The Strongest Gene - Chapter 514: The Generous Chen Feng

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Chapter 514: The Generous Chen Feng

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"That\'s right," one of them answered with a sigh. Renting and paying by himself, Chen Feng seemed like he had already known of his success in advance and had prepared everything, to the point the others couldn\'t find any valid justification to grab ownership of the copyright. How could they compete against him, then? They no longer had any excuses to do so… They all sighed.

"What should we do now, then?"

"It is no longer possible to fight for ownership now. The only thing we can do is to try to prevent this copyright from being a private possession. Although everyone respects him, such a formula should not be allowed to be privately owned."

"Ultimately, Chen Feng is still the creator of this formula. We shall allow him to keep 49% of the ownership, with the profits divided accordingly to him as well. However, the copyright should belong to the entirety of humanity instead."

This was the result of their discussion. Since Chen Feng\'s status was too great, nobody wanted to snatch the entire ownership from him. They were hoping that through this method, the ownership could be nationalized. The right to 49% of the profits was the highest honor they could grant Chen Feng for his contribution.

Alas, before they could even do anything about him, a public announcement was released by Chen Feng. He insisted that in the spirit of contributing toward humanity as a whole, he rejected the notion of him owning this formula privately. Rather, he decided to donate this formula to the Gene Production Association so it could become one of their core formulas.

Countless people exclaimed in admiration.

"Worthy of being an excellent producer indeed!"

"His generosity is unmatched."

"I hereby apologize to Chen Feng for the misunderstandings I had about him in the past."

"This formula he has donated is something akin to a priceless treasure."

Once again, Chen Feng\'s reputation skyrocketed.


The Genetic Union was dumbfounded. What in the world? He directly donated it to the Gene Production Association?

The higher-ups of the Gene Production Association were nearly overjoyed to death when they saw this news. If the ownership were kept in Chen Feng\'s hands, it might be somewhat problematic to keep, but the moment the ownership landed in their hands, the Genetic Union would no longer be able to take it away from them.

"Haha. Seems like we won."

The members of the Gene Production Association were incomparably pleased. As for the people from the Genetic Union and the Research Agency, they all had expressions of disgust on their faces. They truly couldn\'t understand how Chen Feng\'s brain worked. They would still have allowed Chen Feng to keep 49% of the ownership. Why in the world had he decided to give it all to the Gene Production Association?

Did he truly not want to profit even a tiny bit from it? Was he truly so selfless? They truly couldn\'t understand it. Unknown to them, at this time, Old Man Hou Liang was staring at the higher-ups of the Gene Production Association with an expression of disgust as well. That was because, once again, Chen Feng had made a huge contribution to the Association. This, combined with his contribution during the Star City battle, meant the Association no longer had anything they could reward him with. The only thing they could do was increase his contribution points without stop. Toward the end, with astonishment, they noted that Chen Feng\'s contribution points were now off the charts.

Among the management, thanks to his contribution points, Chen Feng\'s authority directly increased to the point that his authority surpassed everyone, including the president! Based on the structure of the Gene Production Association, those with higher authority were the ones who controlled those with lower authority. Now, this signified that even the president no longer had any authority over Chen Feng.

Even if Chen Feng was still a low-profile excellent producer, even if Chen Feng was still keeping to himself, the contributions he had made had already surpassed everyone in the Association, transforming him into an extremely unique existence among the management of the Association. This was an existence unsurpassed and unmanageable. Even the president could no longer command Chen Feng.

Donating it to the Association? Contributing to humanity selflessly? What bullshit! Who was he trying to lie to? It was no wonder that this fellow had acted so decisively when donating the formula to the Association. Thanks to him contributing this formula, he had been catapulted into a position of supreme power second to none in the Association. As for the authority over this formula in the Association…

Hou Liang turned on the screen.

This formula that officially belonged to the Gene Production Association, in their system, could only be controlled by those with authority reaching 98 points, yet presently, even their president only had an authority of 95 points. The only person possessing the required authority to actually control this formula was Chen Feng.

Hou Liang sighed. "How shameless." He looked at the masses that were raining praise upon Chen Feng and felt extremely helpless. He couldn\'t actually go out and tell them that Chen Feng was, in fact, the supreme leader of the Gene Production Association now, right? Unless Chen Feng told the public himself, nobody in the Association would dare make this announcement.


Suddenly, his wristband buzzed. Hou Liang glanced at it. His authority had increased by six points. Mhm, from 80 points to 86 points. As for his official position, he had been elevated from acting deputy president to deputy president.

Hou Liang smiled bitterly. "This kid…" This was truly something nobody had expected. That was because, under normal circumstances, nobody could ever achieve such a high level of contribution in the Association. The Star City battle could not be considered too excellent a contribution as far as the Genetic Union was considered.

However, for the Gene Production Association, the contributions in regards to the Star City battle were extremely important. After all, that was the base of the Gene Production Association. From the initial migration to the final ambush, Chen Feng\'s plan had played an extremely important role. If it was only this much, it wouldn\'t have been too excessive. However, during that battle, the appearance of Chen Feng, Xu Fei, Kong Bai, and Wang Yao were the main factors that affected the result of the entire battle. And all these people had only appeared thanks to Chen Feng.

As such, Chen Feng had indeed made an astonishing level of contribution toward the Association, and now, with this Beyond X project, Chen Feng\'s contribution was even clearer. The act of completing the research was a totally different notion compared to the act of shortening the duration of completion to a short one month.

This was the reason that had caused Chen Feng to have such unbelievably high contribution. In the long history of the Gene Production Association, this was the first time something like this had happened.

Hou Liang was somewhat anxious. "I wonder if the president will go mental because of this."

Alas, when he turned his screen on and tried to contact the president, he discovered that the president\'s name was grayed out. This signified that the president couldn\'t be contacted.

Hou Liang frowned. "This again." It had been 10 whole years. The contribution points of their presidents had not increased since then. This was also the reason Chen Feng had been able to surpass the president\'s contributions. Nobody had any idea what their president was doing.

Severing connection…

Perhaps this had been normal during ancient times, but now, they were in the genetic era. This wasn\'t supposed to be possible. Only by entering some unique locations where the signal was severed would this happen. Otherwise, the energy chip in the wristband was sufficient to ensure the wristband would keep operating until the end of time. Hou Liang recalled that the last time the president had contacted him, it had been about his promotion. After that, the president had gone missing.

Hou Liang sighed. "President. Where exactly are you?"


His wristband buzzed. As Hou Liang saw the list sent by Chen Feng, Hou Liang could only shake his head with a bitter smile. It seemed like he was going to be busy again. In the past, he had been the one issuing missions to Chen Feng. Now, though, it had become Chen Feng issuing him missions. The reversal of roles gave Hou Liang a rather inexplicable feeling.

Presently, the research on this Beyond X project had reached the final stage as well. Chen Feng had indeed created the perfect gene reagent. However, this was far from enough. To ensure that this gene could truly be made common for the entire humanity, more advanced technological advancements were required. For example, technology capable of differentiating different life-forms.

"You must realize how powerful this thing is. If even the devil race and ancient race can use it, this thing will be rendered pointless to us humans. Only if this is something only humans can use will it display its true worth. Therefore, life-form-differentiation technology is required in order to differentiate between species and ensure that only humans can use it."

And thus, the formula was modified and numerous items were added into it. With the participation of the best researchers worldwide, this formula became even more complicated. This was only one of the special functions added to this formula. Apart from this, the produced gene reagent had to have some sort of encryption built in as well.