The Strongest Gene - Chapter 511: Zhang Dapao’s Plan

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Chapter 511: Zhang Dapao’s Plan

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Genetic Union.

At a certain unremarkable corner, warehouse manager Zhang Dapao was aimlessly strolling through the virtual community. This uneventful occupation of his had truly granted him quite a lot of free time. His main job involved looking after the records of the transfer of goods. Regardless of who it was, so long as the person had the authority to move the goods, they could take said goods. Zhang Dapao himself had no authority whatsoever. To be precise, this warehouse manager was no different than a security guard.

"Who cares? After finishing work, I can go back to accompany Yue Er."

Whenever he recalled the gentle whispers of Lady Yue Er, his heart burned hotly. Right at this instant, when his casual gaze landed on a certain shop, he blanked at what he saw.


Zhang Dapao\'s eyes widened.


Purchasing sighing grass in bulk, paying 999 yuan for each.

A certain advanced producer requires a huge amount of sighing grass as part of their preparation to break through into master producer. There is no upper limit on the amount purchased. Offer only valid today.


Zhang Dapao was alarmed when he saw this. He was aware of what sighing grass was. This was a rather rare medicinal herb. Due to the harsh requirements for the growth of this herb, the requirements for an environment capable of growing this herb were rather high. As such, the harvest of this herb had always been rather low in amount. Similarly, the demand for this herb was very low as well. Despite the low harvest, it still exceeded the demand. As such, this herb was ordinarily very cheap, priced at around 99 yuan. This time, the price had nearly increased by around 10 times.

Zhang Dapao sighed endlessly. "Breaking through into master producer, huh?"

Every single time some big-shot producer tried to break through into master producer, it resulted in the price of some random materials skyrocketing. This was an extremely normal occurrence. If one was lucky enough to have a huge amount of the required material on hand, that person would profit greatly. If one had sold all of the required material just before this happened, then that person could only hide in some corner and cry.


Zhang Dapao entered the discussion forums and noted that a lot of people were talking about this.

"Damn it, just yesterday I sold 100 of them."

"Ah ah ah ah, do you know that I sold 1,000 of them just yesterday? I even waited for an entire year only for the price to remain the same, so I was forced to sell them cheaply. Unexpectedly…"

"Same here."

Countless people were howling in grief. Everyone was aware that this high price would not remain long. The moment the producer broke through successfully or failed in their breakthrough, the price of sighing grass would readjust to its normal price. These people that were missing out on this were obviously suffering greatly.

"This type of investment is truly too difficult."


Countless people sighed. As for those who actually had some sighing grass in their possession, they were now happily making profits in silence.

"Yet another chance to become rich," Zhang Dapao lamented in envy. Whenever something like this happened, it never had any effect on him. He still remembered that, previously, an ex-classmate of his, one who had failed to even graduate from junior high school, had also earned a huge profit due to a similar event. Presently, that classmate was already a wealthy person with around six or seven wives. As for Zhang Dapao… he was still a virgin.

Zhang Dapao sighed. "Why is it that something this good never happens to me?"

Just as he was about to turn around and leave, his heart jolted. Hold on, he seemed to remember that there was a huge amount of sighing grass in the warehouse of the Genetic Union. Indeed, that had to be the case! Zhang Dapao opened his management window hastily.


A screen popped out and a row of data appeared. Indeed. Zhang Dapao\'s eyes shone. Sighing grass! A huge amount of it! The warehouse of the Genetic Union was so huge nobody could begin to imagine its size. This was a place shrouded by a unique ability, capable of perfectly preserving all the goods stored here.

This was a place that contained nearly all existing materials in this world. Some were valuable and could only be withdrawn by those with unique authority. Some were common materials that were withdrawn by quite a huge number of people on a daily basis. These materials were things Zhang Dapao had never dared to touch, but sighing grass was a material that was normally ignored by others.


He checked the data.


