The Strongest Gene - Chapter 515: What in the World? This Plan Works?

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Chapter 515: What in the World? This Plan Works?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Something like encryption was a must; they had no other options. These days, there was no lack of experts among the ancient and devil races. In this world, there were way too many freaks. A lot of people could determine the used materials after taking only a single sip of the gene reagent. Therefore, to prevent the ancient and devil races from obtaining this formula, encryption had to be added.

And thus, the encryption function was added to the formula. The initially simple formula had now turned extremely complicated. It was so complicated now that even Chen Feng, the inventor, could no longer fully understand the formula.

Not only that, they were also trying to add in other functions, such as a devil-taming function, devil-castrating function, and so on. By adding a minute amount of certain unique elements, it might be possible to cause devil race members that consumed this gene reagent to submit to humanity or lost their ability to breed. One particular researcher even added a female-transformation function into the gene reagent.

He recommended that this gene reagent be marketed to all species worldwide and that the gene reagents for the ancient race and devil race be the modified version that induced a female transformation. With this, slowly, all of the ancient race and devil race members would become a single gender, thus robbing them of their ability to reproduce. At that time, perhaps Qin Hai would be one of the female bosses of the ancient race.

Chen Feng noted his thoughts swaying everywhere and cleared his mind. Even if the feasibility of this plan was ignored, way too much time would be required for it to take effect. By the time the entire ancient race and devil race became a single gender, humanity would have long since been destroyed. One had to know that the moment the devil race and ancient race, which were already so strong, erupted with the power of beyond, humanity would have no way of dealing with them.

Naturally, this was merely one of the many suggested modifications to the formula. Apart from this, all sorts of other unique and bizarre functions were recommended to be added to the gene reagent. As Chen Feng listened to the suggestions, he started sweating and hastily stopped them. What joke was this? What did they take this gene reagent for? They wanted to add everything to it?

He could ignore the idea of female transformation, but who in the world was the one who suggested adding a comfort-increase function to the gene reagent? Did that fellow think they were cooking food, thus requiring spices? And the fellow who suggested the weight loss function, what, did he think that this was some weight loss gene reagent? By using the beyond X reagent, one could lose weight at the same time? What the hell?

Everyone proposed without stop.

"Boss, I think these ideas are feasible."

"Yeah, there\'s nothing bad about adding them anyway."

"The more the better…"

"Shut up!" Chen Feng bellowed. Theoretically, what they had suggested was indeed not wrong, but with their suggestions, the effects of this beyond X formula would be too huge, surpassing the initial purpose of this formula. What would they do about the cost and difficulty of production, then? If the final formula was too complicated, how were producers supposed to produce them?

One ought to remember that even the basic version of this formula was something only an advanced producer could produce. If all sorts of functions were added, thus increasing the production difficulty, it might ultimately result in master producers being the only ones capable of producing it.

If so, how were they supposed to mass produce it, then? How were they supposed to spread this thing across the world? If they focused too much on these added functions, they might lose sight of the bigger picture. Chen Feng studied it attentively and noted that even now, the formula was almost unacceptably complicated already. After pondering the matter, he decided to clear up a bunch of the formula\'s added functions.

"This won\'t do." Without hesitation, Chen Feng commanded, "Apart from the basic life-form differentiator, remove all other functions. In the formula, apart from the core effect, this is the only added function that will stay."

"All right."

Only at this did they start progressing with the project. Three days later, the true beyond X gene reagent was produced. This was the result of the research of Chen Feng and the best researchers worldwide, an almost flawless support gene reagent.


Name: Beyond X

Function: Triggers the power of beyond.

Active duration: One second.

Main effect 1: Triggers the power of beyond, pushing the user into a beyond X state and increasing the user\'s power greatly.

Main effect 2: Enables a regular genetic warrior to start contemplating the power of beyond in advance. Every single usage of this gene reagent can potentially increase the user\'s understanding of the power of beyond.

Limitation 1: Only usable by humans.


"Very good. Next, we shall enter the mass-marketing stage."

Now that Chen Feng was the overseer of this project, his words were akin to commands that nobody could go against. The second command released by him also alarmed everyone. Now, they were going to enter the advanced purchase stage for this formula.

That\'s right, advanced purchase. In the Gene Production Association\'s exchange window, Chen Feng directly set up a beyond X formula exchange section. He was truly planning to make this formula available to the public.

The Genetic Union was the first to object to this. "This won\'t do. What about the devil race and ancient race?"

Despite the fact that in the exchange system, only advanced producers and above who were registered with the Gene Production Association could trade for this formula, with the strength of both the ancient race and the devil race, it wouldn\'t be too difficult for them to sneak in and obtain the formula for themselves. At that time, the humanity\'s biggest secret, their core technology, would fall into their enemy\'s hands.

Chen Feng\'s act of removing the encryption function from the formula was already something that caused others to become furious. Now, he was even making the formula public? Had he gone crazy?

Chen Feng shook his head. "Don\'t worry." He was a person who once went to an era long gone. As such, he had a much deeper understanding of the devil race than others did. During that barbaric era, it was simply impossible for a gene producer to actually appear among the devil race, let alone a gene producer capable of analyzing their formula, improving it, and producing a version specifically for the devil race. As such, the function restricting the usage of this gene reagent to only humans was already sufficient. In a straightforward manner, Chen Feng stated, "Do remember that the reagent produced by me, Chen Feng, is something impossible to be thoroughly deciphered. You guys have all studied this formula as well, so please do tell me, have any of you been successful in thoroughly deciphering it?"

As the others heard this, they blushed with shame. Only now did they realize that if even they couldn\'t do it, how could the devil race and ancient race, neither of whom had any sort of production association, accomplish it? It was nearly impossible.

"Very good." Chen Feng was very satisfied with their response. If the headquarters of the Gene Production Association alone were in charge of producing this gene reagent, it would not be sufficient for humanity. Only by making the formula public and allowing all advanced producers and above to participate would this new gene reagent be truly widespread, truly transforming into a gene reagent of the people.

The next day, the exchange was formally opened to the public. The numerous major powers worldwide had begun preparing for this long ago. Almost all these powers had advanced producers in their ranks. As such, the moment they obtained the formula, they could start production immediately. The increase in the strength of humanity was imminent.

Despite the heartache one felt when looking at the high price of the formula, for the sake of a better future, all the producers clenched their teeth and purchased it.


Everyone checked their purchased formula in excitement.

Raw materials…

Production sequence…

Production course…

Potential problems…

This was an incredibly detailed document. Chen Feng had documented all potential problems and the course of production in it, giving the readers quite a pleasant feeling as they read it, so pleasant that nearly all advanced producers were done familiarizing themselves with the formula within a few minutes. Alas, when they were about to start production, they encountered trouble.

"Crescent moon grass, available. Blackberry juice, available. This is available as well. Mhm… this…sighing grass? It\'s a rather rare herb, but the rarity is still at an acceptable level."

Alas, as they was about to purchase the material, they were all alarmed. That was because the sighing grass that had previously been priced at 99 yuan had increased rapidly in price to 999 yuan. Moreover, the scariest aspect of this was the fact that this herb had been swept clean from the market, and now, one couldn\'t even buy it even if one had the money for it. The price of 999 yuan seemed like a joke now. Perhaps even 10 times 9999 yuan would only only grant one a mere possibility of obtaining this herb.