The Strongest Gene - Chapter 518: Outsourcing and Such

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Chapter 518: Outsourcing and Such

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The impact of beyond X was beyond their expectations. After the Genetic Union started officially publishing and mass-releasing beyond X gene reagents, everyone was dumbfounded. This was because everyone, those genetic warriors included, had never managed to make sense of even the description of this reagent. Activate the power of beyond? What\'s that? What\'s the purpose of that? Nobody had any idea.

Despite the Genetic Union\'s detailed description, the description was, after all, still something only written, only described in words. The masses did not have a clear picture of what exactly this was. As such, everyone was somewhat expectant yet doubtful. After the mass release of this gene reagent, the Genetic Union intended to create some beyond B classes, beyond C classes, and so on as soon as possible.

Alas, despite the deepening of these users\' understanding of the power of beyond, they had yet to gain full comprehension on the power of beyond. As such, the spread of beyond X could only proceed slowly. This continued until the third day, when finally, the first natural beyond-B-class genetic warrior appeared. This was not a member of the Genetic Union or the Research Agency. Rather, this was an unknown child from a rather large family. An ordinary genetic warrior that was rather talented yet not liked by his own family members.

This person had only taken a single bottle of beyond X gene reagent before immediately gaining full comprehension on the power of beyond. Most terrifying was the fact that after his breakthrough, he changed greatly. Despite still being in B class, his combat power was already comparable to an A class, so powerful that it was inconceivable.

Only now did the masses finally have a clearer understanding of what this power of beyond entailed. So, this was the function of the beyond X gene reagent? A reagent capable of increasing the combat power of a person by an entire level? Moreover, regardless of whether one was B, C, D, or even E class, so long as that person gained full comprehension of the power of beyond, that person would obtain a permanent increase in combat power.

As long as one comprehended the power of beyond, one would forever be stronger by one level. Even when one reached A class, one would still be a beyond A class. This was the most terrifying aspect of this new gene reagent. As for the snowball effect after the increase in one\'s strength, this did not need much explanation. From this day onward, the impact of beyond X increased rapidly. Now, everyone knew that such a terrifying gene reagent had appeared. Everyone went crazy for this gene reagent.

Finally, the beyond X gene reagent had progressed from something that only influenced the elites into something that truly influenced the masses. Countless people started exhausting everything they had just so they could get a single bottle of beyond X gene reagent.

Genetic Union…

Research Agency…

Gene Production Association…

Every single place where this beyond X gene reagent was sold was filled with people. Everyone wished to be part of the first batch of participants in this coming new age of humanity.

"This won\'t do."

"The entrances to all our branches are already blocked."

The people of the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association started sweating. The crowd was truly too huge, so huge that one couldn\'t even begin to imagine it.

"How can there be so many people?"

"What nonsense are you asking? Do you think that currently, we\'re still in a peaceful era? The ancient race and devil race are around the corner. Have you forgotten the descent of darkness not long ago?"

At this, they were startled awake. Indeed. Chaos was about to befall this world. Because of this, they were all extremely impatient to increase their strength.

"This can\'t continue."

"The demand is too high. We simply can\'t meet the demand."

"What to do, then?"

Numerous messages requesting help were transmitted to Chen Feng\'s inbox. Since Chen Feng was the overseer of this project, since he was the one who was earning the largest portion of the profit, naturally, he would have to take on some responsibilities as well.

Hou Liang\'s head ached as he saw this as well. "This is somewhat troublesome."

"How about those major families?" Chen Feng found it odd. It had been several days since the sighing grass was sold on the market. As such, those major families should have gotten started with their production.

Hou Liang curled his lips. "I suppose they are waiting for you to make a joke out of yourself. You scammed them so harshly, yet now you are hoping that they will help solve this predicament of yours?"

Chen Feng laughed dryly. "Hehe." He started studying the data he had in his hands. Mhm… this had indeed somewhat exceeded his expectations, yet it wasn\'t something he couldn\'t solve.

One ought to know that in Chen Feng\'s previous life, apart from being an incredibly unlucky guy, he had also been someone who had inherited the spirit of socialism, an act of employing people to provide goods and services for the common good, the social benefit. As the inheritor of this great spirit, he had naturally studied the concept of socialism before. Certain aspects of this concept were things that would work well no matter the place. An example was the concept of outsourcing.

He recalled that in his previous life, it was said that a certain project was initiated by the act of the government providing a grant of 10,000,000,000 yuan to a certain state enterprise to have the job done. Next, this state enterprise provided 100,000,000 yuan to a certain group of Ph.D. professors to get the job done. Subsequently, those professors provided 10,000,000 yuan to a certain group of tutors to get the job done. Ultimately, those tutors provided 1,000,000 yuan to a bunch of students to get the job done. In the end, this grand project was actually completed by a bunch of university students.

And now, this problem they faced could also be solved by the act of outsourcing. However, with his present status and position, there was no need to even conceal the fact that he was outsourcing this. Chen Feng decided to do this openly, and he started inviting all gene producers to join this project by using a method familiar to all the people in this world: issuing missions.


Beyond X Gene Reagent Production

Mission rank: 5 stars.

Mission requirement: Successfully produce a single bottle of beyond X gene reagent.

Mission materials: The Gene Production Association shall provide all materials.

Mission reward: Every time one accepts this mission, the Gene Production Association will grant two beyond X points. Every one point can be traded for a single set of materials. If one successfully produces in a single attempt, one can accumulate the given points into one\'s personal account. If one only successfully produces the gene reagent during the fourth attempt, one will owe the Gene Production Association two points. The earned points can be used at any time with no limitations. Before the points owed are fully paid, one must attempt this mission at least once per day.

Limitation: Certified as a beyond X producer.



The moment this mission was released, it caused a huge uproar. Mission? Point system? All gene producers were shocked.

Despite the formula being made public, despite the reduction in the price of sighing grass, the huge production cost of this gene reagent was still something a lot of gene producers couldn\'t afford. This was due to the success rate of production. For an ordinary advanced producer, the success rate for first-time production of the beyond X gene reagent was simply too low. They might be able to accept the cost of producing a single time. With difficulty, they could still support two attempts. What if it was three attempts, ten attempts, or even a hundred attempts? They simply had no way of bearing such a cost.

The initial investment for anyone wishing to produce this gene reagent was akin to a bottomless abyss. As such, despite the huge number of advanced producers worldwide, the number of people actually capable of producing this gene reagent was incredibly low, and to increase the success rate from 0% to 100% would require a long time.

But now this mission had been released. All the producers gazed resolutely at this 5-star mission. No price, no conditions. So long as one accepted the mission, one could start production unconditionally. Although they were aware that in the beginning, they would most certainly be in debt and owe the Gene Production Association some points, with the provision of unlimited free materials, they were all confident that they could master the production of this formula in a short period of time. At that time, they would have a 100% success rate. At that time, every single attempt would be successful and earn them points.

Soon enough, they would be able to repay what they owed. Apart from that, they could also profit from this by becoming a powerful beyond X gene reagent producer. Without any costs, they would be able to master a brand-new skill that was comparatively powerful. Before all that, they only needed to produce for the Gene Production Association for a period of time. Such a job was in fact a dream experience for a huge amount of people.

"I\'ll do it."

All the producers became endlessly moved. At the same time, the Gene Production Association started the certification for the production of this gene reagent.