The demand for sighing grass was rather low. Every month, there were one or two people who actually used it. Furthermore, rarely were there repeat withdrawers. As such, the section storing this herb was always fully stocked, with the amount reaching a hundred thousand.

Zhang Dapao felt his lips turn dry. "A hundred thousand!" A single one of this herb was priced at around 1,000 yuan. With 100,000 of them, the price would be 100 million! This was an extremely huge amount of money! He would be able to sell them for such a price! Naturally, he did not have sufficient authority to freely withdraw materials from the Genetic Union\'s warehouse. However, he could abuse the authority he had to purchase them at a low price. Despite the fact that their warehouse was checked daily, the price of purchases was normally neglected.

Zhang Dapao checked the price set by the Genetic Union. Fifty yuan for each of them. This was only half the current market price. This was a benefit the Genetic Union accorded their members. Fifty yuan… 100,000 herbs…

To buy all of them, he would require 50,000,000 yuan. Zhang Dapao definitely did not have that much cash on hand. However, he still decided to first purchase some of them and then continuing to buy more with the earned profit. He did not even need to clear the warehouse. He only needed to leave a small amount in it. That would do. As for the amount he cleared from the warehouse, he could slowly purchase from the market to replenish the warehouse after that producer finished his breakthrough and the price returned to normal.

Zhang Dapao was overjoyed at this idea of his. He knew that this was a fortuitous encounter for him. He could already picture the scene of numerous wives beckoning him. With enough effort, a water hose could be transformed into a cannon! With a gamble, even a bicycle could be transformed into an aircraft carrier!

"I can do it."

Zhang Dapao started calmly reflecting on his idea. Granted, the last time he had ever racked his brain this seriously was when he had been expelled after being caught peeping at his teacher bathing. He believed that this was an opportunity he could make use of. For himself and for Lady Yue Er!

"Let\'s do it, then!"

He started his plan. Soon, a huge amount of sighing grass entered the market. Alarming everyone, nearly all the sighing grasses was purchased immediately afterward. Despite this, the price still remained at 999 yuan. Zhang Dapao stared at the first pile of cash he\'d made and was now going crazy. This was the first time he had seen so much money before him, yet this pile of money had been made so very easily! It was even risk free!

"Buy, buy, buy!"

Zhang Dapao continued his plan crazily. In the virtual community, some suspected that there were some tricks to this somewhere. After all, the demand for this sighing grass was seriously too huge this time.

"Will there be any problems?"

"What problem could there be?"

"Look, firstly, this morning, all the sighing grass that entered into the market was cleared almost instantly. Despite the fact that those big businesses normally have some in store, if the available stock worldwide were purchased instantly, it would still be an extremely astonishing amount. Moreover, whenever something like this happened in the past, the price only doubled, but this time, the price was astonishingly ten times the original. Moreover, there is no purchase limit. And earlier, several huge batches of sighing grass were dumped into the market, yet they were still instantly purchased. This seems rather scary."

"You are saying that there might be a trick somewhere?"

"This feels like the stock market, or perhaps this is some new scam. But then, I still can\'t see through it yet. In any case, stay prudent."


Countless people were discussing this. The impact of sighing grass was increasing without stop. It was as the online communities had concluded. Normally, when someone tried breaking through into master producer, it would only cause the price to double. This time, it had increased by 10 times, with no upper limit to the amount purchased.

A lot of people decided to apply a wait and see attitude for fear of this being a scam. Alas, there were still countless people getting involved in this business of selling sighing grass. These people had decided to not care whether this was a scam or not. With an increase of 10 times the original price, what was important was to first get the cash into their own hands. A lot of people even visited the sighing grass farms to purchase them in bulk. Some people did things such as purchasing the herbs at double the original price from those who had yet to realize what was happening, and so on.

Something like this was supposed to be something people needed to be careful with, but right now, the Genetic Union was still busy producing the new gene reagent for their Beyond X project and did not have time to spare to deal with this. As such, the market was allowed to develop naturally and without any control…