The Strongest Gene - Chapter 522: Ancient Race Project

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Chapter 522: Ancient Race Project

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Ancient race…

Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed coldly. Finally, they had appeared. With the appearance of something as major as the beyond X gene reagent, the ancient race would most definitely not sit around doing nothing. Although humans were still weaker than the ancient race, the intelligence of humans was most definitely above these ancient beings. The Genetic Union had already deployed someone to pay attention to any actions of the ancient race. And now, as expected, traces of the ancient race had been found. But then, the marketplace, huh? Chen Feng contemplated.

"Based on the information received, someone is buying beyond X gene reagents at the black market. That person is a human, but based on the file provided by you, this is a person who was once a member of the Mysterious Organization," the employee reported.

"Mhm." Chen Feng nodded. This was yet another one of Chen Feng\'s contribution. Back then, after the destruction of the Mysterious Organization headquarters, Chen Feng had returned and submitted a brand new file highlighting all members of the Mysterious Organization. As such, nearly all ex-members of the Mysterious Organization from back then were known.

Naturally, the ancient race had yet to realize that this information had already been leaked. As for the file submitted by Chen Feng, this was naturally not something stolen by Chen Feng when he went undercover back then. Rather, this was a file that Qin Hai had subsequently given him. Those members of the Mysterious Organization had probably never guessed that their very boss was the spy in their organization.

"What are they looking for?"


Chen Feng smiled calmly. "Isn\'t the formula available at the market as well?" After all, the information about the formula and required materials for this beyond X gene reagent was entirely public.

"This is not what they want. Rather, they are looking for the initial formula," the employee stated.

"Is that so?" Chen Feng smiled. Indeed. The people of the ancient race had indeed attempted to decipher the beyond X formula, yet they\'d failed to either take it apart or even improve it. As such, they were presently looking for the initial formula, the earliest form of this formula during its conception.

"Why do they want the initial formula?" someone asked doubtfully.

"Cough, cough." The employee glanced at Chen Feng. Noting that Chen Feng did not seem to object to it, he explained, "After the release of this beyond X gene reagent, we also released a single rumor at the market: the initial version of this formula is something usable for all races. Since we were afraid that something would go wrong, we optimized a certain gene of this reagent before encrypting it, making it something only usable by humans."

"Ah?" They were all dumbstruck. "But then, we didn\'t apply any encryption to it."

The employee laughed. "The ancient race is not aware of this. They failed to decipher it. Naturally, they will assume that an encryption has been applied. They can\'t use the gene reagent like humans, so naturally, they will assume that we optimized the reagent for human use only."

"So that\'s the case."

Everyone gained understanding. But then, what was the point of this?

"Since the ancient race is trying to get their hands on this formula, naturally, the same applies to the devil race. If so, we shall give them a nonoptimized version, then," Chen Feng stated calmly.

Everyone was alarmed. "Are we giving it to them for real?"

"Yes." Chen Feng sneered. "But we still need to somewhat amend the formula. Weaken the effect of the beyond X gene reagent by 50% and tell them that this is the edition that has not been optimized for human usage. Although all races can use it, the effect is somewhat weaker."

The employee nodded. "Understood."

The unspoken meaning behind this was now rather clear. If the ancient race and devil race wanted to have a version of beyond X gene reagent as powerful as what humans had, they would have to "optimize" the formula themselves, creating an version only for their race. Chen Feng was certain that this would be sufficient to waste a huge amount of resources of both the ancient race and devil race.

"Remove sighing grass from the formula," Chen Feng said. "Replace it with a different herb with a similar function. I remember that back then, when I tried doing this, the effect of the reagent was reduced by around 40%, pitifully weak."

"Understood." The employee noted everything that was asked. Even if the difference between 50% and 100% did not appear that huge, in truth, for something that required comprehension like this, such a difference was extremely huge. Even if, theoretically, the difference was a mere 50%, how would one be able to comprehend the power of beyond from an incomplete product? As such, this gene reagent Chen Feng prepared for them was in fact a huge trap.

Some of them were worried. "What if they actually manage to optimize it?"

Chen Feng shook his head. "It won\'t happen. Formula optimization is merely the beginning of this trap for them. Apart from this, activate the feminization project we halted on the formula previously. I want to add more functions into this version of the formula that will be leaked to the ancient race. With the materials required to add the feminization function to the gene reagent mixed together with the original materials of the beyond X formula, the difficulty in deciphering the formula will increase greatly. I refuse to believe that they will be able to handle that.

"Apart from that, release some gene reagents that were produced with this modified formula to the market as well. Sell them at the black market at 30 million yuan, emphasizing that this is the \'first edition\' that has yet to go through optimization that makes it something only usable for humans. A first edition that is usable for all races, but with a weaker effect."

As Chen Feng finished his words, the hearts of everyone around him thumped nervously. Fem…feminization? This canceled project was ultimately resumed and released as a special ancient race edition.

"What about the devil race, then?" asked the employee.

"Although they do not have any spies among humans, since the ancient race is already making their move, the devil race will not sit around waiting."



Unknown region.

Ancient race.

Amid the golden radiance, an ancient race male was seated on the ground. All around him, a faint aura shimmered, giving him a rather unordinary feeling akin to an immortal. Before him was a crude-looking gene reagent. This gene reagent appeared extremely ordinary, yet he could clearly feel the power contained within it.

"This is the beyond X gene reagent that has been so popular recently?" he asked curiously.

"Yes," the kneeling underling replied. "This is the first edition, which we managed to purchase. This is an edition usable by all races. We have already tested this on 30 devil slaves, and their strength indeed greatly increased momentarily after using this reagent. Unfortunately, the slaves are too stupid and failed to comprehend the power of beyond."

"Oh?" His interest was piqued. A great increase in strength?

"Has anyone succeeded in comprehending the power of beyond so far?" He could not avoid being curious about this human item that was capable of granting the power of beyond.

"Yes," the underling replied. "A few days ago, the Xie family purchased a huge amount of this reagent. Everyone in their family is allowed to use it. It is said that the heir of the Xie family managed to break through after consuming only a single gene reagent."

He was somewhat astonished. "How\'s his present strength?"

A single bottle? What genius… Xie family…

"Due to this feat, the Xie family became well known and is admired by countless people. Someone indeed stepped forth and extended a challenge toward that heir. It is said that prior to that, both of them were at a similar level of strength, but now, that person is no longer a match to that heir, and that person suffered a crushing defeat." The underling continued with a low voice, "The heir\'s strength had increased dramatically."

"Thanks to this item?" Finally, he picked up the gene reagent. Beyond X gene reagent…

Suddenly, the underling called out, "Lord."

He glanced over. "Mhm?"

"Please wait a moment," the underling stated while trembling. "Based on the current data we have gathered from the humans, although one\'s power will increase greatly after comprehending the power of beyond, the comprehension of this power is totally unrelated to one\'s talent. Countless human geniuses failed to comprehend this power even after consuming several dozens or even several hundreds of this reagent. Therefore…" The underling did not dare to continue his words.