The Strongest Gene - Chapter 523: Hold On, Hey, This Is a Different Plan

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Chapter 523: Hold On, Hey, This Is a Different Plan

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"Ah." He chuckled. "Are you worried that I will take out my anger on you after failing to break through? Don\'t worry. I am well aware of the result."

He shook his head slightly. Gulp! The gene reagent was consumed. At that instant, an incredibly formidable power could be felt. That instant, a feeling like he was unrivaled under the heavens even arose in him. Such power… He remained in a stupor for a long time.

So, this is the power of beyond? So, such is the prowess one stands to gain after comprehending the concept of beyond?

If he had such power in his grasp, how many people in this world would be his match? As the future of the ancient race, he had to make himself the strongest of the ancient race. This was a power he had to make his. Similar to everyone else who\'d once had a taste of this power of beyond, he became addicted to this feeling of power and incapable of forgetting the strength he\'d had at that instant. This applied to even this prince of the ancient race.

"This thing, I want more of them," he stated with a sharp gaze. Suddenly, he recalled something. "Oh, right. Did anyone notice you coming?"

The underling was puzzled. "Yes. Some people saw me. Why?"

The prince: "…" As he saw the confusion in his underling, he could only shake his head. What an idiotic fellow…

"How many of this thing can you get?" he asked solemnly. He was aware that this gene reagent he had just consumed was different than the version those humans were selling. As such, he was rather worried about the supply.

"No worries. Thanks to the Mysterious Organization, we have a huge amount of humans under our control. After obtaining the formula, they have already started mass-manufacturing these gene reagents for us. Despite the destruction of the Mysterious Organization\'s headquarters, their core members still remain," the underling replied respectfully. "The advice of that senior has already been sought. He indeed gave us a lot of assistance. Presently, the entire Mysterious Organization is serving us, the ancient race, secretly."

That senior, huh… At the mention of that senior, the prince recalled that darkness akin to a black ink. "Got it," he replied in a deep voice. If so, he no longer needed to worry about the output of the gene reagent. "Then I need more of this gene reagent. One thousand, ten thousand, or even a hundred thousand, I want them all," he stated with a sharp gaze.

"All right." The underling remained in a kneeling position. Despite the high cost of production, the ancient race still had rather valuable things in their possession that could be sold for money. Every single item they took out was akin to rare treasure for the humans. He believed that they had sufficient wealth to afford it. Despite his doubts about the sudden increase in the price of the materials for production, when he recalled the problems the humans seemed to have with sighing grass, he no longer found this increase in price odd.

Indeed, when a material was purchased in such bulk, the market price of the material would most certainly increase.

"Additionally..." The prince paused before continuing, "Announce to the outsiders that I have also comprehended the power of beyond with a single attempt."

"Ah?" The underling appeared dumbstruck. A single… attempt? He gazed at his lord and noted that this lord did not seem like he had actually comprehended the power of beyond…

The prince did not feel like explaining further. "Just do as I said."

"Understood." The underling gained a slight understanding of the prince\'s intention.

"You may leave now. Arrange all this as soon as possible," the prince commanded in a low voice.

"Understood." The underling left.

As for the prince, he remained in a stupor. Looking at the empty gene reagent bottle in his hand, he blanked. This was something he had to obtain. If he could control the supply of this thing in the dark, that would be even better. As for his so-called success in a single attempt, that was also a lie he\'d had no choice but to make.

If the heir of the Xie family could break through with a single attempt yet he, the illustrious prince of the ancient race, required ten bottles or even twenty bottles for the same feat, wouldn\'t that be a joke? For the dignity of the imperial clan, he had to ensure that nominally, he was someone who had succeeded in a single attempt, as he was a genius.

"Seems like I will have to hide myself indoor for a while, then."

He shut his eyes. Before fully comprehending the power of beyond, he would have to remain in a temporary seclusion. However, he suddenly thought of a possibility. Was it possible that the kid from the Xie family had also created such a lie just for the sake of pride? Shortly after, the prince shook his head and discarded such a line of thought. This did not seem likely.

After all, that Xie kid was also the first of them to have succeeded. Perhaps he was truly a genius when it came to comprehension of the power of beyond. The prince shook his head, no longer thinking about this. He calmed himself down and waited for the next batch of gene reagents to be delivered to him.

Presently, at the Xie family that was so far away from the ancient race, several elders of the Xie family were staring anxiously at a report. All their countermeasures were already in place, yet they still couldn\'t avoid being constantly anxious. That was because, presently, the reputation of the Xie family had grown too large.

They were well aware of the fact that regardless of what it was, the first was always the one who reaped the greatest rewards as well. As such, the moment their family had gotten their hands on the gene reagents, a huge amount of the beyond X gene reagent had been used to push their heir toward that metaphorical throne, the throne of beyond.

In a single day, a thousand beyond X gene reagents had been consumed to enable their heir to break through. Naturally, they had announced to the public that their heir had instead broken through after only a single attempt. Due to that, the reputation of the Xie family had increased greatly, gaining both fame and fortune. Moreover, countless people visited them requesting advice. The Xie family had seemingly gone up a level.

Alas, it was unexpected that before even a single day had passed, the prince of the ancient race had announced that he had also comprehended the power of beyond. Similarly, his comprehension had come after only a single attempt.

Shortly after, numerous members of the imperial clan and the heirs of various major families all announced one after another that they had comprehended the power of beyond. In a single day, these geniuses had actually all comprehended the power of beyond.

With this, all of their power had increased. It could be said that the entirety of the elites of the young of the ancient race had entered the realm of superexperts.

Naturally, those elders who had been in seclusion were not willing to fall behind. As such, they started researching the power of beyond as well. One month later, even these elders had comprehended the power of beyond, increasing their strength greatly.

How strong had these people been initially? It was unknown. But now, their strength had become deep and immeasurable. The ancient race was different from the humans. Each of them was almost fanatical in their pursuit of power. As such, they had exhausted all methods available to them for the increase in strength.

As such, this scene that even Chen Feng had not foreseen appeared.

In one month, the genius experts of the ancient race had entered the realm of beyond.

In two months, the majority of the experts of the ancient race had entered the realm of beyond.

In three months, the elder experts of the ancient race had entered the realm of beyond.

In four months, almost all the experts of the ancient race had entered the realm of beyond.

As of now, apart from the poverty-stricken commoners of the lowest levels of the ancient race, most of them had already entered the realm of beyond, becoming superexperts in the truest sense. They had actually reached this level even faster than humanity.

The entirety of the ancient race had transformed. Presently, Chen Feng, who had obtained this news, was dumbstruck. This… did not seem to have gone according to what he had planned! Wasn\'t this a plan devised to weaken the ancient race? Wasn\'t this a way to suppress the growth of the ancient race? Why had this instead increased the strength of the ancient race this much?

Chen Feng was stunned. The Genetic Union was stunned. All of humanity was stunned. This, this, this… how had this happened?