The Strongest Gene - Chapter 525: Have You Heard of Those…

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Chapter 525: Have You Heard of Those…

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"This is what I did." Chen Feng explained his feminization scheme to Qin Hai.

As Qin Hai listened on, he was dumbstruck. It was obvious that it was simply impossible that those so-called geniuses had been able to comprehend the power of beyond with a single attempt. Without much thought, Qin Hai already knew that those fellows had actually secretly consumed quite a huge number of beyond X gene reagents to obtain comprehension. Now, if what Chen Feng told him was true…

Qin Hai started sweating as he thought of it.

"You hadn\'t consumed any of the new gene reagents, right?" Chen Feng asked with a sinister expression.

Qin Hai scolded without hesitation, "Scram! I was one of the participants in your beyond X tests back then. Since I am aware that you have a better edition of this gene reagent, why would I have taken any of trash they are taking?"

Chen Feng smiled. "Hehe." He had indeed assisted Qin Hai\'s breakthrough into the realm of beyond. This was a rather easy feat for Qin Hai, who had already been a genius. Moreover, the version of gene reagent he\'d used was Chen Feng\'s best version. As such, the effect was even better. This was also thanks to the ancient race. Using the wealth earned from the ancient race, humanity\'s research and gene production level had progressed greatly.

Qin Hai was anxious. "What are you planning to do next?" Although the ancient race no longer had a future, they were still here in the present. The present ancient race was exceptionally powerful. If humanity were to end up accidentally eliminated by the ancient race, the final result would be the mutual destruction of both races, and the devil race would be the one who profited from all this.

Chen Feng smiled toyingly. "Don\'t worry. I naturally have a way of dealing with that."

"That\'s good, then." Qin Hai did not put much thought into these words of Chen Feng\'s. On the next day, an extremely astonishing piece of news was released. For humanity, this was extremely ordinary news, but for the ancient race, this was akin to disaster.

"Bluemoon grass and a whole bunch of other medicinal herbs have increased greatly in price due to the huge increase in demand. After three months of research by the Research Agency, a brand new farming method has been discovered, finally greatly reducing the price of these herbs by around a hundred times, returning these herbs to their initial prices before all this."

This was the latest report from the Research Agency. The materials affected here were astonishingly all the materials included in the formula that the ancient race obtained. As such, the cost of production for the ancient race\'s beyond X gene reagent became incredibly cheap, resulting in the supply of this gene reagent on the ancient race\'s market increasing greatly. This caused the ancient race to go crazy.

The various major ancient race families were stupefied. "Why did this happen?" They had never expected that this gene reagent that had still been an extremely valuable commodity a short while ago would now become a common commodity. This item that they had previously obtained after almost bankrupting their families became something everyone could afford.

The scariest aspect of this was the effect this had on their rebels. Initially, the only advantage the major families had had over these rebels was the power of beyond. Now, the rebels were able to obtain the power of beyond as well, greatly increasing their strength.

They were all bewildered. "How did this happen…"

The prince was furious. "Where did those damnable gene reagents come from?"

"No idea." The underling was alarmed. "Those gene reagents flooding our market are not from any of our official suppliers. It seems like there are some unknown suppliers hauling these gene reagents into our market without stop and selling them at an extremely cheap price."

The prince raged. "Bastard!"


In his anger, his underling was killed on the spot, alarming countless people around him. How many times had this happened? The temper of this prince, who had previously had a refined temperament, was becoming weirder and weirder. This seemed to be happening to all their other experts as well…

At the slightest provocation, they would start killing. Was it due to the recent chaos?

These underlings exchanged glances and inwardly decided that perhaps it was time for them to leave, to leave this place and return to the chaotic world outside. Now that these gene reagents were so cheap, they would be able to easily enter the realm of beyond as well. As such, on that night, a bunch of ancient race foot soldiers disappeared… Before leaving, they even remembered to take the riches of the prince with them.

The prince was so angry that he started cursing. "Bastards!" This was uncontrollable and unstoppable. As their rebels started entering the realm of beyond, the ancient race entered a stage of total chaos. Numerous major factions appeared and started fighting each other like they were savages.

As for the beyond X gene reagent, due to how cheap and effective it was, it became a gene reagent each of these ancient race members had to have. Even a normal poverty-stricken ancient race commoner was prepared to obtain several beyond X gene reagents as their trump card.

And now, finally, the initial effects of this feminization plan showed itself. Based on the estimation of Chen Feng\'s group, after consuming a single bottle, the effect wouldn\'t be too obvious, yet the testosterone production would be somewhat inhibited. After consuming 10 bottles, the user would be somewhat feminized. Their body would start producing estrogen, and testosterone would continue being inhibited. Those who consumed 20 bottles would be greatly feminized and would no longer be able to breed. Those who had consumed 50 bottles would start losing the physical characteristics of a male. Those who had consumed 100 bottles…


This was what Chen Feng\'s group had intended to only happen toward the end. That was because it was simply not easy for this scheme to succeed. For it to happen, a huge amount of this gene reagent was required. A long time was required for it to slowly happen as well. As such, this had initially been set up as a long-term strategy, but unexpectedly, the ancient race was actually this crazy.

This plan… had totally ignored the initial stage where, first, a sufficient amount of gene reagent had to be made available. Rather, it had directly entered the stage where only time was required for the ancient race members to consume a sufficient amount of them. Nearly all ancient race members had consumed more than 100 bottles.

"According to our early tests, how long will it require for this plan to display its effect?"

"Half a year."

"Half a year…"

Chen Feng calculated the time. It seemed like it was almost time? But then, the moment it reached the final stage, the ancient race would most certainly realize that something was wrong with their gene reagents. That wouldn\'t do. The ancient race had yet to be completely destroyed, and the devil race had only suffered small damage so far. Mhm…

"Seems like I have to think of something." Chen Feng sunk into contemplation.

At present, in the ancient race\'s territory.

The prince appeared. "All rebels shall be killed without mercy!" His handsome appearance and cold temperament caused numerous people to submit to him. This was the future of their ancient race! This was their ancient race\'s prince. After receiving the order to suppress the rebellion, the prince eliminated the enemies in a short amount of time. Once again, the power of beyond showcased an unimaginable level of strength.

"Return," the prince commanded coldly.


Countless underlings gazed at him with reverence. This was their prince, so powerful that he caused one to feel intoxicated. Without realizing it, in their reverence-filled gaze, an additional odd feeling was included as well. After returning to the camp, the prince dispersed his underlings. Next, the firm and persistent expression vanished, replaced by a gentle expression. After rinsing a pot of clear water over his face, the makeup on his face was cleared, revealing a gentle yet beautiful appearance. Gazing at himself from the mirror, the prince caressed his face gently with his fingers.


His clothes slid down his body. Numerous strips of white cloth were wrapped around his chest, seemingly suppressing a certain existence.

The prince shut his eyes painfully. "Why… have I become this way?" That face of his he had seen in the mirror was actually a face so lovely one couldn\'t resist feeling compassion for. Was this still him? He was supposed to be the future of the ancient race!

All this while, he had been busy dealing with the rebellion and had not had the time to consider anything else. Suddenly, one day, he had been this way. It had reached a point that he did not dare to even leave his room without first putting on makeup. Was he suffering from the ambush of some other prince? He nibbled on his lip and stomped his feet on the ground before saying, "I will most definitely find out the truth about this."

Right as he was about to investigate this matter, some astonishing information was transmitted to him. Due to the appearance of the devil race, humanity had suffered a disastrous loss. In their anger, the experts of humanity had unleashed a legendary forbidden skill toward all nonhuman territories: Nine Yin Demonic Termination!