how their fathers transformed into mothers…what exactly was going on with this world? Nine Yin Demonic Termination… The forbidden skill of humans was this terrifying?

"Those must be separate incidents."

Everyone hoped that this was indeed the case. Alas, as they continued their observation, they noted that more and more of the ancient race males had been feminized. Even those respected elders couldn\'t avoid this fact, even those top-notch experts.

Their hearts chilled. "It\'s over."

Only now did those people, including the prince, realize what exactly was it that had happened. So it turned out that recently, they had fallen victim to humanity\'s Nine Yin Demonic Termination? Only now did the ancient race start taking the humans\' announcement seriously.

"Regardless of what forbidden skill it is, to activate it, we humans most certainly had to pay a huge price. As such, we truly hope not to use such forbidden skills. We humans have always wished to live together in harmony with the ancient race. Hopefully, the ancient race will no longer involve themselves in the affairs of the humans and devil race. Otherwise, we don\'t mind activating the second forbidden skill as well…"

This announcement was short and simple, yet it caused one\'s heart to thump in horror. Second forbidden skill? The mere thought of that caused the ancient race members to feel fear. That titanium something skill? The very forbidden skill capable of causing all females to become pregnant with children of unknown fathers? They pictured the scene where those unrivaled heroes of the ancient race that had been forcefully transformed into females were forced to get pregnant and even partake in the act of giving birth.


The entire ancient race lapsed into silence. Only now did they realize what a terrifying race the humans were. Indeed, they weren\'t particularly powerful when it came to combat strength, but these methods available to the humans were sufficient to plant fear in the ancient race.

"Let\'s… let\'s focus on our own rebellions for now," the emperor decreed.

The empress was furious. "Bastard! Where\'s your pride? Since the humans dared to do that to us, shouldn\'t we destroy them first?"

The emperor was anxious. "But… but this person here is afraid of the second forbidden skill…"

The empress gnashed her teeth. "Since this forbidden skill exists, a method of countering it might exist as well."

"No, there\'s no need to rush," the emperor stated gently. "Why not talk after dealing with our own rebellions?"

The empress felt like fainting. She was truly despairing.

That was because that Nine Yin Demonic Termination not only transformed one\'s gender, it also transformed one\'s temperament. Almost all the experts underwent a huge change in their temperament. This was especially true for the experts that had been bold. The bolder they had been previously, the greater the present contrast was. Presently, in the entire ancient race, there no longer existed anyone capable of shouldering the burden of an entire race. The ancient race no longer had a future.

Suddenly, the empress thought of something. "Oh right, those seniors." The only reason the imperial clan of the ancient race had been able to last until today was due to the assistance they had received from the people of that particular ancient bloodline. Those were the true backbone of the entire ancient race. Based on the humans\' strength classifications, those experts were what one would call beyond A class. These were true experts.

"Yeah, look for them." Filled with expectations, the empress entered their land of legacy. "Dear all seniors, I wish…"

"Aiya, isn\'t this the empress?"

"Why have you come? Teehee."

Two experts that had previously been majestic, tall, and sturdy were presently talking with the empress while forming an orchid shape with their fingers. [2] 2

When the empress saw this, her heart chilled. She could clearly feel that these two that had initially only been A classes were now beyond A classes, becoming top-notch experts like all those seniors. But then… they had also similarly been affected by that forbidden skill.

The empress collapsed. "Even those here have not survived?"

If even this place was shrouded by the forbidden skill, the ancient race no longer had any land free of human influence. Right as she was despairing...

A flat voice could be heard. "Who is it?"

Despite how cold the voice sounded, that completely masculine voice caused the empress to be overwhelmed by emotions, and a gush of warmth seemed to flow through her veins.

Male! She had finally encountered a proper male! A proper ancient race male that was still alive!

She raised her head and looked ahead. The person who had spoken was a male shrouded by a mysterious black radiance. He was young and handsome.

The two guards saluted him deferentially. "Lord."

"Mhm." Qin Hai nodded slightly, looked at the empress at the door, and stated flatly, "Is there anything the empress requires?"

"It\'s you."

The empress was so excited that both her legs started limping. She had heard from the legends that among those seniors, one of them had eternal youth yet extremely powerful strength. That person was precisely this senior before her, this senior with a mysterious energy around him.

She prostrated herself before that person directly. "I beseech you, please save the ancient race!"

Qin Hai raised his brow. "Oh?" What in the world was this?

"The ancient race no longer has a future." The empress was able to see the truth of things clearly. "The emperor and the other ancient race members have had their gender changed and no longer have a sober mind. However, I am well aware that the ancient race is over."

Qin Hai\'s heart thumped. He had never expected that this empress here was actually a person with such vision.

"Presently, the entire ancient race is comprised solely of females. Even those children that were still in D class failed to avoid this fate. As of now, the ancient race no longer has any males. The majestic ancient race has actually transformed into a kingdom of only females!" the empress lamented. Being the empress, her appearance was naturally far above others. The present her, with her pitiful appearance, was indeed rather moving. Alas, there was nobody here to appreciate this…

Regardless of the stone-hearted Qin Hai or those two experts that were still busy forming orchid fingers in the distance, none could appreciate this.

Qin Hai was extremely calm. "What do you require?"

"I require…" The empress hesitated slightly before gently and decisively stating, "I want to make a male baby with you, for myself and for the future of the ancient race." Finishing her words, the empress continued prostrating before Qin Hai.

Qin Hai was dumbstruck. "Ah?" The sternness he had been maintaining with difficulty collapsed instantly. What in the world?